Condo living can have a ton of benefits. Things like being closer to work, school, and other amenities are just a couple of the most common driving forces that influence a person to buy a condo.

Although there can be plenty of advantages to living in a swanky condo, there can also be a couple of disadvantages. And one of those disadvantages is living in a smaller space.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your condo living situation, you’ve come to the right place for help!

Here are five (5) condo living hacks to improve a small space:

Save up space on furniture

small condo furniture

While it can be tempting to buy large and stylish furniture for your new living space, it might not be the best idea for a condo.

The average size of a condo is about 895 sq. ft. (272 sq/m). And while this may vary depending on the developer, that still doesn’t leave you with a lot of space to work with.

Furniture can occupy the most space in your condo. This is why it’s a great thing that plenty of furniture manufacturers now make small furniture for condos, to accommodate your specific living situation and needs.

For instance, dual-function furniture pieces such as convertible chair beds and box wardrobes are great condo hacks for saving space and storing belongings.

Rethink workout equipment

Exercise equipment isn’t the best when it comes to saving space in your condo. A lot of them can be bulky and big, which can cause your already small living space to become even smaller.

Luckily, there is a lot of exercise equipment for small spaces available in stores and marketplaces nowadays.

A great example of this is an exercise bar.

Exercise bars are simple and easy-to-use equipment that you attach to your doorway or any free space. It targets your arms, core, back, and chest muscles — so, you can still get a ton of benefits from a single, basic gear.

Use mirrors wisely

Mirrors have the magical ability to make rooms look brighter than they are. However, that’s not the only thing that a good value mirror can do. In fact, mirrors can give the illusion of additional space in your condo unit. This is why this can be a great accessory to living rooms or kitchens, where space is oftentimes limited.

The key is to pick the right wall or area to place your mirror on. Try to place your mirror somewhere it can reflect something attractive, such as the trees and buildings outside your window or a pretty piece of art in your condo.

Furthermore, consider the size of your mirror. Would you like it to cover a large space of your wall? Or would you prefer it to be smaller and more specific to what it reflects?

Be careful about buying mirrors simply for the sake of buying a mirror!

Declutter regularly

The thing about small spaces is that they can easily pile up on clutter. And while most of us can get carried away with our sentimentalities, there comes a point when we should let go of things that no longer provide us with value.

Yes, I’m talking about that ball of charger wires stashed in one of your bathroom drawers.

If a thing no longer serves its purpose, there’s really no reason to keep it around any longer. Throw away broken gadgets and appliances, donate old clothes that you haven’t worn for over a year.

Decluttering is a great way to maximize your space and to make room for better, more optimized changes.

Consider indoor plants

indoor condo plants

No question about it — indoor plants are all the rage nowadays. But more than just being a trend, there are plenty of benefits to owning a couple of potted indoor plants occupying your condo.

Indoor plants can significantly improve the overall vibe of your living space. It can make your condo look more modern and sustainable. Furthermore, it can also boost the air quality in your condo.

If you’re living in a particularly busy city, this is an important element to consider. City air isn’t always the cleanest and plants work as natural air filters, giving your healthier air to breathe.

But there are other benefits to owning indoor plants.

In fact, according to experts, simply having plants around can help increase productivity, reduce stress, sharpen your attention, and decrease anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Condo living is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

And while living in a small space can be tricky, there are ways you can maximize your space and live an optimal life.

By being mindful about the furniture, equipment, and appliances you use around your new home, you can live worry-free of ever running out of space to store your things. Furthermore, by adding sustainable elements to your home, you can improve the overall livability of your space while still staying in style.