Useful kitchen gadgets can be true lifesavers.

They can help you speed up the prepping, make the cooking go smoother, and have the whole process more enjoyable.

But you can always go the extra mile and, in case of these kitchen gadgets, put a satisfying spin on them. Whether it’s their motions or the end result, satisfying kitchen gadgets can help reduce your stress and bring a bit of fun to your cooking.

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Because, let’s be honest, being in a small kitchen can be stressful. When everything is boiling over, burning, and there’s not enough space for even a single plate, the nerves can kick in.

So let’s all breathe in, breathe out, and watch these useful and satisfying kitchen gadgets do their magic.


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Collapsible dish rack

useful kitchen gadget dish rack

This collapsible dish rack is not only a satisfying and useful kitchen gadget. No, it can also help you create some extra kitchen counter space.

With the capacity to hold 8 10-inch plates with tons of silverware to boot, this dish drainer is an absolute must. It doesn’t take up any space on the kitchen counter thanks to non-slip extendable handles. The handles extend from 16-1/2″ to 26-3/4″ inches (from 42cm to 68cm) so you can place the drainer over your kitchen sink.

The best part is, it is incredibly easy to store. Simply remove the silverware tray, collapse the dish drainer flat and it will be no bigger than a baking sheet.

Why is it satisfying?


It’s got moving parts. It’s got removable parts. It collapses with an incredibly satisfying ‘pop’. And, for a small apartment dweller, nothing is better than storage-friendly kitchen gadgets.

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High-pressure sink faucet nozzle

high pressure nozzle useful kitchen gadget

Can a faucet nozzle even get into a ‘useful kitchen gadgets’ category?

Well, when it blasts the dirt off plates in one fluid motion, yes it can.

So, you can attach this nozzle to your existing faucet. Once in place, you can rotate 360 degrees to efficiently wash everything in sight. If that’s not enough, you can add an extension cord to the nozzle to cover even more area.

This faucet attachment has 3 modes that regulate water spraying. It releases water at high pressure that allows you to efficiently rinse leftover food and sauce off the plates as well as clean the dirt off fresh vegetables. Plus, it helps you save water and time when doing dishes.

Why is it satisfying?


This high-pressure nozzle can blast the sauce off a dirty plate and, well, hits just the right spot. It not only verges into an ASMR territory but also gives you the pleasure of spending less time with filthy dishes. And that’s always appreciated. Nobody likes doing dishes.

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Cabinet door trash cans

You know how you’d be peeling the vegetables on the kitchen counter, gather the peels in your hands, try to carry them to the trash can and inevitably drop something on the floor? Even if you use the “advanced technique” of dropping the peels into a bowl you’ll still be left with a dirty bowl. That just adds to the pile of dishes in the sink.

Well, now it can stop.

This useful kitchen gadget allows you to fix a small plastic bag right on the edge of a cabinet. This way, vegetable skins, eggshells, crumbs, and peels can go straight into this hanging garbage bag during meal prep. No more going back and forth to the trash can. The cycle is broken.

Why is it satisfying?

It saves time. It allows you to reuse old plastic bags.

And sliding the garbage off the kitchen counter like a naughty cat and having it land in a bag instead of the floor is extremely satisfying as well.

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Folding vegetable steamer

adjustable vegetable steamer

If you want to eat more delicious and healthy steamed food then, boy, do I have a gadget for you.

Meet a foldable steamer basket that can turn any pot into a steamer. It consists of stainless steel ‘petals’ that you can open and close to fit the size of your pot or pressure cooker. The basket can grow from 5.1 inches to 9 inches (13cm to 23cm)once stretched out. Place it inside the pot of your choice that has a bit of water at the bottom, fill the basket with food and start cooking.

Extendable silicone legs protect your kitchenware from scratching and keep the food steaming above the water. Plus, with its collapsible design, this steamer basket is extremely easy to store.

Also, you can use it as a strainer and even as a fruit display. Gotta love those multipurpose and useful kitchen gadgets.

Why is it satisfying?


The opening-closing mechanism is so smooth. I recently saw this steamer basket in a store. I just stood there for a couple of minutes opening and closing it. So yes, it is satisfying. Another thing that is going to be satisfied is your body from eating that nutritious steamed food. Yum!

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Whisk wiper

whhisk wiper satisfying useful kitchen gadgets

This useful kitchen gadget goes out to those who hate wasting even a drop of icing.

This whisk attachment does 3 things:

  1. Wipes the icing off the whisk wires
  2. Keeps the whisk loops from touching the counter when you set it aside
  3. Allows you to wipe the icing clean off the mixing bowl

So you can use every last bit of icing in your cooking. Or you know. Pop that leftover icing right into your mouth and enjoy less cleanup after a successful baking session.

This whisk attachment even comes in 8 colors so you don’t have to ruin the aesthetics of your whisk.

Why is it satisfying?


The way it gently and slowly gathers the icing leaving only a clean whisk behind…Perfection.

And you can eat that extra bit of icing instead of sending it down the drain. No icing left behind.

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Watermelon slicer

watermelon cutting useful kitchen gadget

Everyone loves watermelons. But not everyone loves dealing with cutting it up and being covered in sticky watermelon juice.

Well, this handy gadget allows you to cut the watermelon into small even cubes without all the hassle. All you need to do is push the automatic blade into the watermelon and voila. You’re left with handy watermelon pieces, ideal for snacking or a fruit salad, and no juice on your hands.

Why is it satisfying?

It’s all in the pushing and rolling. The automatic blade churns out even cubes in just one motion and it’s so fun to watch. It kind of has the same vibe as the assembly line videos that show you how your favorite candies or pastries are made.

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Vegetable chopper

vegetable multi chopper kitchen gadget
The ultimate deception is when you think that cooking a dish will take you 20 minutes and then you end up chopping vegetables for over an hour.

So how about one of the most useful kitchen gadgets for prep-frustrated chefs?

This vegetable chopper has 4 interchangeable stainless steel blades. These allow you to chop, slice, julienne, and spiralize vegetables in a blink of an eye. The cut foods fall right into a 1.2L tray eliminating the need for knives, boards, and containers.

You can cut potatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, and a variety of fruits. Just imagine a world where you don’t have to cry over chopping onions. It’s beautiful.

Why is it satisfying?


There’s something incredibly satisfying in being able to reduce a cucumber to tiny little pieces in just one push.

What’s even better is not having to be holed up in the kitchen for hours because of the necessary food prep.

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Pancake batter mixer & dispenser

pancake batter mixing gadget

After making pancakes, a kitchen tends to look like a war zone. Splashes of batter on the walls, mixing bowls everywhere, a dirty whisk lying around somewhere… Complete chaos.

This handy gadget allows you to avoid all that.

You can combine, mix, and pour the batter on the skillet using only this gadget. It has a 4.5 cups capacity. It’s perfect for people who get cravings for pancakes but don’t want to a) cook enough to feed an army and b) deal with the cleanup.

Simply place the ingredients into the squeeze bottle. Insert the whisk ball inside and give the bottle a proper shake to mix the ingredients. Then, squeeze the bottle to pour the appropriate amount of batter onto the pan and ‘boom!’ you’ve got pancakes.

After your belly is filled with delicious pancakes, you can wash this mixer in 30 seconds.

Why is it satisfying?


You get to shake and squeeze. The thick consistency of the batter coming out of the spout also makes for a wonderful spout.

And little to no cleanup for someone with a small kitchen sounds amazing.

Buy it here

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Food vacuum sealer

food vacuum sealer

Prevent freezer burn, keep the food fresh up to 5 times longer, and reduce food waste with this vacuum sealer.

Basically, if you want to be more responsible with the food you buy in bulk and prevent it from slowly dying in the back of your fridge this is the way.

It sucks the air out of specifically designed bags giving the food inside a longer lifespan. You can also use it to reseal bags of chips or snacks to keep them fresh. And a vacuum sealer does an awesome job of marinating food faster than the conventional “keep-it-in-the-fridge-for-3-days” way.

The vacuum sealing is fully automatic. You can choose between 2 sealing modes depending on whether the food is moist or dry.

Why is it satisfying?


It slowly but surely sucks the air out of the bag. And it’s really fun to watch how the lack of air flattens the moisture and how the bag wrinkles around harder foods.

Plus, it is incredibly useful for larger families and meal planning enthusiasts.

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Automatic food stirrer

automatice stirer useful kitchen gadget

Anyone who’s ever cooked a gravy or a risotto knows the pain of constant stirring. It’s not only actually painful but also prevents you from working on other dishes.

So here’s one of the most useful kitchen gadgets for frustrated cooks.

This automatic stirrer attaches to the side of your pot. It adjusts to the size and depth of the pot which makes it incredibly versatile. It’s cordless and rechargeable where 30 minutes of charging gives you 13 hours of automatic stirring.

You can stir sauces, stews, soups, candy, chili. Heck, it can even roast coffee beans. All while you can focus on more cooking, cleanup, or relaxing.

Why is it satisfying?


It spins and it spins and it spins.

And it takes the load of stirring off your shoulders. A true kitchen partner.

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Suction cup brush

glass and cup cleaning ssuction brush

This simple brush makes washing glasses and cups a lot easier.

Stick it to the side of the sink using the suction cups. You can then proceed to slide the glass onto the main brush. Rotate the glass and let the brushes clean its inside and outside surfaces.

This way, you don’t have to reach for a brush with soapy hands leaving a wet mess behind. And with the outer brush, you can clean cups and glasses a lot faster.

Why is it satisfying?


You can come up with your own washing techniques. Will it be rotating, sliding, or a mix of both? Either way, both the process and the end result are going to be quite satisfying.

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Veggie spiralizer

veggie spiralizer

This is a kitchen gadget for those who love noodles but also stick to a low carb, paleo, or gluten-free diet. With it, you can turn virtually any vegetable into a healthy batch of noodles.

The spiralizer has 7 stainless steel blades that allow for different cuts – angel-hair, spaghetti, fettuccine, pappardelle, ribbon slices, crinkle, and curly. And with 4 recipe ebooks included, you’ll be able to utilize all of them in your dishes.

Another pro of this spiralizer is that it doesn’t slide on the counter. Underneath, it has an on/off suction pad that allows it to firmly sit on your working surface.

Why is it satisfying?


The way it can turn a hard vegetable into swirly noodles is very on point.

A lot of moving parts, spirals of delicious veggies spilling onto the plate… All of this looks incredibly fun and soothing.

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Electric can opener

electric can opener useful kitchen gadget

No need to put elbow grease into opening cans anymore.

This automatic can opener does the job in only two taps. One push of a button to make it start cutting and another one to make it stop. It cuts 360° along the lid without leaving sharp cuts or touching the food.

Whether you have delicate hands, reduced mobility, or simply don’t like opening cans, this is an interesting alternative to consider.

Why is it satisfying?


It slowly glides along the edges of the can, leaving behind a smooth open lid. Plus, it’s so fun to watch.

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Leaf razor

leaf remover gadget

Strip those herbs!

With this handy little gadget, you can strip kale, herb leaves, chard, and collard greens in seconds.

It works on the basis of ‘insert-and-pull’ – you insert an herb into a hole and then pull from the other side. This way, in one motion you get the edible part of the herb or greens without wasting your time plucking each leaf individually.

You can also use the curved edge of this gadget to quickly chop the stripped herb leaves.

Why is it satisfying?


The way it pulls off the leaves looks super fun. You can also imagine the satisfying sound and delicious smells that come from working with this gadget.

Plus, you get to keep your hands and nails unscathed in the kale/herb stripping process.

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3-in-1 butter knife

3-in-1 butter knife
Don’t rip your roast to pieces when smearing it with cold butter.

The built-in grater on the edge of this knife allows you to turn a cold hard piece of butter into soft ribbons. This way, you can easily apply butter to your toast without ripping it or winding up with cold chunks of butter here and there.

Pull the grater edge along the top part of the butter at a 20-30° angle to get the ribbons. You can also use this knife as part of your everyday cutlery.

Why is it satisfying?

The ribbons, oh, the ribbons!

It kind of reminds me of those soap cutting videos that were popular a while ago. Just a lot safer and tastier in the end.

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Yolk separator

yolk separator

Separating egg yolks can be infuriating.

Eggshell pieces in the whites, spilled yolk, breaking the eggshell in the wrong place which makes the whole “swapping from eggshell to eggshell” method obsolete.

This cute silicone gadget allows you to avoid all of that. Simply break the egg into the bowl, push on the sides of this separator and let it suck in the yolk upon release. Then just release the yolk into a separate bowl and that’s it!

No mess, no stress.

Why is it satisfying?

The way the yolk quickly disappears inside the separator’s ‘mouth’. You can even play around with suction speed and make the yolk slooooowly be sucked in. Make the cooking experience more fun, you know.

Buy it here

Which one of these useful kitchen gadgets did you find most satisfying? Or most useful?

Also, make sure to pin this article to your wish list Pinterest board! It will definitely come in handy when you want to treat yourself. Plus, useful kitchen gadgets make for awesome holiday or housewarming gifts 😉