If you sew, proper thread storage is a must. Not only do thread spools, bobbins, and embroidery floss take up a lot of space – they also have a habit of rolling around, unspooling, and getting tangled if not stored properly.

Fortunately, there are a number of thread storage ideas out there that can help you save space and keep your thread and sewing tools organized. Here’s a look at the different thread storage options available.


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ikea skadis thread storage pegboard

As with anything else in an avid sewer’s home, thread storage needs to be effective as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Enter pegboards.

There are a wide variety of pegboards that can be used for thread storage. From smaller ones that can contain a diverse yet modest thread collection, to vast peg boards that can hold dozens and dozens of spools.

Wall-mounted pegboards also help save space in smaller sewing rooms.

ikea skadis pegboard

You can buy pegboards made specifically for thread spools (which we’ll touch upon later in this post) or, a popular choice nowadays, turn to IKEA’s Skadis.

SKADIS is a common staple in craft rooms. Minimalist, space-saving, and modular, it gives you tons of versatility when it comes to thread storage.

Plus, you can get separate hooks specifically designed to fit spools and bobbins. We’ll touch upon them later in this post.

And if you don’t sew or craft yourself, Skadis works well as a kitchen appliance holder, office organizer, or photo display.

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Bobbin storage

sewing bobbin spool holder

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Storing thread bobbins can be quite a hassle if you have a lot of thread colors in your collection.

That’s where bobbin organizers come in.

For those with smaller collections who just want to store their most frequently used thread colors, there are also miniature bobbin organizers that can easily fit on their craft table.

bobbin spool storage wall pegboard

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Coming in all shapes and sizes, these organizers allow you to set up a bobbin storage haven anywhere. For example, the popularity of pegboards has led to the creation of little bobbin storage add-ons like the rack pictured above. It is mounted over your sewing machine and next to your pegboard to save valuable worktop space.

clear organizer for 25 bobbins

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If you prefer thread storage ideas that can be safely hidden and protected from dust, nothing beats clear plastic containers. The one above can fit 25 bobbins, is see-through, takes up minimal space, and fits perfectly in a drawer.

Thread storage racks

thread storage wall organiser

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Lastly, but definitely not least, a thread storage rack is one of the classics from the infinite (s)pool of thread storage ideas.

For those with little space in their sewing room, wall-mounted thread racks can hold dozens of sewing threads (here’s one that fits 144 spools) and keep them organized by color or type.

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There is also a standing thread rack that’s popular among many sewists who do not have much free wall space for multiple rolls. These come in different sizes too, from small compact ones to ones that can hold dozens upon dozens of thread spools.

spool rack thread holder sewing pegboard

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Remember that just like the other thread storage ideas mentioned above, you don’t have to limit your options. Stacking two or three different racks together saves even more space and allows you to go on with your sewing project quickly.

Serger thread storage

serger thread in hexagonal shelves

Sergers require a special type of thread that is finer in size but comes on large cones. Here are some ideas to help you store them properly.

The photo above shows an example of using hexagonal shelves to store large serger cones. The shelf’s shape prevents the spools from falling or rolling away and makes it relatively easy to browse your collection.

serger thread storage rack

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You can also get a thread storage rack with appropriate spacing to fit larger spools. Like the one above, for example, with 80 spool posts sitting at 2 1/4 inches apart will easily fit large cones.

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However, if your craft room doesn’t have much wall space, there are other options available when it comes to storing serger thread too! These include clear plastic caddies designed specifically for large spools.

Embroidery floss storage

embroidery floss ring holder

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Embroidery thread is a lot thinner than serger thread so it can be stored in a number of ways.

So let’s assume you have a number of embroidery threads already in bobbin shape and you need somewhere to keep them before they disperse all over your sewing space. (and if you don’t, grab these bobbins here).

You can keep the bobbins from your current project on a ring that you can open up any time to remove or add a new bobbin thread.

embroidery thread clear organizer

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What about thread storage boxes? Well, clear thread organizers are an excellent option because most of them have separators that allow you to organize threads according to colors or numbers.

cloud embroidery floss holder

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And if you don’t want to deal with bobbins or simply don’t have them, try out these thread holders. You can use these to store thread or for it to serve as a color reference for your current project.

DIY glass jar thread storage

One of the simplest thread storage ideas is to use glass jars you have lying around at home.

Some sewists use mason jars with lids to store their thread collection. Others prefer baby food jars because they come in small sizes, stack neatly, and are great for organizing smaller spools.

vintage thread in glass jars

Seeing which thread is inside is also easier since these jars are made out of clear glass. Plus, this DIY method wins in the aesthetic department and can add an eclectic vintage vibe to your sewing space.

DIY golf tees thread organizer

Here’s another DIY thread storage idea.

By combining a bunch of golf tees with a clear storage container, you can have easy access to your spool collection and prevent them from becoming a tangled mess.


Storing thread in a drawer

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If convoluted thread storage isn’t really your thing, try getting stationery organizers that fit nicely into any drawer.

It’s a great way to store thread safe from dust and organized but still easy to access at a drop of the hat.

The pack above contains everything needed to make the most out of drawers for thread organization. It comes with 6 plastic caddies that you can fill with anything, from smaller spools to sewing equipment.

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And if you don’t have a drawer, you can get the organizer above and store it by your sewing machine.

SKADIS pegboard hooks

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We’ve already mentioned how SKADIS pegboard is a frequent staple of rooms dedicated to crafting and sewing.

Well, with these handy accessories you can turn this pegboard into a proper place to store your sewing thread.

bobbin hooks skadis pegboard

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The hooks range in size and length to accommodate any type of thread spool, from standard bobbins to larger 1000m thread reels.

Some even allow you to keep thread on the same hook as its matching bobbin for convenience’s sake. Ain’t that great?

Thread and bobbin organizer

Bobbin and thread holders

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The best thread storage ideas should not only help you stay organized but also save you time. And these little holders allow you to do just that.

With these heart-shaped spool holders, you can store bobbins and matching thread together so you won’t lose time searching for either one separately.

If you tend to keep your thread separate and then end up losing matching bobbins, these tiny thread holders will be invaluable in your sewing room.

Thread storage container box

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These container boxes are a great idea for those starting out their thread collection. They have 48 removable compartments and, thanks to clear plastic, you see what’s inside without having to open the entire box.

You can fill the compartments with tons of sewing thread that will stay neat and organized without rolling all over the place.

Best of all is that this thread holder box saves you tons of space since you can comfortably keep this box under your sewing table.

Alternative thread storage ideas

While there are plenty of dedicated ways to organize a sewing room, some people take an alternative approach. Meaning it doesn’t have to be labeled as a thread organizer to actually store sewing thread.

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For example, take a look at this makeup organizer. With a rotating base and modular compartments, it is a great space-saver that can hold threads, small spools, matching bobbins, and more.

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Similarly, a great alternative could be a nail polish organizer. The small compartments are the perfect size to contain standard sewing thread.

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I’ve also stumbled across one of the most creative storage ideas for threads: a door-mounted shoe organizer. It’s the one we always recommend for dorms and small bedrooms. You can hang it on the back of the door and fill the clear pockets with, in this case, thread. Easy to store, browse, and keep out of the way.

You can create tons of storage for your sewing equipment with different types of organizers, especially when thinking out of the box.

Bonus: fun DIY thread storage ideas

And since the creativity of sewists knows no bounds let’s take a look at some exciting DIY thread storage ideas they’ve come up with.

Thread in a vase

thread vase storage

When you run out of space on the shelf, you can always plant your spools in a pretty vase. Makes for a stunning accent piece.


Clothespin board thread display

You can wrap your embroidery floss around bobbins or, like in this case, clothespins. Then create a colorful and neat accent piece by hanging them on a simple fabric board.


Repurposed cabinet for thread

Old cabinet doors, Venetian blinds, and DIY prowess have brought this idea to life. Hang this cabinet on the wall to not only organize your thread but to protect it from dust as well.


Cardboard bobbin display

This fun site is pretty easy to achieve if you don’t want to hide your embroidery floss. Wrap it around cardboard cutouts and hang them on an organizer board using ribbons, safety pins, and nails.


Repurposed ironing board thread organizer

upcycled ironing board thread rack


To find out more about this ironing-board-turned-vintage-looking thread organizer, check out this post.

Hopefully, you’ve found some thread storage ideas that will help contain your impressive collection. And if you’ve only started sewing, remember to Pin this post to your “Sewing” board for when you need new ways to store and organize thread.

But for now, good luck with all of your sewing projects! We’ll be rooting for you!