This week we have abandoned houses that get a second life, sloths, luxury table, and desk treadmills.

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This abandoned house turned into a colorful piece of art

abandoned house turned into a colorful piece of art

Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel has given this abandoned house in Arkansas a major makeover. This colorful project was dubbed “Rainbow Embassy”. It was organized by a creative house Justkids in collaboration with Unexpected, that brings urban art projects to Arkansas.

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These RV stairs that double as storage space

staircase with storage

These unique stairs are part of the ‘Napa’ RV from Mint Tiny House Company. Designed to maximize space in a 267sq.ft house on wheels, these stairs double as hidden storage. An awesome idea for a small pantry or a linen closet.

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This minimalist & calming apartment in Kyiv

meditative apartment in kiev

This apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, was designed by Olga Fradina. Aiming to create a relaxing and meditative space, she went for neutral colors contrasted by rich and engaging textures.

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This luxury dripping paint coffee table from Blackman Cruz

luxury dripping paint table

If you have the soul of an artist and $16,500 to spare, this is the coffee table for you. Yes, this custom made bronze table is not for everyone. But we can all enjoy the whimsical beauty of this piece together.

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This classy bookcase merged with a reading chair from Atelier 010

bookworm bookcase chair

Throw yourself into the world of literature… And into this bookcase-chair from Atelier 010. Dubbed the ‘Bookworm Classy’, this artsy bookcase gives you a place to sit down and enjoy the newest book from your collection. It even has a built-in light bulb. Add a coffee table, something to drink, a couple of snacks and you’re good to go on binge reading adventure.

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This treadmill desk workstation to stay on the move even at the office

desk treadmill

Originally designed for workspaces, this desk can attach to most existing treadmills. It allows you to work out every day while answering calls, typing, and filing reports. Even a slow-paced walk will make a ton of difference for your muscles and joints.

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This inflatable pull-out sofa for overnight guests

Set up a luxury guest bedroom for your overnight visitors with this inflatable pull-out couch. It can comfortably seat and sleep 2 people. Afterward, you can deflate it and hide it in a closet. Plus, you can take it on camping trips or even try using it as a floaty.

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Now let’s look at some fun product finds of the week

This playmat that doubles as a toy storage bag and allows for a quick cleanup

Buy it hereactivity mat storage bag

This vinyl wrap that makes your fridge look like a telephone booth

fridge wrap

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This narrow cabinet that can add more storage behind your doors

behind the door storage shelves

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This desk cable organizer to keep them from gathering dust on the ground

desk cable organizer

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These adorable hand-made sloth ring dishes

sloth jewelry dishes

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