“I want a dog but I live in an apartment”. This is usually where the wishful train of thinking stops. It doesn’t have to, though.

Yes, having a dog in a small apartment can be hard. But with the right approach and pet accessories at your belt, you can comfortably live in your small space with your dream dog (which is any dog in my book).

Whether you’re just considering getting a pooch or are already living with one in an apartment, you should definitely take a look at this list of useful things for dog owners. Yes, everybody needs a leash and a bunch of chew toys, but this list of stuff for keeping a dog in an apartment goes beyond that. Like, how to take care of floors, protect the furniture, set up an indoor toilet, and make leaving for work bearable.

Just have a look.

Let your dog “go” whenever it needs with this fresh grass dog potty…

real grass patch dog potty for balconies and indoors

There are many reasons for having an indoor dog potty. Indoor house training, working long hours, dog’s fear of bad weather, having an older or sick pooch that can’t hold it, or not wanting to run outside into pouring rain with your dog at 3 am.

This indoor dog potty uses real grass to help your dog relieve itself whenever it needs. The benefit of having real grass instead of faux one is that (1) it instinctively attracts dogs and (2) it will keep your pooch used to “doing the do” both indoors and outdoors.

This particular potty pad is made for up to 25 lbs dogs. Depending on how frequently your pooch uses it, the grass will need to be replaced every 2-4 weeks.

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…and set up a private dog apartment bathroom on your balcony

fast fit pet patio balcony doggy door for an apartment

Add a whiff of fresh to your dog’s new hygiene routine with this patio door attachment. It can add a doggy door to a sliding door balcony so your dog can have privacy when using the toilet and you don’t have to have a front seat to the whole process.

Even without an indoor potty in place, your dog will surely enjoy being able to go out anytime it wants. This balcony attachment comes in 3 heights and in 6 sizes of the doggy door itself. It attaches to the patio door with a weather-resistant seal and has a security lock in place. So if you’re keeping a dog in an apartment, this balcony doggy door combined with an indoor toilet will make your life a lot easier.

But don’t forget to secure your balcony before you go to sleep!

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Save your floors from ruin with this spill-proof and kick-proof dog feeder

Small space or not, you (or your dog) always risk bumping into stuff lying around the place. And your dog’s food and water bowls are no exception.

Accidentally spilling even a bit of water on the floors can cause serious damage over time. Fortunately, this feeding station solves this problem. You can see its “kick-proof” qualities in action on the gif below. When your dog eats, everything outside the bowls goes into the second reservoir underneath them. This includes catching food pieces and water splashes (including those accidental kick-related).


This feeding station not only keeps your floors clean but its elevated position also helps your dog’s spine stay healthier.

The station is available in several sizes and colors. So dogs of every height and might can help keep their human’s floors intact. But we’d advise big sloppy (and loveable) dogs get in line first.

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Shield your sofa from damage and scratches with these furniture protectors

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It’s almost inevitable that your dog will try to take residence on your sofa. Whether you allow it or not, the cleanup after can be a tough job. So remember to protect your furniture with specialized covers.

The Sofa Shield covers specifically come in a variety of sizes for different types of furniture including sofas, loveseats, armchairs and so on. The patented straps on these covers keep them from sliding off at the first touch of dog paws. Plus, the covers are reversible so you can keep them on the sofa for double the usual amount of time before washing. And yes, they are 100% machine washable.

vinyl furniture protector from scratches and chewing

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If your dog likes to chew a particular corner of the sofa or chair, there’s also a simple solution for that. These vinyl corner covers are made from a flexible and durable material that can withstand claws and teeth. You can attach them to the corners by using twist pins that blend in with the upholstery and leave little to no trace afterward.

Keep your pooch entertained and away from destroying stuff with this engaging toy…

wickedbone automatic remote toy for dogs

Leaving a dog in an apartment for too long means that your pup will get bored. And being bored means that your dog will start looking for fun things to do that might not be so fun for you to deal with later (think destroyed furniture and magazines).

To deal with dog boredom, it’s important to leave your pooch with entertaining and engaging toys that can hold its attention.

Wickedbone app-enabled automatic toy is perfect for that. You can steer it manually when you’re at home or want to play with your pet from a distance.


But more importantly, it has an auto-play mode – it automatically teases your dog into playing while you’re away from home. It adapts to your pup’s actions and engages into different styles of playing, from chasing to avoiding and more.

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…or let your doggy have fun with this indestructible puzzle toy

kong indestructible dog toy treat dispenser

Another type of toy you should leave your pup is some kind of brain-teasing puzzle toy. KONG produces lots of amazing and durable (which is a life-saver for owners of big dogs) dog toys, including this treat-dispensing wobbling toy. Your dog can spend hours trying to shake tasty treats out of it, leaving everything you own intact until your return.

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Prevent your place from turning into a swamp with this giant paw-cleaning mug

paw plunger dog paw mug cleaner

In order to prevent your apartment from looking like a muddy Jackson Pollock painting, you need to wash your pup’s paws after walks.

This giant mug was designed to gently scrub dirt, sand, mud and even ice off your dog’s paws. Gentle but effective bristles inside the mug can quickly wash off the muddy mess before your pooch makes a beeline for the couch.


To use it, simply fill it with warm water and dog shampoo (you can do so before the walk). After the walk, plunge each of your dog’s paws into the mug several times. The anti-spill opening will keep the water inside while the bristles take care of your pup’s feet. Then, dry the clean paws with a towel (use a microfiber one for the quickest result) and get rid of the dirty water.

If you leave in an area where rain, mud, and snow are common, this paw-washing mug is an absolute must for you to have.

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See and say hello to your dog anytime you’re away at work…

wireless night vision dog pet camera

If you are a working dog parent, you know the feeling of wanting to screw your job and run to back to your pooch as soon as you step outside.

This wireless pet security camera can help you deal with separation anxiety. It allows you to check in on your dog whenever you want thanks to complete 360° coverage and night vision video. Even better, it is equipped with two-way audio communication and noise eliminating microphone. So you can talk to your good boy any time you want.

Plus, it’s a security camera. Knowing that both your dog and your apartment are safe is always a bonus.

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…and give your good boy a treat

wireless treat dispensing dog pet camera

On the subject of security cameras, this one was designed specifically for pet owners.

Besides allowing you to watch and communicate with your dog, this camera also allows you to give your dog treats when you’re away. Using your smartphone, you can aim and release pre-loaded treats right at your pooch.

It’s like a real-life more pleasant version of Angry Birds.

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Efficiently remove dog fur every time you wash and dry your clothes

furzapper washing machine dog fur remover

Hugging your dog is completely worth it, but prepare to constantly have dog hair on you. To save money on water and detergent, you need an efficient way to get the fur off your clothes in one laundry cycle.

Enter FurZapper.


Add one of these discs to your washer (and another to your dryer) in order to remove dog fur stuck to your clothes. They are reusable, hypoallergenic, and work with any type of fabric.

So just follow the recommendations and say bye-bye to dog hair on your favorite hoodie.

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Choose the right air purifier to stop unpleasant smells, allergens, and dog hair from spreading

Even if you don’t have a dog in an apartment, getting an air purifier is still a good idea. But with pet dander, hair, and inevitable smells polluting the air you breathe, getting an air purifier becomes a must.

There are many types of air purifiers out there, each one with a different type of filtering system and perks. So to make your choice (and estimated budget) easier to make you need to focus on what pollutant you’d like to target most – hair, dander (aka allergens), or smells.

The best air purifier for dog hair

best air purifier for pet hair hamilton beach

To trap pet hair and fur lingering in the air, it would be enough to get a purifier with a HEPA-type filter. The Hamilton Beach air purifier (picture above), for example, has this type of filter with an added bonus of an Activated Carbon filter for getting rid of smells. Even better, with a permanent HEPA-type filter, such as in this air purifier, you don’t need to buy a replacement every few months – just clean the filter with a vacuum.

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The best air purifier for pet dander and allergens

best air purifier for pet dander winix

Pet dander is the culprit when it comes to pet-related allergies. The older your dog gets the more dander it will shed, so you or someone you live with can start developing the symptoms with time. Fortunately, a True HEPA filter can capture and remove 99.97% pet allergens from the air.

The Winix air purifier (pictured above) is outfitted with such True HEPA filtration system. Additionally, it runs the air you breathe through an Active Carbon filter to eliminate odors and applies patented PlasmaWave technology to kill off germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Simply put, it cleans the air like no other purifier attacking pollutants from every angle and the best bet when it comes to managing dog hair allergies.

But because True HEPA filters remove pollutants on a microscopic level, they need to be replaced once in a while.

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The best all-around air purifier for smells and odors

best air purifier for pet smell odor levoit

To take care of pet-related odors you need an air purifier that has an Activated Carbon filter. This type of filter usually acts as an added feature in air purifiers (both air purifiers mentioned before have this feature).

For example, this Levoit purifier (pictured above) is another great option for a dog owner in a small apartment. Outfitted with 3-stage filtration, including True HEPA and Activated Carbon filters, it covers all the bases when it comes to cleaning and freshening the air you breathe. Although it covers small square footage, it is more than enough for a small apartment dweller.

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Get a calming pet crate for your pooch to deal with stress that won’t take up space in a small apartment

pet crate end table for dog in an apartment

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Despite popular belief, crate-training your dog is not a cruel or inhumane practice. If done properly, a crate can become your dog’s safe space for dealing with nervousness and anxiety. A crate can be the dog’s perfect place to deal with overwhelming emotions and most dogs easily get used to them. You can read more on crate-training here.

If you have a dog in an apartment, it might be wise to consider a crate that can have several purposes in the room.

The crate above will not only be your dog’s nesting place but will also give you a functional side table to boot. And it also unfolds into a gate that you can use to prevent your dog from entering certain parts of the apartment.


You can also invest in a pet crate that not only serves its purpose but also looks good. Instead of locking your pooch in something that eerily reminds you of a cage, try out this PAWD crate that looks like a luxurious pet retreat room. It won’t attract as much attention as a regular crate would and will smoothly blend in with your decor.

collapsible dog crate for small space

Even more so, this crate collapses into a flat package. So you can save space in the apartment and hide this crate under the bed when not in use. It’s portable design also allows you to travel with it, always having a safe space for your dog to relax in.

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Prevent scratches and pee stains on your floors with this pet mat that looks like a classy rug

Where there is an excited dog, there are scratches on wooden and laminate floors. And if you are a renter, you can’t afford to have that.

So use this protective foam mat disguised as a fancy rug to protect your apartment’s floors. The mat is durable, easy to clean, non-toxic, and pet-friendly. The half-inch thick foam can withstand the claw scratches and, as a bonus, keep feet (and paws) warm during winter.

Also, where there is an excited dog, liquid “accidents” may happen. But no worries, this rug can easily withstand spills and it doesn’t absorb odors. So your dog’s mishap won’t plague you in the form of stinky carpet stains or bulging out floor panels.

Plus, you can combine it with cool exercise equipment for small spaces to be able to drop down and work out on it anytime you want.

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Make sure your dog is well-fed and hydrated…

water and food dispenser bundle for dogs in an apartment

Some dogs can be sloppy eaters and drinkers which means that most of their food and water will wind up on the floor.

To make sure your dog always has a fresh supply of water and food, you can use this duo of feeders. They use simple gravity to keep the water and food coming for your pooch. Both feeders are non-electric and easy to fill, with the water dispenser sporting an innovative connector that prevents spillages.

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…and that their feeding schedule is maintained when you’re away

automatic timed dog food dispenser

Other dogs tend to overeat and need to have their food rationed. More so, some dogs get used to their feeding schedule and can get anxious if that schedule is not maintained.

When you work or need to go away, you can use an automatic food dispenser with a built-in timer to keep feeding your dog appropriately. Using an LCD screen, you can schedule up to 4 automated feedings per day. You have full control in choosing the amount of food dispensed, starting with 2 teaspoons up to 4.5 cups.

automatic timed dog food dispenser

And don’t worry, your pup won’t go hungry in case of a power outage. The feeder is powered by an outlet but it can also function on a set of batteries. So if something were to happen to the power supply, it can switch to the batteries and continue to feed your pooch throughout the day.

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A more advanced version of this feeder with a built-in HD camera and more feeding options can be found here.

Don’t waste time getting dirty paw prints off your floors with this robotic mop

robotic mop for a dog in an apartment

Having a day job, a social life, and a dog to care for doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Especially when it comes to cleaning.

You can easily vacuum the fur that your dog will shed here and there. That’s not the problem. The problem is dirty paw stains, dried saliva, and smudges that will inevitably land on your floors. This is where a robotic Roomba-like mop comes in.


It sweeps and it mops with reusable microfiber cloths. The robot can mop for up to 150 minutes and sweep for 210 minutes. You can keep it confined to one room or set it up so that it covers your whole apartment. It’s triple-pass mopping action should easily be able to take care of the results of your pup’s shenanigans.

Life is too short to spend it mopping.

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Train your dog to pee in the right place at the right time with these water-absorbent pads

pee pads for a dog bathroom in an apartment

These pee pads would be a great place to start potty training your new pup. There are many reasons to have these around, from being an alternative to late night potty runs to giving your dog a place to do the do while you’re away.

These pads can hold up to 3 cups of water and have a leak-proof bottom lining to prevent the moisture from seeping into the floor. They come in large packs of 100 or 150 pads so you should be set for quite some time while your dog learns how to use it.

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Keep your pooch warm when it gets cold with these heated dog beds

heated dog bed pad for small apartment

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If your apartment tends to get to arctic-pole-level temperatures in winter (hello, rentals), your dog might need this heated bed.

This is especially true in 2 cases.

First, heated beds can soothe the pain in older dogs that suffer from arthritis, circulation issues, or other injuries that affect joints.

heated dog bed for small apartment

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The second case in which you should get a heated bed for your pet is if your doggo has little to no fur. Your thin tiny babies with no fur will be glad to stay warm throughout the winter.

Both heated dog beds above are designed for 24/7 operation. The inner thermostat in each bed warms it up to match your dog’s normal body temperature keeping your pooch comfortable and happy.

If you have an anxious pup on your hands or an old dog who likes a soothing place to retreat to, consider an anxiety-reducing dog bed.


Stop drowning in pet hair by regularly deshedding your doggo

dog hair brush deshedding tool

With a dog in an apartment, you’ll have to deal with a lot of loose hair…well, everywhere. Better get ahead of the curve and start removing the loose hair directly off the coat of your pup’s coat.

This particular brush removes dead hairs, dirt, and dander off your dog without damaging the rest of the fur. Its patented teeth gently shed the unhealthy fur leaving a sleek soft coat behind. And you’ll remove so much hair it would be enough to basically build a new dog!


SleekEZ brush works with any type of fur, be it long or short, soft or coarse.

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Quickly dry your pooch after a bath with these super-absorbent towels…

microfibeer towel for having a dog in an apartment

Preparing to give your dog a bath is almost like preparing for a battle. It requires strategic thinking, sharp reflexes, as many people as you can summon, and towels. Lots and lots of towels.

To keep your wet fur baby from dripping all over your apartment, you need microfiber towels. They absorb huge amounts of water in seconds and are much more effective than regular bathing towels. Microfiber towels come in all shapes and sizes, including a glove-like version for dog owners (as pictured above).

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…or wrap your pooch in this stylish microfiber bathrobe

microfiber drying dog bathrobe towel

Ahem, as a professional, I will not have a meltdown over how adorable any dog would look in fancy bathing robe (butohmygodhowadorableisit).

This dog robe is also made out of absorbent microfiber. The inside of the robe has much longer hair that can efficiently collect the remains of water off your dog’s fur. Plus, putting an absorbent outfit on your pooch right after a bath can prevent drippings, splashes, and wet spots from randomly appearing all over your apartment. True story.

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Keep your dog from eating everything you hold dear with an anti-chewing spray

Dogs can be relentless chewers. Shoes, pillows, books, furniture – anything can wind up on your dog’s list of “favorite things to munch on”.

If this happens, you really need to look into training this harmful habit out of your dog. So while you work on that, you can use an anti-chew repellent spray to deter your pooch from destroying everything you own.

Full disclosure, while usually successful, in some rare cases sprays don’t make a difference for dogs who are set in their ways. But fear not. Where one spray fails to do the task, another one delivers the results in a striking fashion.

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Keeping a dog in a small apartment may seem hard or even impossible to pull off. But it’s really not. With the right approach, dedication, and stuff from this list, you can transform your apartment into the best home for your pooch.

Not only that, it can help you prevent some unfortunate accidents people usually associate with dogs in an apartment. But following the advice here and taking the right steps early on will make torn furniture or wet floors a thing of fiction for you.

Now go and smooch your pooch and enjoy living in a home that is comfortable for both of you.

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