The time has come to put up some Halloween decorations.

Some people wait the whole year for this season, so living in a small space should not stop you from putting up as many decorations as possible.

The best Halloween decorations will appeal to every pumpkin-head out there. So start munching on pre-Halloween candy, start scratching your black cat, and let’s look at what decoration ideas we’ve got for you today.


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Vinyl Bats

group of vinyl bats surrounding a door arch

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If we’re trying to achieve maximum spook in a small apartment, then wall decals will do the trick. And honestly, placing these vinyl bats on the wall is one of the best Halloween decorating ideas.

A cauldron of bats (yes, a group of bats is sometimes called a cauldron) looks spooky by day, terrifying by night, and sets up a perfect Halloween party atmosphere.

Spooky Candles

tiny ghost candles

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Candles are the finishing touch for any “Halloweeny” home decor. There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on the mood you’re going for.

You can scatter a few of these mini ghost candles around the shelves.

large pastel pink skull candle

Buy it here

On the other hand, you can set up a truly scary centerpiece in the living room or entryway with this giant skull candle.

(Our personal favorite is a set of candles that look like human spines previously featured here).


Window Decals

a creepy window with hallowing decoration decals

Buy them here

We, apartment dwellers, might not have fancy front porches to decorate, but we do have windows. And windows are prime real estate for spooky Halloween decor.

You can decorate them with special window decals. These come in a variety of shapes and forms, from not-so-friendly mansions and black cats to fun Nightmare Before Christmas characters and creepy ghosts. You can browse all of them here.


Balcony Halloween Decorations

pumpkin string lights

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If you have a balcony, you can put up Halloween-themed string lights shaped like pumpkins out there.
There is also an option for fun solar-powered lights (like these skeleton hands). These will get charged during the day and light up during the night. And yes, these solar lights are available in different Halloween-related shapes including pumpkins and skeletons.

Just imagine the orange light from each pumpkin streaming through the windows into your apartment. Spooks galore!


Arachnid Nightmare

fake spiderwebs with spiders on topSpiders are terrifying all year round. So these strategically placed critters are guaranteed to give your guests a fright during a Halloween party.

Throw a few fake spiderwebs around your house, especially in corners. Next, place a spider on top of the web here and there and enjoy the view.

If you’re in a mood for Halloween pranks, you can scare your housemates by getting a cheap set of fake spiders. Hide them in cupboards, desk drawers, shoes, fruit bowls, etc. Watch your roommates freak out once they find them.


Spooky Doormats

welcome door mat with a pumpkin

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Here’s one of those Halloween decorating ideas that will also add some functionality to your place.

spooky halloween doormat for an apartment

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A fun Halloween doormat placed in front of your door will welcome your guests with a promise of a few spooks. Plus, if you’re throwing a Halloween party it will save your home from muddy footprints.


Potion Bottles & Jars

decorate halloween with magic potion bottles

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A set of potion bottles and jars can go a long way in terms of decor for Halloween. You can DIY them yourself from old bottles or jars and printed cut-out labels. Or you can order ornate artisanal bottles from above.

Fill them with colorful liquids like syrups or small candy. You can also add a bottle garland to the bottle to make it look like you have some magical creatures trapped inside. Surround the bottles and jars with gourds or webs for an extra effect.


Eerie Tablecloths

halloween decoration ideas with spider web tablecloth

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Create a Halloween atmosphere in the kitchen with the right tablecloth. In our vintage Halloween decoration ideas, we’ve focused on fun family-friendly options complete with cartoonish Jack O Lantern.

But you can also put a spooky twist on your dining table with a tablecloth “made” of a spider web.


DIY Handprints

handprints on a mirror

If you’re in the mood for a DIY Halloween project, we’ve got your back. This tutorial here allows you to make ghostly handprints appear on any mirror. It is one of those decorating Halloween ideas that will look striking both in an apartment and a house.

You can also create “bloody” handprints on various surfaces using washable red paint.


Velvet Pumpkins

velvet pumpkin set

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How can you decorate for Halloween without a pumpkin? Or two? Or ten?

Since we’re talking about apartment home decor ideas, you can’t place tons of pumpkins on your front porch. But you can scatter these velvet gourds around your space for a stylish seasonal touch.


Handmade Halloween Decor Ideas

Want to embrace the vintage side of Halloween where most decorations were made of paper and corn?

You can use these handmade decor ideas to get yourself in the Halloween mood. Cut intricate garlands out of paper, make little black paper cats, and craft the cutest paper pumpkin. Oh, and take a look at this sweet candy corn garland!

You can get your kids to help and it will be an amazing Halloween-themed crafting party.


Skull Vase

skull vase planter

Buy it here

There are people who completely embrace the fall aesthetic with pumpkins, corn, and subtle seasonal colors. And then there are people who crave something more gruesome and creepy but still stylish.

Those from the latter category will love this skull-shaped vase. It is also one of those Halloween decor ideas for apartments that you can use all year as an organizer or a planter.


Halloween Ornaments


halloween ornaments

Buy them here

There is so much decorating potential for these fun Halloween ornaments.

You can hang these on door handles, drawer pulls, table lamps, and random pieces of furniture. You can also make a DIY Halloween tree. Get large branches from the nearby forest or park, put them into a vase, and decorate them with these ornaments and a candy corn garland.


Tiny Fairy Door

tiny fairy halloween door

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Here’s one of the cutest fall decorations for an apartment. Ever.

It is a small door that looks like a portal into another world. The tiny fairy Halloween door is meant to add some magic to your garden. But you can also put this decoration against a wall in your apartment, similar to the mini door covering an outlet we’ve seen in this post.


Halloween Lanterns


halloween paper luminaries lanterns

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Another fun way to create a spooky atmosphere in your apartment is to use these paper lanterns. Made of stiff cardboard paper cut with precision, these lanterns show off the best sides of Halloween, from black cats to bats and ghosts.

Outfit them with flameless LED tea candles for a safe and spooky decor option. Ideal for a pre-Halloween horror movie party.


Posable Hanging Skeleton

posable hanging skeleton

Buy it here

If you want to go all-in with the Halloween decorations, you need this posable skeleton.

This mister will be the star of any Halloween party. It might take up some space in a small setting but it sure will be worth it. You can hang it by the table with treats or have it join you on a spooky movie marathon.

maditating halloween skeleton planters

Buy them here

If it’s too big for your apartment, take a look at these ridiculous meditating skeletons. They measure 4.5” and can hold a live air plant.


Halloween Wreath

minimalist halloween wreath

Buy it here

Even though your doors might not face many trick or treaters this year, it should still look the part. You can find a wreath to match your decor, whether it is a pumpkin wreath or a scary wreath.

Our choice has landed on this minimalist wreath since it can add to the spooky atmosphere in a home while still staying minimalist and classy.

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