The new year is up and running and so are the interior design trends for 2019.

Filled with warmth, brightness, and colors, the lineup below will make you swoon and want to give every single one of them a try. This year’s interior design trends encourage more personal touch while comfort and self-care become the leading themes in every room.

Believe it or not, there has never been a more optimistic and creatively freeing interior design trends lineup than this one.

11 interior design trends for 2019 that will make your comfort-craving soul swoon

Geometric Patterns

As part of the interior design trends for 2019, bold geometric patterns take center stage in every room in the house. Accent pieces of art make way for accent walls adorned with intricate and colorful shapes. So if you want to liven up any room go for wallpapers, tiles, or painting stencils that are all about lines, shapes, and contrast.

Geometric patterns will also make a dramatic appearance in bathrooms and kitchens. So sterile and boring backdrops are out while bold and adventurous patterns are in. Besides, 2019 calls for more adventurous and less “by the book” approach to styling living spaces. And giving your monochrome walls a geometric makeover will definitely mix things up.

Metal accents of all colors and shapes

It’s not about what they’re made of.

Whether it’s gold or brass, iron or copper, brass or silver, metals play a significant role in any room. In fact, it’s what most accent pieces can’t do – bouncing light. No matter the price, purity, or authenticity metals can grab a stray ray of light and make it shine, adding lightness and softness to your space.

Experiment and have fun. Combine brass and gold in one corner, upgrade your frames with metallic paint, put your jewelry on display. All of this will add lightness, fun, and chic to your place. And can we really ask for anything else?

Curvy & artisan furniture that screams comfort

The sofas of 2019 have curves.

At this point, being able to sink into your sofa and just close your eyes for a moment is a luxury on its own. So why not go for a sofa that is a bit more comfortable and a lot more stunning than those boxy boring things that appear in every minimalism-inspired set.

A sofa you are absolutely in love with is one of the most worthy investments. So go for high armrests, exciting form, divine texture, and deep frame.

It’s time to sit and nap on a work of art.

Larger than life florals

Nope, we are not talking about teeny-tiny floral patterns we’re used to associating with cheap sheets, old ladies, and tasteless wallpapers.

Large, overscaled images of flowers will add an almost regal kind of beauty to any beauty. A direct homage to Dutch flower paintings, this type of wall art can transport you into the world of perfect and beautiful reality.

Needless to say, no piece of interior decor can compete with a wall like that and it doesn’t have to. Since the flowers are larger than life, go for simple and toned down decor in the room.

But don’t forget to carve out a quiet space in the room where you can simply sit down and admire the flowers on the wall. It’s what you do with art, after all.

Let in the light

No matter the color of walls, it’s time to brighten up your space.

Simply put, natural light makes you happier. It improves your sleeping patterns, boosts mood and confidence, and may even reduce symptoms of depression. Who wouldn’t want that? And, sadly, while you can’t force the sun to shine directly into your windows, there are some ways to let in more light into your apartment.

Focus on creating a sense of airiness and freshness in the room as a whole. If you’re in the middle of renovations, go for light wood flooring in shades of birch and beachy white – they reflect more light. Same goes for metal accents and acrylic furniture. Clean regularly to kick the smell of stale dust in the butt. Open windows as often as you can to let in fresh air. Relocate your breakfast-eating ritual to the window to soak up the light before going to the office.

Basically, it’s time to make like a plant and let the sun nurture you a bit.

Dramatic but fun velvet

The year 2019 in interior design is all about comfort. Whimsical bold patterns give way to rich textures, where every fabric and stitch tells another story.

Velvet is a luxurious, soft material known for beautifully bouncing the light off its surface. True, it’s usually considered serious, pompous, even a bit of touch. But this year it will be treated less seriously, making its image softer and more playful, but no less sophisticated.

That ability to bounce the light off its surface is perfect for creating a comfy welcoming atmosphere around the house. Softening rough edges and adding some class to the shabbiest but well-loved sofa – that’s what velvet details and accessories are perfect for.

And don’t start me with how amazingly satisfying and silky to the touch it is.

Slim and minimal canopy beds

There is never too much of bed.

While usually associated with lavishness and overpriced hotel rooms, canopy beds are entering 2019 with a new image. Having a four-post or canopy adorned bed creates a closed sense of comfort and safety which is so hard to come by these days. Besides, being surrounded from all sides by something you truly love – your bed – is like getting a tight hug from an old friend at the end of a hard day.

Fortunately, today’s canopy beds are taking on slimmer shapes, making them easy to fit into a small bedroom. Even on a budget, you can go for a net canopy that will turn your bed into a small peaceful oasis. For a personal touch, you can decorate the posts with garlands, fairy lights or fabrics.

A full-blown biophilia

At this point, pixels, algorithms, and internet run through our veins. So in 2019, we seek nostalgic comfort in simpler, more down to earth things – quite literally sometimes.

Natural materials, bustling plants, daylight – these are all in for the 2019 biophilia trend. Searching for a connection with nature by bringing organic materials into our homes is another way of finding comfort in an otherwise chaotic world. So if stress is more of a norm than an exception for you, adjusting your home decor can be the first step to putting it behind you after a long day.

Warm colors

Too long we’ve been obsessing over bleak uniform home decor. And now we’ve become collectively tired of it.

Neutral grays and sterile blank rooms are out. Instead, warm and rich colors are in. From burned terracotta to Pantone’s coral color of the year, prepare to see more and more bold warm colors around. They ooze optimism and confidence, able to update any tired room and cheer up any tired dweller.

Although separating feminine and macho colors is a tired concept, so-called “feminine” colors will also come into the spotlight in 2019. With brighter shades of pink and coral leading the parade, these colors will pop up in many interiors, no matter who inhabits them.


Living with less clutter is not the newest concept but it has definitely gained more traction in 2019.

Clutter is stressful. Seeing it all around the place heightens your stress levels, affects your decision-making abilities and put unnecessary pressure on you. Basically, it sucks.

This, the newest Marie Kondo Netflix series, and the overarching minimalist and sustainability movements have bumped up decluttering to the interior design trends for 2019 lineup. So even though you can’t just change the flooring in your kitchen to keep up with them, you should definitely find the time to ditch the things that don’t “spark joy”.

Less clutter means less stress. And not many things can boast a tagline like that.

Personal Comfort

Ditch this, put that sofa there, make sure your artwork perfectly matches your throw pillows – this is not what 2019 is about.

You might have noticed that most trends focus on creating comfortable environments in your home. Ditching everything you love for the sake of uniform furniture and neutral walls might have been popular in the past.


But now we’re overcorrecting – filling spaces with lively colors, bold textures, striking patterns, and lush materials. This is the beginning of moving towards sustainable maximalism and it starts with your personal input.

So be yourself, as hard as you can.


Let’s be honest, these are uncertain times. Most interior design trends for 2019 reflect this by trying to add relentless optimism and brightness into every home.

Our small spaces are our safe spaces, places where we can relax, block out the noise, and, at the end of the day, take a long deep breath. Even by skimming through these trends, you can find ideas to make your home your ultimate comfy sanctuary. Fill it with soft velvet pillows, cozy furniture, warm colors, and things you love.