Why are we here looking at the crème de la crème nightstand alternatives ideas for small spaces?

These ideas can help you bring a stunning accent to the small space and uplift the whole bedroom. They can also provide you with valuable storage ideas. Some sleeping arrangements, like a loft or a bunk bed, don’t allow for a proper nightstand so we need to see what else can work.

And maybe, we don’t love the thought of sticking an ordinary rectangle with a drawer by the bed and calling it a day. Maybe we want something more interesting, useful, and exciting.

Life is too short to settle for boring bedroom choices.


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Instead of a bedside table, you can use these nightstand alternatives for small spaces:

A rolling cart for bedside storage

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A nightstand is supposed to hold your essentials by the bed. But a rolling cart can do so much more.

A two- or three-tier rolling car has plenty of extra storage potential, something that is hard to come by in a small space. Having this cart also allows you to maneuver it around the room when needed.

Apart from the classic nightstand items like a lamp and a phone, you can fill the rolling cart with books, makeup, stationery, and decor pieces.


A bookshelf for a bedside library

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This one is for the bookworms who will never part with their books no matter what Marie Kondo says.

A bookcase by the bed will give you plenty of shelves to fill with reading materials, decor items, and organizers. You can use one shelf for nighttime essentials such as your phone, a bottle of water, or (if you’re feeling fancy) a vintage alarm clock.

This leaves the question of a bedside reading lamp. If you get a bookcase as your nightstand, you can place a lamp with a bendable gooseneck on it. There are also reading lights with a clamp that you can attach to the side of the bookshelf.


Floating shelves for maximizing floor space

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Wall-mounted floating shelves by the bed can do wonders for your small bedroom.

This is one of those nightstand alternatives that will free up floor space and, at the same time, create more room for storage. Aside from typical nightstand stuff, you can fill these shelves with jewelry, books, nail polishes, keepsakes, and even clothing accessories.

Additionally, having your nightstand off the ground will add lightness to the room. Their floating, airy design can make even a stuffy, tiny bedroom look cozy and inviting.


A set of trunks for bedside storage

Vintage nightstand alternatives, like these trunks, never go out of style.

A set of trunks brings the beauty of exploration indoors and puts a creative spin on small bedrooms. If you have space by the bedside, these trunks can not only work on a decor level but on a functional one as well.

Trunks have enough room to serve as your dedicated storage space for anything and everything. And their hard outer surface will work great as a bedside table. For trunks that are softer, try placing a stack of books on top of them to create a smooth sturdy area for nighttime essentials.


A bar stool for an interesting accent

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A bar stool as an alternative to a nightstand might not be the most space-efficient idea, but oh boy does it deliver in the looks department.

To be fair, a bar stool is still a great idea for those who have little to no bedside space. It will do a good enough job to hold your nightstand essentials by the bed. And this unconventional piece of furniture will serve as an eye-catching accent in an eclectic bedroom.

Some have even come up with an idea of using the bar-stool-turned-nightstand’s frame as a storage space for books. So if you love doing some late night reading, this bedside table alternative is for you.


A makeup vanity table for a multipurpose nightstand

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In a small bedroom, it is important to find the most space-efficient layout. Swapping your nightstand for a dressing table (aka makeup vanity) is exactly that.

With this bedside table alternative, you’ll have enough space for your nightstand essentials and then some. The reading lamp can also help you with applying makeup or painting nails. A comfy pouf in front of the vanity can hold your books, too.

And make sure to put up the perfect mirror above the vanity/nightstand, too.


Accent chairs as nightstand alternatives

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A simple chair as a side table alternative gives off a cool and casual aesthetic.

The concept of an accent chair is a timeless classic used to make the room pop. An accent chair doubling as a nightstand can turn the whole room on its head in the best possible way.

Despite its unconventional role, a chair nightstand still provides enough storage space. More than that, it acts as an additional seating arrangement on a need-to-be basis. One caveat though. Since chairs tend to have a little less surface space, make sure to go for an overhead lamp instead of a desk one.


A hanging nightstand for an airy aesthetic

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This is one of the more interesting ideas for nightstand alternatives.

It puts a unique spin on the concept of a floating nightstand shelf. But this time, it is a bedside table hanging from the ceiling reminiscent of hanging plant shelves.

This piece of furniture would free up the floor space and rid the room of visual clutter. Not only that, its airy boho design might breathe new life into your bedroom’s interior design.


A desk for a work-from-home bedroom

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A desk is one of the most functional pieces of furniture and also one of the best nightstand alternatives.

Placing a simple desk by your bedside is a brilliant solution for a small bedroom. Having it act as a nightstand will save you money and floor space in a small bedroom. And hey, it can hold so much more than just ‘nightstand essentials’. Some desks are compact enough to fit in the nook between the bed and the wall. To go even further with space-saving, you might want to look into wall-mounted or bookshelf desks, too.

Getting a desk and forgoing nightstands altogether, allows you to have a place for a creative outlet, working from home, and studying.


A floating nightstand for cramped small spaces

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This is a modern take on classic nightstands.

Instead of a bulky rectangle, you get a sleek nightstand that resembles a floating shelf. However, it shares more features with typical nightstands. It has a drawer for enhanced storage and/or an additional shelf for books and magazines.

It also gives you more creative control of your interior decor. You can fit it on the wall at the exact right height for you, customize its color (gray, white, black, or oak) and size.


A bedside shelf if you don’t have room for a nightstand

Buy it here

Buy it here

What do you do when nightstands are not an option? You look for other options that are just as good.
And you’ll find that there are several interesting nightstands designed specifically for lofts, bunk beds, and dorms. If you don’t have room for a nightstand, use this shelf that can get mounted right on the bed frame. Others are self-adhesive little storage pockets that go directly on the wall by the bed.

These are perfect for holding your essentials, like an alarm clock, glasses, or phone, close by. And you can confidently use these ‘nightstands’ in a small bedroom since some take up only a couple of inches of space.


An ottoman for a two-in-one nightstand

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As far as small-space nightstands go, an ottoman is one of the best alternatives for it.

An ottoman or a pouf used as a table by your bed combines the best of two worlds. On the one hand, it is a great fit for a boho bedroom with its soft curves and aesthetics. On the other hand, you can use it as an extra seat in the living room when you need it.

For extra stability (and a lovely accent) put a few coffee table books on the pouf.


A ladder shelf for a rustic bedroom

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To expand on our ideas for bedside storage, let’s look at ladders. These are series of interconnected shelves that look less bulky than a typical bookcase. Still, you can use both as a nightstand and as a piece to fill with decorative items, books, keepsakes, a night light, and so on,

You will love this alternative if you find rustic interiors especially appealing. Especially since a lot of ladders like this come in distressed wood.


A dresser for storage-oriented spaces

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Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned 3-drawer dresser? Or a modern one for that matter?

Today dressers come in a variety of heights and looks. And some of them would be just right to serve as a small space nightstand. For that, you’ll need a dresser that ends a couple of inches higher than the mattress.

With this layout, you’ll have tons of drawer space to fill with whatever you want and have a functional nightstand, as well.