Trying to dry clothes in a small apartment is a lot tougher than some people might think.

And trying to find a place for a huge bulky drying rack in a tiny room is not the only problem.

The humidity, the dripping, and the bumping. And your cats or dogs playing with the wet sleeves and then, inevitably, toppling over the whole thing. And being unable to open doors because, hey, guess what, the drying rack is in the way.

The point is.

There are better ways for drying wet clothes in a small apartment.

Wall-mounted, door-hanging, compact, and multipurpose ways. These ideas for laundry drying in a tiny space are about to put an end to your nightmares.

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1. Ceiling-mounted pulley dryer rack

What if you could dry clothes without taking up any floor space? At all?

This unique dryer rack uses a system of pulleys to dry your clothing high up in the air. You hang your garments, pull on a rope which in turn pulls the whole drying rack up.

Up and out of the way.

modern pulley dryer lowered

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This particular dryer ships with comprehensive instructions and a set of pulleys and screws that allow you to easily install this contraption on the ceiling of your apartment.

And the combination of water-resistant wood and black metal is definitely a treat for the eyes.


2. Compact clothes dryers

panda compact dryer

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Why air dry your clothes if you can get a reliable yet compact laundry dryer? And fortunately, some brands have caught up that tiny apartments need appropriately tiny dryers.

Panda (the one above) is a brand that specializes in small dryers and washers that are a perfect fit for a cramped apartment. This clothes dryer measures 23.6″ x 17.1″ x 27.6″ and has a drying capacity of 8.8 lbs.

It can quickly deal with clothes, sheets, and even quilts. This dryer can be plugged in anywhere and kept anywhere (you can even mount it on the wall).

compact clothes spin dryer

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Now let’s take a look at another compact spin dryer above. Ninja 3200 measures 13″ x 13″ x 24″ and requires no dryer hookup or vents, just plug it into the wall. It has a 22 lbs capacity and it is extremely quiet and energy-efficient.

And with 3200 RPM it wrings out tons of water making drying your clothes a walk in the park.


3. Expandable balcony railing rack

candumy expandable balcony railing rack

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You can not only make your balcony into your own private sanctuary. You can also make even the tiniest balcony into your laundry room.

This expandable drying rack has two sturdy hooks that you can hook onto your balcony railing. It is rust-proof, can hold up to 22 lbs (15 kg), and measures 16.5″-28.7″X 13.2″.

Yep, it is expandable, which also means you can collapse it for easy storage when it gets too cold or it starts raining.

By the way, you can also hang it indoors. Try placing it on a door, the edge of your bathtub or shower rod.


4. Portable electric dryer for clothes

portable 900 W electric clothes dryer

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This portable dryer uses a small motor on the side to dry your clothes with warm air.

You place the clothes onto the rack inside of the waterproof cover, turn the dryer on, and leave it. The drying feature shuts off on its own after 180 minutes which allows you to go about your day.

The best news for a small apartment dweller, you can fit this dryer in a compact bag for storage.

Also, depending on your needs and how often you do laundry, you can either get the travel or the large-capacity version of this dryer.


5. Transforming window blinds

blindry transforming blinds into a drying rack

Look at this brilliant and creative idea from Kim Bobin & Ko Kyungeun.

Blindry is a concept set of window blinds that unfold into a clothes rack. This also conveniently means that your clothes get to dry in the best place – right under the sun and warm wind coming through the window.

blindry transforming blinds into a drying rack

The best part is that this clothes drying rack doesn’t take up extra space and folds flat against the window.


6. Minimalist fold-out drying rack

folding dryer for a small apartment

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Drying clothes don’t have to clash with your minimalist decor style.

Take a look at this small and discreet wall-mounted drying rack. It features a fold-away rod that allows you to drip-dry clothes and delicates in a limited space.

This is a really cool solution for 2 more reasons. One, it can double as a regular clothes hanger which is always welcome in a small apartment with tons of clothes. And second, you don’t need to bother with wires or unfolding complicated drying racks.

Just pop it open and start air drying.


7. DIY hidden drawer dryer for studio apartments

hidden drawer dryer for a small apartment

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Another great idea for drying clothes in a discreet and space-saving way. A drying rack hidden in a drawer!

These are a common staple in laundry rooms near the washing machine. But you can also mount one in a kitchen.

The drying rods line the bottom of the drawer and if you need to dry some extra clothes you slide the drawer out. And once the air-drying is done, you slide the drawer back in.


8. Folding drying rack

wall-mounted foldable clothes drying idea for a small apartment

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The main advantage of this method is that it doesn’t really look like something you’d dry your clothes on. The white wooden panel doesn’t interfere with the interior decor and looks nice and classy.

There is another advantage to this method. This wall-mounted rack sits at a 45° angle. So it means that you won’t bump into it and it won’t interfere with your normal life. You can even mount near a door or in another tight spot.

The amount of times I’ve bumped into my bulky drying rack (or had my cats tip it over) makes me really appreciate this little guy for staying out of the way and still doing its job.


9. Over-the-door drying rack

SimpleHouseware over-the-door clothes rack

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Some space-saving dryers require you to drill holes in the walls in order to set them up. But for some, especially students living in dorms or renters, that option is a no-go.

So let’s take a look at more renters-friendly variations of the clothes drying racks above. These require no drilling or “mounting”. You simply mount it on the door and that’s it!

The first one, the one above, is a simple clothes rack that you can either use for air drying or for creating more closet space in your bedroom.
whitmor horizontal door drying rack

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The second one is simple and smaller but it adds something very valuable to the mix – the ability to dry clothes horizontally.

Some types of clothes made of delicate fabrics can become misshapen when being dried over the rod. Splaying them out horizontally can prevent that and that is exactly what makes this over-the-door rack so valuable.

door-mounted 45 degree drying hanger for small spaces

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Last but not least is this laundry drying rack. It is a door-mounted twin of the one we’ve seen in the previous entry.

Hang it on the door, open it up at 45° angle, and dry tons of clothes without it getting in the way. It is a perfect addition to a laundry room, kitchen, or bedroom.


10. Star-shaped circular rack

circular folding star-shaped drying rack

Where most dryer racks go for compromises, this clever concept creation from Aaron Dunkerton takes advantage of every last bit of space it is given.

circular star-shaped drying rack unfolded

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Once it is unfolded, this rack’s unique design offers you two ways to dry your clothes. Hang them or lay them out flat, this drying rack has it all.

It is one of the best air drying solutions for apartments, hands down.


11. Vertical 3-tier drying racks for large families

Bigzzia 3-tier drying horse rack

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What if you have a lot of laundry to deal with? A lot, a lot.

If you have a huge family or live with multiple people, you might need a clothes drying rack that can carry the weight.

3-tier drying rack for small apartments

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These racks have 3 tiers as well as various add-ons such as retractable trays and extra hanger slots. Their slightly bulkier design is offset by a set of wheels that allow you to move them out of the way at any given time.


12. Drying rack table for studios & micro apartments

multipurpose table with a drawer dryer

This is one of the most creative solutions for small spaces because of how multipurpose this piece is.

It is a wall-mounted table that hides a drying rack underneath. In fact, the rack is hidden in a drawer that still dries the clothes even when it’s closed. And the table can be used for extra storage or as a dining place for one.

multipurpose table with a drawer dryer

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This table drying rack is a kind of space-saving piece of furniture that would fit brilliantly in a micro-apartment or an RV.


13. Fold-out accordion racks

folding accordion clothesline

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Another way to save on floor space is this wall-mounted accordion drying rack. It extends out, giving you plenty of space to dry your clothing or towels.

And once the clothes are dry and all is done, you can fold the rack almost flat against the wall.

It is a popular drying rack to mount above the washing machine since it nicely blends in with the bathroom decor. And it can double as a towel rack when not in use.


14. Rolling drying rack

small rolling towel drying rack

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This drying rack is a great companion piece to any other indoor clothes dryer.

It is tall yet compact and small-space-friendly. And much like the 3-tier racks from a few entries above, it features rolling wheels. Which gives you an easy way to get it out of the way if need be.


15. Retractable clothesline

Gorillaline retractable clothes line

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The best way to dry wet clothes is over a surface that can withstand occasional drips, like tiles or a bathtub. This is why you can often see clotheslines installed in modern bathrooms.

However, these retractable clotheslines allow you to dry clothes anywhere in your apartment without ruining the aesthetics. Anywhere with a suitable surface.
Household Essentials 5-line ratractable clothesline

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You can even mount these on the balcony or in your living room. And once the clothes are dry, retract the lines and enjoy the clean clothes and the clean view of your apartment.


16. Wall-mounted drying panel

wall-mounted drying rack for a small living room

Another beautiful drying rack for small spaces.

This solid wood rack offers 15 drying rails. You can order it in a variety of colors to match your decor, too.

wall-mounted drying rack for a small living room unfolded

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But most importantly, you can store it flat against the wall and out of the way.

It even looks like a minimalist decor accent piece, something you can’t say about most of the drying racks on the market.


17. Wooden folding drying rack

foldable maple wood drying rack

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If aesthetics is a valid factor for you, take a look at this clothes drying rack.

Handmade of solid maple that can hold even the heaviest loads of laundry.

In its unfolded state, it offers 31 feet of drying space. And yes, it folds for convenient storage.


18. Bathroom drying wall rack

laundry room wall-mounted dryer rack

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A perfect solution for drying clothes in a laundry room or a bathroom, this baby can hold a lot of clothes. And it’s all thanks to its versatile design.

You can dry your clothes on the top shelf, the swing arms, or the hooks at the bottom. This allows you to hang your garments however you want for the optimal drying process.

Plus, it can double as a towel rack in the bathroom or an extra storage solution for an entryway.


19. Collapsible tripod rack

collapsible tripod drying rack

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While many drying racks rely on horizontal space, this one goes in the opposite direction. By taking advantage of vertical space it manages to air dry 36 pieces of clothing by taking up minimal room on the floor.

And the best idea for small spaces, this 61 inches-tall steel tripod rack can be folded for easy storage. How about that?


20. DryAway retractable drying racks

dryaway hidden cupboard rack

The DryAway allows you to completely forego the need for a laundry room. This company has created vertical drying racks you can slide in and out.

The main advantage of DryAway is that it blends in with your decor. Thanks to a wide selection of sizes and colors, you to easily match these drying racks to your kitchen cupboards’.

dryaway hidden cupboard rack

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And with informative installation videos, you can have this brilliant idea for drying clothes in your home too.


21. Horizontal dryers for delicates and sweaters

Greenco 3-tier mesh dryer for delicates

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Just as you wash your sweaters and delicates differently, you have to dry them differently.

Some fabrics may permanently stretch or become misshapen if you hang them on the drying rails. In order to prevent that, the industry has come up with ways to horizontally air dry garments.

And to make them fit into small spaces without a problem.
SNOMEL folding mech drying rack for sweaters

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These drying racks have 3 levels made of taut mesh fabric. This allows maintaining proper air circulation while the delicates and sweaters are drying.

You can either hang these on a shower or closet rod or, in the case of the first one, on the door. Some even hook these up to their curtain rods.

To top it all off, when not in use, you can fold them flat when not in use and slip them beside the washing machine.


22. Hanging storage & drying rack

Estoder small multipurpose clothes drying rack

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What about smaller items? Like socks, cloths, and baby clothes?

This stainless steel rack is ideal for that. With 36 clips and 4 drying rails, you can fit quite a lot onto its small frame. To add to that, you can move, remove, and adjust the clips and hangers to better suit your needs.

You can hang it on a window frame or curtain rod to take advantage of the sun. Or place it on the closet or shower rod.

And when not drying clothes, it can actually double as a storage rack or even a plant holder.


23. Travel-sized dryer for small garments

foldable travel-sized drying hanger

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A similar variation of the dryer above, this one is perfect not only for your apartment. It can be used for drying baby clothes, socks, delicates, bathing suits, and more.

It features fold-out arms and strong invisible clips. But the best part is that it folds into a compact little package. So you can take it with you while traveling, camping, or going to the beach.

Hang it at home on the shower rod or outdoors on a branch, it will do its job well.


What is the fastest way to air dry clothes in an apartment?

There is no specific way to make your clothes dry in an instant, especially without a dryer.

But, there are some steps you can take to make the process go faster.

First, place your drying rack in a sunlit and properly ventilated room. The warmth from the sun and a mild airflow will do wonders for your clothes’ drying time.

Second, really double down on that ‘properly ventilated’ step. When the clothes are drying they release moisture into the air. This causes a spike in humidity which in turn causes two things:

  1. Your clothes dry slower because the air around them is too humid
  2. The spike in humidity can cause mold, grime build-up, and overall damage to your surroundings.

That’s not exactly great, right? And the easiest way to counteract the increase in humidity due to air drying laundry (and to make it dry faster) is to get a dehumidifier.

Do you need a dehumidifier for drying clothes faster?


A dehumidifier will help you keep the optimal humidity levels not only for the sake of your drying clothes but also for your health and surroundings.

There are also ways to, let’s say, DIY dry wet clothes at home. Like, by using an iron, or a hairdryer, or, and this is the fun one, an oven.

So let us know if you’d like to know more about these express ways for drying damp clothes.

And in the meantime, don’t forget to share and pin this post for future reference!