Hiding a TV in a living room might not be an easy fit since TVs, in general, follow the rule of “the bigger the better”.

But hey, we’ll just have to come up with bigger ideas to hide them better.

There are a lot of creative and stylish ways to conceal a TV in a room that will only add bonus points to your interior design.

Why hide a TV?

One might want to just wall-mount the device and leave it out in the open for everyone to see.

But what if you don’t feel like it’s visually appealing? Or that it clashes with your carefully curated interior decor? Or you want to discourage yourself from turning the TV on and getting glued to it first thing in the morning just because it is there?

Yeah, there may be a lot of reasons why you’d want to hide your TV. So here are a few ideas that will help you conceal your television set in style.


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Pull-down map

TV cover pull down map

As you will see, this is a popular solution for hiding a wall-mounted television.

But we’ve included this one because you won’t have to DIY it. You can simply purchase it with the dimensions, map, and bars customized to your liking.

And after, all that’s left is to mount this great solution above your TV with 2 screws.

(Psst, you can even upgrade this manual roll-up system to a motorized one).

Buy it here


TV lift cabinet

hidden tv lift cabinet

Look at this little guy go.

This DIY TV console is courtesy of Crafted By The Hunts. The cabinet doors conceal a TV lift mechanism that can hide your television at a push of a button.

If you don’t have a DIY bone in your body, no problem. The company that makes these TV lifts also sells premade cabinets with the lift mechanism already installed.

It is one of the best ways to hide a TV in the living room or master bedroom, especially if you are apprehensive about mounting your TV on the wall.

hidden tv lift cabinet

Browse here


Behind mini sliding barn doors

Mini Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

Looking for a unique way to hide your TV?

Then check out these barn-door-style TV covers. Barn doors are all the rage nowadays so why not use them in your TV-hiding pursuit?

Mounted on each side of the television, these doors help conceal it from view when not in use. They’re also easy to mount, all you need is to get the hardware kit from the link below.

Buy it here


In a gallery wall


tv frame gallery wall

If you just want to hide your wall-mounted TV in the simplest way possible, just place it in a large frame. It might need some maneuvering, especially with the wires, but the result will be worth it.

tv frame gallery wall

Next, arrange a gallery wall around it, thus making it blend in with the surrounding framed pictures.

It’s pretty much the most effective and fool-proof way of concealing a wall-mounted TV in style.

Find out more here


Behind a hidden wall panel

hidden TV rotating wall panel


We do love a home designed with secret panels and transforming furniture. So this is a great option who, just like us, love whimsy storage.

The first interior design solution that caught our eye was this one. It’s a rotating panel built straight into the wall by the mantel. The idea comes from Tom Stringer and you can check out his website here.

tv concealing modular furniture

But not everyone has the will or capacity to mess with the walls just to discreetly hang their television. This is where we turn to modular furniture.

CACCARO specializes in creating modular furniture, from full walk-in closets to multimedia storage compartments.

They also have several clever modules for TVs. This includes mounting your bedroom or living room television on a rotating base that allows you to hide it at any point in the day.

That’s some clever interior design!

Behind closed doors

This solution is a more advanced version of the mini barn doors from before. But man, does it look good!

With the help of sliding doors and a low bookcase, you can have a whole entertainment center and plenty of hidden storage neatly tucked away at the far end of your living space.

The bookcase can double as a flat-screen TV stand if you don’t want to go the wall-mounted route. And it will provide storage for movies, books, or whatever else you want to keep hidden.


Turn it into a mirror TV

hidden mirror tv in a frame

Not much to say except that this Canada-based company has figured out a way to turn your TV into a mirror when it’s off.

This smart two-way mirror technology, combined with an ornate frame, conceals your TV completely in plain sight.

Find out more here


Behind a sliding artwork

sliding artwork hidden tv

This wall-mounted TV rests behind a sliding panel.

This whole mechanism was constructed out of a regular wall frame from a thrift store and a couple of drawer slides. You can easily build one yourself too, just follow the steps in the link below.

sliding artwork hidden tv

A bit of DIY magic and voila! You can watch TV and then hide it behind a sliding artwork in one swift motion.

Find out more here


Behind TV pull-downs

botanical tv covers

One of the best ways to hide a TV stylishly is behind this botanical screen.

The poly-cotton canvas is mounted on an industrial metal roller with an oversized spring mechanism. This allows you to swiftly roll up the art and reveal your flat-screen TV when needed.

You can choose the image and size of the roller that suits you or place a custom order if needed.

Just look at how this hanging painting can hide an eyesore of a TV and instead make it a gorgeous focal point of the whole room.

Buy it here


Behind a lifting art TV panel

lifting tv art panel

An easy way to hide a wall-mounted flat-screen TV in the living room is to, in a true Bond villain fashion, mount it behind a painting.

This company has developed a way to do just that and offers a surprising amount of customization. For example, you can specify if you want the picture to lift manually or via a remote control.

Plus, in the upright position, the painting actually shields the screen from the ambient lighting from the ceiling.

hidden tv lifting panel

hidden tv lifting panel

Buy it here


Behind a folding painting

hidden tv art frame

A DIY folding painting may also be a simple way to disguise a TV that’s just sitting on the wall. In this tutorial, the canvas painting has been fit onto DIY binary doors.

So the painting opens to the sides to reveal the TV. This method doesn’t require drawer sliders and instead relies on piano hinges and magnetic closures to keep the cover in place.

Find out more here


TV tapestry cover

hidden tv tapestry cover

A TV sunken into the wall and positioned above a fireplace… How do you hide it in a design-conscious way but still easy to access?

The answer, as it turns out, is pretty simple. With just two hooks on each side of the TV, a dowel, and a tapestry (or, in the case of the picture above, a rug), you can keep your TV screen hidden with minimal elbow grease.

Check out the tutorial below and follow the steps to create your own TV tapestry cover.

Find out more here


Paint it black

This idea for a hidden TV is ingenious in its simplicity.

Why bother with a wall cabinet or antique frames, if you can just solve all your problems with an accent wall. The turned-off TV will seamlessly blend in with the black accent wall while adding an extra “oomph” to your living room.

For the best effect, make sure that the rest of the furniture in that space is also black, including the TV console and the hanging shelves.


Lean into it

This is a similar yet completely opposite approach to the one above.

Since your living room or bedroom TV is already a focal point of the space, lean into it. Place it on an accent wall, surround it with decor items on a shelf, and even decorate the space for holidays.

If you can’t beat them, join them, right?


Picture frame DIY doors

picture frames tv screen

As you have seen, a popular trend is hiding a TV behind some sort of art piece. The difference usually lies in the execution.

This project is probably as simple as it gets. All you need is 8 pictures frames and several barrel hinges. No cutting, custom screens, or hidden lift mechanisms behind the picture.


Pulley artwork screen

pulley system art tv cover screen

Bet you didn’t expect a pulley system to make an appearance on the list of ways to hide a TV in a living room but here we are.

This idea hides a giant TV behind a DIY roll-up artwork. To access the TV for movie night all you need to do is pull on the canvas rope and secure it in place.

This creative solution certainly adds originality to the space and makes an already beautiful canvas look even more artistic. A giant piece of art is always a plus for the overall interior design of the room.

To create and hang this rollup art screen in your own home, consult the link below.

Find out more here


Custom mirrored cabinet

A couple of years ago Pottery Barn released this mirrored cabinet meant to hide a TV sitting on the wall.

And as life would have it, it is sold out. But that didn’t stop crafty DIY-ers from coming up with their own version of this cabinet.

It looks beautiful sitting in a living room above the fireplace. And if your living space is on a smaller side, the mirror surface will help visually expand the room.

A similar television cabinet executed in a more rustic style can be seen here. You can even follow the steps listed in the link below and create your own.

rustic tv cabinet with mirrors diy

Find out more here

As you can see, there are tons of ideas to hide the big black screen. Hiding your TV in a living can be achieved by using art, gallery walls, nifty lift mechanisms, and more.

Point is, if you don’t like the look of your bulky black box, use these ideas to give your living room a sleek TV-less look.

And don’t forget to pin this post to your “Living Room Ideas” board so you can come back to it later!

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