Every small spaces-dweller, at some point, runs into the same problem. Shoes and where to store them.

We’ve decided to gather the creme de la creme of shoe storage ideas for small spaces that are ought to help you figure out the answer.

Shoe organization ideas come in a variety of shapes and forms, from ingenious rolling, folding, and multipurpose racks to hands-on DIY shoe storage ideas.

Let’s take a look at the best storage ideas for shoes, heels, and boots for small spaces.


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Costway 7-tier Vertical Shoe Storage

costway shoe storage for narrow hallway

This is an excellent shoe storage idea for narrow hallways or tiny apartments as a whole.

Thanks to its vertical space-saving design, the shoe rack takes up little to no room. You can slide it into a corner by the coat rack and keep your shoe organized.

This way, you get 7 shelves to fill with all your shoes plus some surface space for knick-knacks, decor items, or plants.

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Kirby storage bench

kirby shoes storage bench

One of the most classic shoe storage solutions. A modern entryway bench with a shoe rack and plenty of room for shoes, keys, post, hats, and knick-knacks. You can use it as a console table, a place to sit, and, most importantly, a storage space.

In addition to a convenient shoe rack, this particular model features a lift-top compartment. It is a total multitasker that would be a perfect addition to a small space.

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IKEA Trones Wall-mounted Shoe Cabinet

ikea shoes storage cabinet

Some shoe organizer ideas become a modern classic for a reason. Like this one for example.

This cabinet offers clever shoe storage within a minimal amount of space. Slim and light, it can be easily installed in a narrow entryway. Apart from shoe storage, it can be used as a small console table for keys, sunglasses, letters, and knick-knacks.

And if you need another proof of its versatility, just look at this shoe rack being used as a headboard of a bed frame above. We do love multipurpose furniture here at Tiny Partments.

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QuirkHub Copper Shoe Rail

copper narrow shoe rack

If you are a fan of minimalist decor and resent bulk and clutter, here is one of the best ways to keep your shoes organized.

This copper shoe rack is sleek, slim, and beautiful. It is one of the best shoe organization ideas for narrow hallways that cannot accommodate a typical closet.

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HOOBRO Shoe Rack Bench

Just because you live in a small space, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort.

This shoe rack not only offers you a place to store shoes (and 2 shelves at that) but also gives you a comfortable place to sit. Why risk introducing your face to the cold hard floor every time a stubborn shoe refuses to slip over your heel despite your valiant efforts of hopping around on one foot?

Sit down on this cushy seat, instead. Pick out the shoe you want, relax and take your time.

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Wayfair Basics Vertical Shoe Organizer

rotating footwear organizer

If you want to keep your home clutter-free without wasting floor space, this storage idea is for you.

This shoe rack takes advantage of the vast vertical space available in walk-in closets and bedrooms.

This free-standing organizer can store shoes, flats, flip flops, boots, and heels organized on four tiers of hooks. In total, it can house 24 pairs of shoes while maximizing every inch of space available in a small apartment.

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Moteph Closet Shoe Organizer

If you have a bit more shoes than a regular hallway rack can handle, here’s an interesting storage solution.

With this basket, you can comfortably store your shoe collection inside the closet. It was specifically designed to prevent all your shoes from becoming a disorganized heap of heels and shoelaces.

It features 16 compartments that allow for tidy vertical storage of each pair of shoes. You can neatly store these cubbies at the bottom of your closet or under your bed (with the help of these bed risers).

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Floating Shoe Storage Shelves

floating shoe shelves

This is one of the best shoe storage solutions for those who take pride in their footwear collection.

Keep your shoes on display and easy to reach with these nifty shoe organizers. The floating shelves can be easily attached with command strips. Each shelf can store up to 1 pound worth of shoes.

It’s a great way to store sneakers instead of letting them waste away in storage boxes.

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Kelbel Shoe Bench

This mudroom bench gives you the place to store shoes that’s more akin to closet space. The 2 shelves along with a small cabinet stay hidden behind three bamboo doors.

It also features a secret compartment hidden underneath the lift-top cushioned seat. You can use this extra space for storing regular hallway clutter – keys, sunglasses, letters, and so on.

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Whitmor Over-the-door Shoe Storage

Now we’re moving to more fun shoe storage ideas for small spaces.

You can mount this door shoe rack in your bedroom or walk-in closet. This hanging shoe organizer can keep 36 pairs of shoes on display in a tidy and organized fashion while saving valuable space on the floor.

This door-mounted rack is a brilliant way of organizing footwear, especially in a studio apartment with few storage options.

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Bantom Storage Ottoman

ottoman shoes storage ideas

This ottoman combines the functionality of several pieces of furniture. First, it is a chic seating option that you can lounge on. Second, it is wide enough to double as a coffee table where you can kick your feet up, and showcase an art book or a favorite magazine.

ottoman hidden stoarge

Third, and most important one, it hides tons of extra storage space underneath the lid. Line it with a few organizers and you’ll have a great way of storing shoes away from prying eyes.

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Risetex Shoe Slots Organizer

This is one of the most essential shoe storage ideas for small spaces. These organizers help cut the space you waste on shoe storage in half.

Instead of setting the shoes side by side, you can stack them on top of each other without damaging their form. You can then neatly store them in drawers, closets, racks, and cabinets. A brilliant way for places with little space to spare for shoe storage.

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Bookshelf Shoe Organization

bookshelf storage for shoes

Some perceive shoes as self-contained works of art. And choose to showcase them similar to literary works of art – on a bookshelf.

This storage idea allows you to bring your collection to the light and keep them out in the open in the living room. You can match the shoe shelf to your other bookshelves, choose the number of shelves and height that you like.

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DIY Wall Pipes Shoe Storage

diy shoe storage

If you’re in the mood for DIY shoe storage ideas, say no more.

This project involves a set of uniformly cut PVC pipes glued together in a honeycomb pattern. As far as storage hacks go, this is an unconventional one but it also gives you more flexibility. You yourself can decide the shape of this DIY shoe storage organizer, its shoe capacity, color, and placement.

Also, remember to keep an eye on the pipe diameter. Some are just wide enough to hold a single sneaker while others can fit in whole pairs of boots.

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Neatly Stackable Shoe Organizer

If you know exactly how your want to organize your shoes, these shoe organizers are for you.

These are stackable sturdy plastic storage boxes. Each one of them is properly ventilated and features an easy door opening. You can pile them into whichever shape you want. For example, you can stack these storage boxes to fill a small space in your bedroom. Or you can stack these on the free shelf in your closet. Or build a full-blown shoe rack in your entryway.

This 12-pack gives you the freedom to figure out what is the best storage layout that works for you.

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Zinus Elevated Bed Shoe Storage

Is showing you a bed frame instead of a shoe organizer a risky move? Perhaps. But hear us out.

Sometimes you need to carve out shoe storage in unexpected places. Beds such as this are perfect for small spaces, giving you plenty of room to organize your shoes, boots, clothes, books, and so on.

An elevated bed is one of the best ways to create shoe storage options in a bedroom without cluttering your room. You can also browse some bed shoe storage ideas here.

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Custom-made Wooden Shoe Rack

custom-made wooden shoe rack

If you’d like your storage rack to match your need for more space, go for a custom-made one.

This small shoe rack attaches to the wall, takes up minimal space, keeps your shoes organized, and looks right at home under a set of coat hangers.

Made of reclaimed wood, it will bring an eco-friendly, rustic breath of fresh air to your home decor.

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Foldable Bamboo Shoe Rack

folding bamboo shoe rack

Here is an aesthetically pleasing way to organize shoes and save space.

You can say that this bamboo shelf offers you shoe storage on demand. It is foldable, easy to move, and offers 3-tiers of storage for your shoes.

You can use it to store your shoes in an entryway or in your closet space.

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Premium Wave Hanging Shoe Storage

wave wall shoe storage

This is one of the more interesting shoe storage ideas for small spaces.

Its design allows you to hang it on a wall in an entryway or bedroom. It can keep up to six pairs of shoes plus the flat base on top can hold other valuables.

This wall organizer boasts a more modern style and will be perfect for a tiny apartment with creative decorating choices.

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Yocice Wall-mounted Shoe Rail

Create extra storage for shoes within limited space with these hanging shoe racks.

Bedroom, bathroom, hallway – these small rails will look right at home. Each one holds one pair of shoes, You can arrange them on a wall or other vertical surface in any pattern you want.

It is a simple yet cool organizational solution that can give you more flexibility than a typical shoe closet.

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Hanging Closet Shoe Tower

Instead of busying yourself with crates and baskets, take advantage of the space in your wardrobe. This organization idea can maximize space even in a cramped small closet.

Simply hang it on a railing in the corner of your wardrobe and you’ll have ten shelves to fill to the brim with shoes. This organizer is narrow enough that it shouldn’t even interfere with your clothing. And they’ll be kept out of sight in a neat and organized manner.

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DIY Shoe Storage Tower Plans

diy shoe storage tower

If you are a person who crafts their own solutions to a problem, this project is for you. You can use these plans to build your own DIY storage tower for shoes.

Yes, you can make your own organising tower with a touch of woodworking skills and the required materials. At long last, you’ll be able to declutter your shoes and take the matter of their storage into your own DIY-ready hands.

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Rolling Low-Profile Hidden Storage Container

hidden rolling shoe storage

Continuing on with the best shoe storage solutions, comes this little fellow.

It is a rolling storage container in which you can store your shoes. This small shoe rack is discreet and low enough to be able to fit under wall-mounted cabinets. With two rails in place, you can keep your shoes neatly arranged and out of the way.

And you can get as many of these rolling storage boxes as your shoe collection requires.

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HoneyCando Rolling Shoe Rack

rolling shoe rack

Need a shoe rack for small spaces that is not so small itself?

This storage rack is one of the few ways to organize a large collection of shoes in a small closet. This rack has enough space for up to 50 pairs of shoes. But, at the same time, it is quite narrow and can be maneuvered out of the way thanks to a set of wheels.

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Convenience Concepts Storage Ottoman

How about combining an ottoman with shoe storage ideas?

We love this idea even more than storing shoes under the bed. Why? Well, ottomans are incredibly versatile. Sit on it, prop your feet on it, or use it as a mini coffee table.

And, in the case of this one, store your shoes in it. This ottoman with a removable lid comes with an inner organizer for shoes that can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes.

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Bookshelf Shoe Display

shoe display storage

Adorn your walls with these shelves and proudly display your shoes.

The shelves in the photo look eerily similar to IKEA’s “LACK” shelf unit. These are pretty narrow which makes them perfect for displaying shoes in a small room. If you’ve got too many pairs to show off, hang another shoe shelf alongside these.

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Corner Shelf DIY Shoe Storage

corner shelf storage

This is one of the best shoe storage hacks for small spaces.

Simple but creative, this hack maximizes space in an otherwise useless corner. Several shelves installed above each other in a narrow corner form an organizing tower for shoes, boots, and heels.

You can even put a key bowl or a small cubby on the top shelf. And as with all DIY shoe storage ideas, you can choose the number of shelves you need as well as their size.