There are unique Christmas decorations. And then there are Christmas decorations you can use all year.

Let’s combine both.

Christmas is not all about Santa Clause, reindeer, and candy canes. Well, it is. But you can also create a magical Christmas atmosphere by using universal, all-year items. This way, decorating every year will be a lot easier (because everything’s already in place).

You don’t have to worry about storing these Christmas decorations (because you’ll be using them all year).

And if we’re using the items below to bring a bit of Christmas magic to your place, that bit of magic will stay with you throughout all the season.

Okay, enough of mushy mush. Let’s put on some Michael Buble in the background and dive into this Christmas bonanza.


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This beautiful string lights curtain

string lights curtain

Twinkle, twinkle.

This item gives you a whole curtain of string lights that you can hang alongside your actual curtains. When lit up, they create a truly magical Christmas atmosphere that can go along with any decor.

One horizontal strand (6.6 ft or 200 cm) connects 10 hanging strings of LED lights (9.8 ft or 300 cm each). This, in total, gives you 300 beautiful lights. You can switch between 8 light mode settings.

Just imagine sitting in a dark room illuminated only by these lights, holding a cup of hot chocolate and listening to the timeless Christmas songs. Mmm, magical.

What to do after Christmas?

It’s one of those unique Christmas decorations that you can use in so many ways. You can leave these string lights in the curtains to be able to quickly create a soothing intimate atmosphere in the bedroom on a budget.

But there are also so many ways to incorporate these lights into your decor. Hang them and a sheer material over your bed to create a canopy. Fix them to an accent wall to make your place feel warmer. I’ve even seen someone put these on a ceiling in the attic and it looked gorgeous.

These cozy Christmas luminaries

christmas luminaries


Luminaries are perfect for creating a fitting holiday atmosphere. We’ve had a luminary on our list of Halloween decorations you can use all year and now it’s time for a Christmas version.

These charming candle holders look like tiny houses illuminated from the inside. The luminaries come in three versions (all sold separately) so you can assemble a whole little Christmas-themed town on your shelf. Add a few holly berries stems and pinecones to complete the look.

For an added effect, you can also pair them with these mini Christmas trees.

What to do after Christmas?

With luminaries, it’s pretty straightforward. Whenever you’re in a mood for soft and charming lighting, light up a candle inside one of these.

This charming Harry Potter tree topper

harry potter christmas tree topper

Unique Christmas decorations for everyone, even for my fellow potterheads.

This Hogwarts-shaped tree topper is just as magical as the famous school of wizardry. It lights up and glows with different colors. To top that off, it plays the “Hedwig’s Theme” – one of the most recognizable pieces of music in the whole franchise.

The included power adapter allows you to use the tree topper without batteries. And you can connect it to other Harry Potter ornaments from the same series (sold separately) for a full-blown interactive performance.

What to do after Christmas?

This Hogwarts tree topper is incredibly detailed and can give any action figure a run for its money. So after Christmas, you can keep it on display on a shelf or desk. Consider putting it under one of these decorative domes (just make sure the size fits) to accentuate it and protect it from dust.

Spruce up the place with this multiseason wreath…

multiseason christmas wreath

A beautiful wreath is one of the staples of Christmas decor. And if you make your choice wisely, you’ll be able to keep the wreath up all year.

This green wreath above is made of high-quality faux leaves. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. But most importantly, it provides a neutral base for all seasonal decorations.

What to do after Christmas?

If for Christmas you’d use holly berries and snowflakes to decorate it, then you can follow a similar pattern for other holidays. Place spiders on it for Halloween, faux flowers for spring and Easter, etc.

Or this one

christmas wreath picture holder

This other wreath doubles as a picture holder.

You can place holiday cards on it once Christmas comes around or your own snowy pictures you’ve taken through the years.

This wreath comes in gold, silver, black and mahogany finishes so you can match it to your decor, too.

What to do after Christmas?

You can follow the same path and place seasonal pictures on it with every upcoming holiday. Or you can decorate it with your favorite photos regardless of the season.

This minimalist deer jewelry stand

Honestly, the first time I saw this jewelry holder I legit thought it was a Christmas decoration.

But it’s not, which is even better. It is, once again, one of those unique Christmas decorations you can use all year.

This jewelry holder comes in black and white colors. It combines the deer figurine and a large dish it sits on. For Christmas, you can fill the dish with pinecones, faux holly berries, faux snow or anything else Christmas-y that comes to your mind.

You can also use these mini baubles to decorate the deer’s antlers or your indoor plants.

 What to do after Christmas?

Use it to store your jewelry. You can hang earrings and necklaces on the deer’s antlers while larger pieces like bracelets can go on the adjacent dish.

These elegant Christmas-themed pillows

Buy it here

Pillows don’t need to scream “Merry Christmas!” to fit in with the winter aesthetic and still serve as unique Christmas decorations. Some patterns and images are already Christmas-y enough on their own, like plaid or a snow-covered forest.

Buy it here

Also, this pillow with pom-poms (that kind of remind me of jingle bells) comes in 20 colors so you can have it perfectly match your Christmas color scheme.

What to do after Christmas?

These pillows look ambiguous enough that you can keep them around all year long. Lay on them, nap on them, use them for lumbar support, or just let the pillows sit on the couch and brighten up the place.

This alternative Christmas tree tapestry

Christmas tree alternative wall tapestry


This one comes straight from our other list on Christmas tree alternatives for the walls. And it also echoes one of the entries on the accent wall ideas list. It’s the most ambitious crossover on Tiny Partments to date.

So, you can hang this tapestry that features a Christmas tree on a wall. Then, you can pin baubles and garlands to it. This decorated tapestry can serve as your main Christmas tree for space-saving furniture or as an extra Christmas tree in another room.

What to do after Christmas?

Hanging a tapestry is one of the easiest ways to create an accent wall. This particular one would look amazing in an apartment with a Scandinavian aesthetic.

These festive garlands

unique christmas decorations garland


Garlands are such a great way to add minimalist detailing to a wall. And they look even nicer paired with other Christmas decorations.

The tassel garland above looks incredibly festive when surrounded with Christmas tree branches, shining lights, and a golden wreath. But even in the 0ff-season, its delicate look will easily go hand in hand with a boho interior decor.

christmas garland


If you want to give the good old red-green dup a rest this Christmas, you can go for a pastel garland. You’d be surprised how good it looks in a Christmas setting, here’s an example. You can choose the length of this garland that ranges from 3 to 9 feet. And if this particular color palette is not your cup of tea, there’s a lot more to choose from here.

What to do after Christmas?

Hang these in a bedroom or a nursery as part of a gallery wall or on their own. You can also drape the felt balls on top of the bookshelves like in the photo above.

These lovely candles

christmas tree candles


Who doesn’t love watching Christmas decorations glistening in the soft candlelight?

The candles above are shaped like little (5.5” or 9 cm high) Christmas trees. You can build a whole candle forest out of these, use these to decorate the dinner table or pair them with baubles and pinecones to create a magical Christmas vignette.

If for whatever reason you’re not a fan of candles (I have a cat that likes sticking her face into everything, I get it), there’s an alternative. These faux candles give off the same soft lighting as their wax counterparts. But in this case, there’s no actual fire and you can time them to automatically turn on and off.

Plus, these flameless candles look like birch tree trunks that also fall into the winter aesthetics and look as unique Christmas decorations.

What to do after Christmas?

Let the candles serve their purpose and light them up whenever you’re in the mood for a candlelit anything.

This cute cat cup cozy


Winter means letting a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate in a cozy warm your icy hands.

For Christmas, you can ‘dress’ your mugs in these charming knit cozies. To put a decorative spin on them, you can fill the cups with pinecones, decorated tree branches, candy canes, etc.

What to do after Christmas?

Let the tea-cozy duo continue to warm your hands even on the coldest days. Plus, it will hopefully help you keep your spirits up even once the New Year blues roll in.

These festive Christmas glasses

My grandma had the exact same set of glasses when I was little. I still remember taking them out of the glass cupboard and just looking at every smallest detail painted on the glass. Yes, I was a small child, my entertainment options were limited.

And yes, we used them all year.

To put a decorative spin on these, you can fill them with decorative beads or these battery-operated string lights.

This set of glasses is a bit more low-key than the previous ones. But the sparkling design definitely looks festive enough to carry you through Christmas and the New Year.

What to do after Christmas?


This comfy throw blanket

I don’t need to prove to you that this blanket is Christmas-y enough. Just look at it! It’s the most quintessential Christmas design you can find.

But this super soft fleece blanket with warm sherpa lining will make you feel so comfy, you’ll want to use it as your cacoon until the spring comes.

Drape it across the couch or armchair near the Christmas tree to give your holiday decor a cozier feel.

What to do after Christmas?

Enjoy the cozy feeling of staying warm under the softest blanket.

This tote bag filled with branches

christmas tote canvas bags


Imagine a tote bag filled with fresh Christmas tree branches kind of like here.

Then, you can hang it on a hook in the entryway or on a chair. It makes for a spectacular accent piece that looks like one of the most unique Christmas decorations. Plus, it doesn’t take up any floor space but brings so much holiday cheer into the room.

You can use real or faux Christmas tree branches, the choice is up to you. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even decorate them with baubles, bows, and garlands.

What to do after Christmas?

Use the tote bag for your daily grocery shopping. It can also give you some extra storage around the house. I, for example, keep some of my art supplies in a tote bag that hangs on the side of a chair.

These chic table runners

minimallist christmas table runner

Fancy up your dinner setting with these beautiful table runners.

The one above is styled to resemble a grain sack. This way you can add a dash of vintage charm to your Christmas celebration. You can choose the length of the table runner that ranges from 50 to 96 inches.

This plaid table runner above is double-sided.

One side features this festive plaid pattern while the other side features a burlap design with plaid trim on the sides. So you can match the look of the table runner to your mood, dinner sets,  or the surrounding decor.

What to do after Christmas?

Both these table runners feature a simple design that won’t look out of place after Christmas. So you can leave these on the dinner table permanently for a splash of color or lay them out on special occasions.

This picture holder garland

This starry garland doubles as a photo holder.

So for Christmas, you can use it to display winter photos or postcards to add a bit of holiday cheer to your walls. The garland comes with 30 golden clips that make attaching and changing the pictures a walk in the park.

And let’s be honest, the hanging stars will look perfect alongside classic Christmas decorations.

What to do after Christmas?

This delicate modern garland would look perfect in a boho surrounding. But it’s also minimalist enough to be able to fit in with any interior decor.

Use it to display important moments from your life and to add a personal touch to the room.

This multiseason patterns projector

This remote-controlled gadget can project a variety of holiday patterns onto the wall.

It features 16 slides, with 4 of them being Christmas themed. So you can, for example, project a set of spinning snowflakes onto a wall to bring the Christmas decor to the next level.

You can customize the color of the lights, speed, flashing mode, and set a timer for auto turn off. Plus, it’s safe to use outdoors if you want to share the holiday cheer with your neighbors.

What to do after Christmas?

The projector features tons of patterns including those you can use on Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day.

There are also some that you can put on for a birthday party. Or a regular party, for that matter.

These adorable Christmas pet beds

christmas tree cat bed


Your pets can too enjoy some unique Christmas decorations they’ll get to use all year.

For example, if you’re afraid that your cat will topple the Christmas tree the first chance it gets, there is a workaround. Get a cat bed that doubles as a Christmas tree!

This cat bed measures 22.4” (57 cm) and is suitable for cats weighing up to 8 lbs (4 kg). It is made using the wet felting process which makes it hypoallergenic, eco-friendly…and so freaking cute, I can’t.

You can also treat your small dog to a Christmas-themed bed.

It’s made out of super-soft material and the plaid pattern will look amazing in a Christmas setting. Both the bed and the removable pillow are machine washable.

Just look how adorable those puppers look in these Christmas-y beds!

What to do after Christmas?

Let your fur babies enjoy their new napping spot.

This delicate light-up birch tree

This could be an amazing Christmas tree alternative. Especially if you’re looking for something more delicate and minimalist.

It’s an artificial birch tree with LED lights placed on the tips of the branches. The branches are bendable so you can shape the tree to your liking.

It comes in 3 sizes (4,6, and 8 feet) allowing you to choose the right one for your room.

For Christmas, you can decorate it with delicate baubles and garlands. Or you can leave it as is because it already looks like one of the most unique Christmas decorations.

What to do after Christmas?

Keep it as an accent piece in your living room. You can also place it in your bedroom and use it to add soft lighting to the room in the evening.

Additionally, you can decorate it accordingly for each season. For example, put faux flowers on it once the spring comes or decorate it with bats for Halloween.

I really hope you’ve found something to add to your Christmas decorations arsenal. And your daily arsenal, too 😉

Also, make sure to check the post below that lists all the ways you can create a wall Christmas tree. It’s a great way to save floor space and save a Christmas tree from your pets.