Storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget (both for adult and kids’ bedrooms) come in all shapes and sizes.

Here we will look at some cool storage hacks for tiny bedrooms and, where applicable, will provide some budget-friendly alternatives. This includes slightly cheaper options as well as DIY projects that’ll increase your bedroom storage.

Now, let’s see how you can make your bedroom space fit more stuff.

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1. Storage headboard

twin bed storage headboard

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For beds that don’t have a headboard, we have some awesome storage ideas for you.

There are tons of headboards that can bring more storage to your small bedroom, both for twin and king beds. You can store your essentials on the shelves or in the drawer instead of the nightstand.

queen-sized storage headboard

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That’s right, you could get rid of your nightstand and fill the empty space with a dresser or a bookcase.

See, one headboard saving tons of space

Budget-friendly alternative:

If your search hasn’t brought you to the headboard that you love, why not make one yourself?

minimalist diy headboard with shelves

You can DIY a minimalist headboard with pretty shelves that’ll sit above your mattress.

diy bed storage shelves

Or one that gives you a shelf and practical built-in nightstands on the sides.

bookshelves behind the bed storage hack


Additionally, you can line low bookcases along the wall and have them act as a headboard.


2. Closet organizer

Vailando 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

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Here’s a simple yet efficient idea for your closet space. You can attach this organizer to the closet rod near your hanging clothes.

This particular one has 3 shelves, 3 drawers, and 4 pockets. You can also split it in two to fit your organization ideas.

Budget-friendly alternative:

SimpleHouseware Hanging Closet Storage

Buy it here

The closet organizer above is already a great solution for closet storage. But if you want something simpler yet just as efficient, check out this little guy.


3. Radiator cover

radiator cover for bedroom storage

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If you have a radiator in your bedroom, it might be wasting a lot of space. Fortunately, there is a way to turn this warmth-generating con into a pro.

You can install a cover over the radiator. This will make your small bedroom look neater and give you additional storage space. You can hold books, plants, and other tchotchkes on it instead of it cluttering other space in your room.

This radiator cover also comes in several sizes so you can perfectly match it to your needs.

Budget-friendly alternative:
radiator shelf for extra space in a bedorom


If you don’t want to bother with picking the right cover, you can simply install a shelf over the radiator. This will still provide you with extra storage space in the bedroom and turn your radiator into a space-saving grove.

floating shelves that go over the radiator

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And if that shelf happens to sit underneath the window, good news, your plants will get plenty of sunlight.


4. Floating nightstand

floating nightstand


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Here is a great way to free up floor space in a small bedroom – a floating nightstand. We’ve covered tons of nightstand alternatives in this post.

But to create more storage space in your bedroom go for a floating one, for sure. It even has a drawer!

Budget-friendly alternative:

Emfogo Floating Shelf with Drawer

Buy it here

If the one above is a bit too high-end for you, check out this nightstand. You can mount it by the bed and have it as a convenient place for keeping your phone, meds, and other essentials.

5. Window shelves

window-mounted shelves for plant storage in a bedroom

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Let’s have a look at this unique take on storing plants in a small bedroom.

You can hang these shelves by the window to give your plants maximum sunlight. The shelving is also fit for storing other things like small decorative items, pictures, and so on.

This is one of our favorite hacks for creating a small indoor garden even in the tiniest room.

6. Shoe storage

Whitmor Non Slip Door Shoe RackBuy it here

If you live in a small apartment with no space in the entryway, where do you keep your shoes? Bedroom.

We’ve created a whole post on shoe storage ideas for small bedrooms and apartments as a whole. But if you want a specific recommendation right away, check out the shoe rack above. You can mount it on a bedroom or closet door to store 36 pairs of shoes.

Budget-friendly alternative:

If your shoes take up a lot of space but you want a storage solution that’ll go easier on your wallet, here it is.

Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer
Buy it here

Hang this clear set of 24 shoe pockets on the door to store and organize your shoes. You can also is it for storing other things like jewelry, socks, cleaning, or skincare products, and more.


7. Headboard made of shoe storage cabinets

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While we’re on the topic of shoes… This is one of the coolest storage hacks for small bedrooms – using a shoe cabinet as a makeshift headboard.

And hey, this idea comes from IKEA so you know their storage solutions are great! You don’t even have to use the cabinet specifically for shoes. Fill it with clothes, books, and other things you can’t find much space for in your tiny bedroom.


8. Storage ottoman

pink storage ottoman with liftable top

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Here at Tiny Partments we have a particular preference for space-saving furniture. And ottomans, well, we definitely recommend them as one of the best storage ideas for small bedrooms.

A well-chosen ottoman not only elevates your room but also gives you a convenient place to sit. Plus, just as the ottomans above, they can provide you with tons of free storage space.

It is a great idea to store clothes, shoes, blankets, and that specific brand of things you have no place for inside these babies.

Budget-friendly alternative:

small foldable storage ottoman
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Although storage ottomans can be quite expensive, don’t you worry.

B FSOBEIIALEO Folding Storage Ottoman
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We’ve found a few options that would be a perfect inexpensive addition to small bedrooms. They still have plenty of room to fill with your belongings but won’t take up that much extra space.


9. Window seat

built-in bedroom window seat

The Spruce

A victorian window seat sounds like a dream.

But if your small bedroom didn’t come with one, there is still something to be done.

window seat with baskets

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You can set up this bench by the window and surround it with bookshelves on both sides. This will give it a “sunken” look and create a sense of privacy.

The real kicker is that this bench has 3 drawers and 3 baskets. Tons of room to store clothes, blankets, books, games, extra cables, and more.

Budget-friendly alternative:

diy window seat bench

You can actually build your own DIY window bench shown above by following this tutorial.

shoe storage bench used as a window seat
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Alternatively, you can place a simple bench used for shoe storage underneath your window. Some of them come with plenty of storage space and, with some cushions and blankets, can become a lovely reading nook.

10. Wall-mounted desk

wall-mounted industrial bedroom desk
Buy it here

Everyone needs a desk. Be it for work, hobbies, as a vanity, or as a craft table.

So in order to save on floor space in a small bedroom, get this wall-mounted desk. It is not only sleek and narrow it also comes with a few storage perks.

The desk comes with 3 shelves with plenty of room for your belongings. In addition to that, it has several hooks that you can hang your headphones on.

Budget-friendly alternative:

If you need to maximize even more space, take a look at this folding table below. It doubles as a wall-mounted cabinet with some room for little boxes, souvenirs, and other messy clutter.

KZHOME Wall-Mounted Multifunctional Folding Laptop Desk
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Unfold it and you have a place to work on your laptop. Win-win.


11. Platform bed

platform bed with shelves and baskets

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So much storage space can hide under a bed.

Take this one for example. The bed frame has tons of shelves that you can keep open or fill with 4 included pull-out baskets. You can use those for storing books, blankets, boxes, and a multitude of other things!

For a small bedroom, this bed frame is one of the best storage ideas!

Budget-friendly alternative:

minimalist platform bed

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A bed frame that sits high above the floor has plenty of untapped storage space underneath.

You can maximize that space by using stackable boxes and baskets. It is a cheap and easy way to keep clothing, sweaters, books, and stuff that needs to be hidden out of the way.


12. Vertical storage mirror

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This is a free-standing variation of the storage mirror we’ve seen before. What makes this one great is that you can use it to fill an empty space in a small bedroom.

This one has a clever lockable compartment where you can store your earrings, necklaces, and whatnot behind the mirror.

Buy it here

The one above is a bit more advanced. Behind the mirror hide several shelves along with a rod where you can hang clothes. And, of course, you pull out a drawer from behind the mirror where you can keep your jewelry neatly organized.

Budget-friendly alternative:

diy storage mirror

You can also create a mirror with a hidden compartment where you can organize your jewelry. All you need to make and install it is to follow this DIY tutorial.


13. Lift-top bedside table

lift-top bedroom nightstand desk

Buy it here

One of the best storage ideas for small bedrooms is to invest in multipurpose furniture. Like this bedside table that also doubles as a lift-top desk.
So instead of trying to choose between a desk and a nightstand, you get 2 pieces of furniture neatly combined into one.

This bedside table is narrow and easy to fit in small bedrooms. Use the two bottom shelves for storing books, boxes, and whatnot. And then, when the duty calls, lift the top part to create a small neat laptop desk.

That’s what I call thinking outside the box!


14. Cord & cable holders

OHill Cable Clips organizers for bedroom walls

Buy them here

Disorganized cords and cables are the bane of any design-conscious person’s existence.

They also eat up tons of storage space in small spaces. And catch tons of dust.

So to keep your cords organized and to make your room look neater, get a set of these wall-adhesive cable holders. These allow you to arrange the cords the way you want them and free up space in your bedroom.

Budget-friendly alternative:
cable binder clips hack


Check out this DIY cord organizer idea that uses binder clips.

You can also attach your cables to the wall by combining zip ties and these wall anchors. It requires a bit of DIYins but the end result will be worth it.


15. Under-bed storage

3-Pack Large Rolling Under Bed Bins

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Listen, a bed can make or break the number of storage solutions you can fit in a bedroom. If you have a bed that sits above the floor, you can cram in tons of stuff underneath it.

For example, take a look at these plastic under-bed storage containers. These rolling solid plastic containers can fit anything from clothes to blankets. They can double as a makeshift dresser, even. And, most importantly, they’ll protect your belongings from dust that tends to gather on the floor.

Budget-friendly alternative:

Buy it here

This bed storage solution is simple but it gets the job done. These bags help keep your stuff organized under the bed and can be easily folded if you don’t need them anymore.


16. Additional rod for clothes

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If you don’t have much space in your closet for clothes, you can hang them on this extra rack. What sets it apart is the fact that it has a small shelf on top where you can store hats, purses, and accessories.

You can install it on your bedroom wall or in the closet to expand your wardrobe capabilities.

Budget-friendly alternative:

Buy it here

If you don’t have much space on the walls or can’t drill, there are still solutions for closet storage shortage. You can hang an additional clothing rod on your existing one. It will basically double the amount of space in your wardrobe that you can fill with clothes.


17. Corner shelves

Buy it here

You can find tons of storage potential in the corners of your bedroom. To capitalize on it, mount some corner shelves in the nooks of your room.

This one in fact gives you 5 shelves to fill with knick-knacks, jewelry, photos, and more. You can even use it as a nightstand if your bed frame sits close to the wall.

Budget-friendly alternative:

box file diy corner shelf for bedroom storage

Check out this box file doubling as a corner shelf!. You can mount your own on the wall using this DIY tutorial.


18. Ceiling shelves

ceiling shelves in a bedroom

Apartment Therapy

Installing shelves close to the ceiling is one of the best storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget.

First, this, of course, allows you to maximize storage space which is always welcome.

Second, installing shelves this way draws your eyes upward making your small bedroom feel much bigger!


19. Corner desk

Buy it here

One of the best solutions for a small bedroom that functions as an office – a corner desk. This little guy takes up little to no space, neatly fits into a corner, and has a handy bottom shelf for books and knick-knacks.

A much more space-conscious solution for a storage problem in a tiny bedroom.


20. Wicker basket DIY storage

How about this nifty trick?

Turn a simple wicker basket into a mini nightstand. Or an end table. Or just an extra organizer that you can place anywhere in a small bedroom.

Follow the DIY tutorial here.


21. Pants storage

Wetheny Space-Saving Pants Hangers

Buy them here

If you’ve got room in the closet, you’ve got room for pants. Especially if you have this 2-pack of convertible hangers.

Each one can fit five pairs of pants. And, as a space-saving feature, you can convert them from horizontal to vertical hangers.

So no need to stack or fold your jeans and pants when they can save you plenty of room in the closet.

Budget-friendly alternative:

If there’s no space in the dresser but still some left in the drawers, here’s what to do. Follow this short video to make little mounds out of your jeans that hold shape and allow you to neatly stack them in the drawer.

Buy them here

Or you can use the organizers above to achieve the same task of making your pants fit for drawer storage.


22. Bed frame nightstand

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To save on floor space you completely forego a traditional nightstand. Instead, this one can be mounted on the bed frame. It is wide enough to hold everything you’d usually keep by your bedside – glasses, phone, a cup of tea, medicine, and so on.

This little storage hack can save you a lot of space.

Budget-friendly alternative:

Buy it here

This little bedside shelf goes onto the wall using 4 adhesives. It fits flat against the wall not taking up any space.

However, it is still roomy enough to fit all of your essentials.


23. Closet door organizer for jewelry & accessories

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Another multipurpose piece, this one adds a mirror and a jewelry organizer to your small space. The mirror has two hooks that allow you to securely hand it on the closet or bedroom door.

Inside, you can store earrings, necklaces, and rings along with some makeup and nail polish.

Budget-friendly alternative:

Buy it here

This little guy also works as an organization hack for your jewelry. It has 80 pockets and you can hang it in your wardrobe or on the bedroom door (if you’re willing to put a thumbtack into it).


24. Hanging fruit baskets

hanging macrame baskets

Buy it here

If you thought a fruit basket only belongs in the kitchen, think again. These 3-tier hanging baskets will look perfect in a small bedroom. They’ll also give you plenty of storage for keeping accessories, clothes, hats, and scarves organized.

And it can also double as a stunning vertical plant holder.

Budget-friendly alternative:

Buy it here

You can also hang this copper fruit basket.

So if you are not into the whole modern boho vibe, these vertical storage baskets are a solid idea.


25. Door-mounted hamper

Buy it here

It is always a good idea to take something that usually sits on the floor and find a hanging version.

Like with this hamper, you can save tons of floor space by hanging it on the closet door.

This way the hamper won’t take up a lot of space and you can place a small dresser where the hamper used to be.


26. Wall hooks

bird wall hooks

Buy them here

Here’s an easy and inexpensive way to add more storage ideas to your bedroom. Hooks!

It is a practical way to fill the empty space on the walls. And a beautiful one at that since today even cheap hooks can look amazing.

golden wall hooks

Buy them here

This is a great way to keep clutter at bay or to add more space to hang your clothes.

Also, you can combine these hooks with hanging baskets to quickly create a wall-mounted storage rack.

Budget-friendly alternative:

Buy them here

Command hooks are always a viable option for introducing some practical storage ideas. They can hold up to 5 lbs, enough to hang bags, hats, necklaces, and tote bags.


27. Baskets

Buy them here

A list of storage ideas for small bedrooms wouldn’t be complete without a wide selection of baskets.

They look great as elegant accent pieces in any decor. Depending on the size, they can fit under a bed, in a closet, on a shelf, or in a drawer.

baskets storing makeup skincare and towels

Buy them here

Baskets are great organizers. They can store a ton of stuff, from blankets to clothing, small tchotchkes, towels, and a variety of other items. Like the one below is big enough to fit a bunch of stuff you can’t find a place for.

large blanket basket

Buy it here

And look at these, you can hang them on the wall for extra storage and decor points!

hanging storage backets

Buy them here

Now all you have to do is fill them in!


28. Organizer for blankets

blanket ladder organizer

Buy it here

This is another way you can make your bedroom walls more functional and expand your storage.

Organizers for blankets are extremely popular right now and there’s no surprise why. Your blankets are neatly organized between two rods and a wall and all you need is to simply pull a blanket from the side if you get chilly.

wall-mounted organizer for blankets

Buy it here

Plus, they act as a great decorative piece and add more vertical definition to your space.


29. Rolling cart for makeup

Buy it here

A huge collection of makeup and skincare requires creative solutions. Like these rolling carts.

Buy it here

These can create a lot of free storage in your bedroom. And it’s a great way to organize, well, anything. Makeup, crafting materials, notebooks, stationery, and more. The great part is that if you need to create more space, you can simply roll it out of the way.

Buy it here


Budget-friendly solution:

This one is both advice for small bedrooms on a budget as well as general advice for tiny nooks that you don’t know what to do with.

Buy it here

This narrow rolling cart was designed to fit into cramped spaces, like the one between your nightstand and bed. You can fill it with anything you want or have it act as your night table instead.


30. Door shelves

shelves surrounding a door

Fifi McGee

One of the coolest hacks to save space in a bedroom is to build is a set of shelves around the door.

It is an inexpensive way to create more storage that yields stunning results. This stylish solution will instantly make your room look tidy and you’ll have a place for books, decorative items, and some stray articles of clothing.


31. Shelf above the curtains

shelf above the curtain rod

Kenya Rae

Here’s another one of those nifty tricks to carve out extra space in small rooms. You can mount a shelf above your curtains.

It won’t take up any extra space and instead will give you more. You can stack some books or boxes up there, decorative items, or plants.

While we’re on the subject of curtain rods, did you know you can hang planters on them? Yep, we’ve discussed these curtain rods hack in our indoor garden article. Give it a try!

How did you find these storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget? By combining these together, you can save a lot of space as well as store your belonging in style.

Also, make sure to check out our other posts that might help you when decorating your bedroom.

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And if you are sharing your room with someone, here are some easy ways to create privacy in a limited space.

Let us know which of these storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget have worked for your bedroom.

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