This gorgeous, stained glass bat decoration is the perfect way to add a touch of spookiness to your home this Halloween.

pink stained glass suncatcher bat

The bat’s body is made using real pressed flowers between two panes of hand-cut glass, with the wings and head fashioned from shades of pink iridescent and marbled glass. It’s a unique and eye-catching piece that seamlessly blends two popular fall aesthetics – Halloween spookiness and autumnal beauty – into one stunning decoration.

pink stained glass suncatcher bat

With Halloween decorations usually being dark and eerie, this bat brings a touch of light and life to the holiday. The muted pink tones are perfect for those who want to decorate for Halloween without going too over-the-top with the traditional orange and black color scheme. And, because it’s made with real pressed flowers, this decoration can also double as a lovely autumnal piece that can be enjoyed long after Halloween has come and gone.

pink stained glass suncatcher bat

The pink stained glass bat is made using the Tiffany method which adds a rustic feel to it alongside the vintage patina in silver, copper, or black.

pink stained glass suncatcher bat

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It also doubles as a suncatcher — simply place it in a sunny spot and watch it cast beautiful colors around the room.

However, if for you Halloween is all about the spooks, then we’ve got another contender for your window display.

dark stained glass suncatcher bat

These bats are also made of stained glass but they look much eerier — perfect for Halloween galore.

dark stained glass suncatcher bat dark stained glass suncatcher bat dark stained glass suncatcher bat

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These bats are made using the same 19th-century Tiffany method, making them fit right in with the vintage Halloween aesthetic.

You can get the pink bat suncatcher here and the darker one here (or by clicking the buttons above).

These are just a few ideas for Halloween decorations you should try out this fall.

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