If your home design is centered around phrases like “tiny home” or “small-space living,” it can be a challenge to make room for a garage.

But it can be done! Luckily so, considering a garage does much more than provide a space for your car out of the weather: it can also add more storage, a workspace for projects, guaranteed parking, and help reduce your vehicle maintenance costs by keeping it protected.

If you definitely want a garage regardless of your tiny home plans, here’s how to do it. 


Drive-Under Garage

To maintain a neat and tidy architectural design, adding a regular attached garage may not work for everyone’s desired aesthetic. Mainly because it extends the structure of the home by a significant amount.

One option is the drive-under garage in which the garage is actually underneath your home. This floor plan keeps the visual package small while leaving enough room for a car-sized garage. 

With this floor plan, you’ll need a door from the garage into your home with stairs leading up to the main area of your home. It works best with an open floor plan, but the bright side is that you can corral your laundry, mudroom, and storage spaces in one area of the home. This leaves plenty of space up top for all of your essentials. 


Build Vertical

drive-under garage for a tiny house
Though many designs feature a garage attached to the home, this doesn’t work for everyone. Especially with small-space living, every square inch of room counts. By building your home above the garage, you have enough space for a 2- or 3-car garage. With most tiny home plans, you can’t fit a large model SUV in your garage, let alone three cars. 

This floor plan also makes every room in your home a livable space. Some people choose to have multiple exits and entrances for their vehicles while others prefer a more open style for things like boat storage. This is the best option if you have multiple vehicles or want large storage space in the garage without limiting your floor plan choices in your living areas. 


Traditional Bungalow

Of course, there is also the option of the standard attached garage at the side of the home.

These types of garages are usually smaller and have just enough width for a small vehicle, without much free space for storage or a workspace. If you choose this option, you do have the ability to extend out the side for more space, but this will affect the aesthetic of your tiny home design. 

With this type of attached garage, you will most likely have your entrance in the main area of your home rather than a more secluded area. This means your muddy work boots and dripping raincoats can mess up your home if not paired with a mudroom or other entranceway.

However, this is the most popular garage plan for a reason, and you’ll enjoy having quick access to your garage from inside your home – without lugging groceries up a flight of stairs. 


Flat Over the Garage

finished room above garage frog

If you’re building a small living space on your property, why not build it on top of the garage?

Commonly referred to as a FROG (finished room over garage), this floor plan keeps a full-size garage in the mix without too much hassle.

Your tiny home will follow a studio-apartment design plan since you’re limited by the dimensions of your garage, but this is a really convenient way of combining this essential parking and storage space with your small home living. 



Many tiny homes are actually on wheels, so a garage seems highly unlikely, if not impossible.

However, the carport is a wonderful option for temporary and convenient garage space without the full commitment. This is the most practical solution if you have a small living space and want somewhere safer to store your vehicle.

Unfortunately, this solution does not provide the same benefits as a constructed garage. 


2-Car Garage With a Deck

small house deck above a garage


For those wanting the appearance of a larger home without breaking the rules of tiny home living, there’s a floor plan for you too.

If you need space for two vehicles in your tiny home garage or want to add a workspace in the same area, it is possible with tiny home living. You’ll simply extend your 2-car garage out sideways and add a deck on top.

This style keeps your living space small and centered over one garage area while the deck sits above your second car garage area. Not only will you keep your home looking more symmetrical, but you’ll also have made a beautiful outdoor area to entertain or relax. 


Final Thoughts

Garages are an essential solution for parking, storage, and workspaces no matter how large or small the home. If you’re intent on fitting a garage into your tiny home plan, any one of these solutions can be a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.