Buying gifts for small apartment dwellers might seem easy but it actually requires some nuance.

You don’t want to gift them something that will just end up taking up already precious free space.

So to help you in this decision-making process, we’ve compiled this list of the best gifts for small space and apartment dwellers.

And before we begin, let’s take a look at 3 simple questions you have to ask yourself before you splurge on a gift:

  1. Is it compact and/or saves space in the apartment?
  2. Will it add more functionality to the space? Or make daily tasks easier?
  3. Does it align with their interests?

Following this train of thought will save you tons of time when picking a gift for your apartment-dwelling friend.

For example, your friend wears a lot of jewelry. How about finding a beautiful jewelry organizer that fits on the wall, saves space, and will help your friend keep her apartment free of clutter. That’s a cool gift! (Psst, it’s on the list).

With that in mind, let’s dive in!

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Retro Mini Coffee Maker

retro mini coffee maker for a small apartment

Single-serve pod coffee makers are great and all but why not go for something more traditional?

This coffee maker is a real beauty, bringing the timeless retro vibe into a small apartment kitchen. It uses a reusable filter to drip 2 perfect cups of coffee into a stylish glass pot.

No need for pods, paper filters, or reserving a whole counter to fit it. This compact coffee maker is the perfect gift for apartment dwellers who value good coffee and style.

Buy it here


Makeup Storage Organizer

compact makeup organizer

This is the best gift for someone who a) lives in a tiny apartment and b) has a lot of makeup and skincare products.

This rotating organizer will help them save tons of space and make their life easier. How? Well, this tower can fit at least 30 makeup brushes and 30 skincare products.

And the rotating base allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for instead of rummaging through an endless sea of bottles with no end in sight.

Buy it here


Elegant Storage Ottoman

white velvet ottoman with storage space

A storage ottoman is one of the best additions to a tiny apartment. Ergo it is one of the best apartment gifts, too.

With it, your friend can add more storage space to their bedroom or living room. They can store books, cords, and various items inside. And the beautiful velevet design will make this ottoman their favorite accent piece in their home.

Yes, this product certainly can add that extra “oomph” to their home decor.

Buy it here


Sofa Arm Tray Table

sofa arm tray table

Here’s a unique gift for a small apartment dweller. This tray allows you to completely forego having an end table, something that can take up too much space in a small living room.

You simply drape the wooden tray over the sofa arm and voila – you’ve got a cozy little table by your side.

This gift is an easy and stylish way to give your friends additional space in the living room and to make their life easier.

Buy it here


Rustic Bathtub Tray & Shower Caddy

bathtub tray gift for apartment dwellers

Buy it here

Sometimes people just want to relax. And what better way there is to relax than to soak in warm bubbly water with this bathtub tray as a companion.

With this tray, you can add a dash of luxury to your small bathroom. And you can use it to store various items on it, from beauty products to books.

bamboo shower caddy

Buy it here

If your small apartment-dwelling friends don’t have a bathtub, here’s another popular choice for tiny bathrooms. This shower caddy is on a bit of a fancy side but gives its owner just as much extra vertical storage space. A perfect gift!

Additionally, it is made of high-quality bamboo which means no rusting shelves.


Mini Wine Rack

mini kitchen wine rack fitting 6 bottles

An apartment might not have a wine cellar, but this rack may be big enough to sustain your friends’ wine tasting hobby.

This rack can pack 6 bottles of wine, plus 2 glasses, plus whatever you choose to put on the top shelf. It also manages to channel this rustic classy vibe into the room.

The main advantage of this wine rack is that it is perfect for those who live in a small apartment. It is compact and easy to fit onto a kitchen counter.

Buy it here


Garden Tower

5-tier gardening tower

Got any friends that are all about that green thumb lifestyle but don’t have a garden?

If the answer is ‘yes’, they’ll definitely appreciate this gift. It is a vertical tower that has 5 levels. Each level can fit up to 3 plants. So you can grow up to 15 plants with a minimal footprint which is a perfect choice for small apartments.

Buy it here


Music Record Player & Speaker

foldable vinyl record player and speaker for a siny living room

This beautiful record player combines retro looks with modern technology to give you one of the best gifts for small apartments.

It is a portable vinyl record player that also has built-in Bluetooth speakers that you connect to your smartphone. The real kicker is that you can close and hide it whenever you need more space.

Plus, come on, look how amazing it looks! A real treat for music lovers.

Buy it here


Wall Jewelry Organizer

wall jewelry organizer

If your friend tends to wear a lot of jewelry, chances are they will love this jewelry organizer.

This beautiful wooden display can be mounted on the wall. Not only it does an excellent job of keeping earrings, necklaces, and rings organized, it also looks like an amazing accent piece.

It is a 10/10 gift for a jewelry hound living in a tiny space.

Buy it here


Chinese Takeout Planters

chinese takeout planters

If your friends love plants and quirky stuff, this gift will steal their hearts.

These planters look like Chinese takeout boxes. Which kind of makes them a perfect fit for plants that you want to keep on the coffee table.

A planter like this is great, but get your friends a few of these for their new home and you’ll earn extra friendship points from them.

Buy it here


7-in-1 Instant Pot

7-in-1 instant pot gift for a small kicthen

We’ve already gushed about how life-changing an Instant Pot can be in a small kitchen with no oven. But even if you do have an oven and the desire to cook, this appliance opens so many doors.

By buying one InstaPot you actually get 7 appliances in one. And that is a total life- and space-saver for a small kitchen. Anyone whose one true love is cooking will appreciate this gift.

Buy it here


Healthy Smoothie Blender

single-serve personal blender

Chasing a healthy lifestyle can be challenging but that is not the rule. There are plenty of compact pieces of exercise equipment for small apartments just as there are useful appliances for keeping you on a healthy diet.

Speaking of, this small personal blender can make vitamin-rich smoothies, low-calorie sauces, soups, and a variety of other dishes. Space-saving, easy to use, on-the-go compatible.

If you’re looking for ideas for an apartment-dwelling health nut, this is it.

Buy it here


Soft Throw & Weighted Blanket

gray faux fur throw blanket

Buy it here

A throw blanket is a sure-fire way to make any room feel cozy and inviting. And it is also a gift that your friend will definitely wrap themselves in on a cold evening.

15 lbs weighted blanket

Buy it here

Alternatively, a weighted blanket is a top-notch gift for someone who has everything. It is a comforting, 15 lbs blanket filled with glass beads that relieves anxiety and helps you sleep better at night.

Who doesn’t need that in their life?


Upright Vacuum & Steam Mop

4-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner

Buy it here

A cordless upright vacuum is a much better fit for a tiny flat than a traditional bulky vacuum cleaner.

If you are looking for a housewarming gift or somehow know that your friend’s vacuum has seen better days, this gift will make their cleaning routine a lot easier.

steam mop for hardwood floors

Buy it here

Alternatively, a steam mop can be a great addition to their cleaning arsenal. It cleans hardwood and laminate floors and has 12 adapters that can get into the toughest places.

Additionally, a steam mop is considered a powerful cleaning tool for households with pets and kids.


Felt Photo Display Board

felt board organizer

A thoughtful and practical gift for a dorm-dweller as well as someone who lives in an apartment.

You can populate this felt board with a bunch of stuff, a photo or two, some notes, cutouts, dried flowers, and more. A nice gift for someone who likes staying organized even in a tight space.

Buy it here


Dutch Oven

segretto beige dutch oven

If someone loves home-cooked meals, they’ll appreciate a dutch oven.

They look beautiful, can cook the most amazing foods like stews, soups, and mind-blowingly tender meat. To find out more about dutch-oven-related awesomeness, take a look at our post about oven alternatives for small kitchens.

Buy it here


AirSoda Drink Carbonator

compact wireless soda carbonator

If your friend can never resist a hefty serving of seltzer, they’re gonna love this gift.

This soda carbonator works with a variety of drinks. Also, it is extremely compact and boasts a streamlined design that won’t clutter a small kitchen.

Moreover, the carbonator is wireless and doesn’t require electricity. Having fewer cables is always good news for a small space.

Buy it here


Air Humidifier & Diffuser

tall mint humidifier and diffuser for a bedroom

Buy it here

Going through the winter season without a humidifier is tough, to say the least. A humidifier can prevent skin irritation, coughing, sore throat, and sinus infection. And it is one of the best gifts for a small space.

Basically, it’s a must-have. The one above is a diffuser and a humidifier rolled into one powerful package that, once filled with water, can run for 50 hours.

tiny air humidifier diffuser with alarm clock

Buy it here

But if you are looking for more budget-friendly ideas, you can get this little humidifier. It also doubles as a diffuser as well as an alarm clock, an ideal fit for a tiny nightstand.


Compact Bento Box

compact 2-tier leakproof bento lunch box

Homemade lunches can save money and help you stay in shape.

If your friends regularly work outside of their home, they will love these bento boxes. Stackable, microwaveable, and leakproof these are the perfect gifts for hard workers that don’t have much space for tons of tupperware.

Buy it here


Magnetic Spice Rack

magnetic spice rack

A spice rack that looks like a piece of art? Sign us up!

This beautiful set of glass jars snap together in a honeycomb pattern. With magnetic lids, you can arrange them on a fridge or a magnetic board, saving space.

Plus, they look gorgeous. A stunning gift for a home cook.

Buy it here



aerogarden hydroponic LED smart garden

This gift is ideal for people who always wanted a vegetable garden but could never grow anything in their apartment.

AeroGarden can help your friend set up an indoor garden with minimal hassle. This contraption takes care of the watering and sunlight that the plants need. Speaking of, the AeroGarden has a wide selection of plant pods that allow you to grow everything, from herbs to strawberries.

Buy it here


Rotating Cheeseboard

foldable rotating bamboo cheeseboard

Dinner parties are your friends’ favorite pastime? Treat them to this premium cheeseboard.

Made of high-quality bamboo, this charcuteries board has 4 levels. But what really makes it special is that it collapses to 1/4 of its size for convenient storage. Apart from that, it has a hidden compartment for the included 3-piece cutlery.

It is a must-have for meat and cheese connoisseurs.

Buy it here


Bonus: decor gifts for a small apartment for her


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Hopefully, you’ve found something for your friends or maybe even your own small space!

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