Funny kitchen wall art can do wonders for your morale. It can give you just the right amount of butt-kicking to start that meal prep for the week. On the other hand, it can be a supportive presence by your side while you order take out. Or snack in the middle of the night.

Kitchen art can do so much. It tells a story about you, your sense of humor, and your attitude to the whole cooking/dishwashing ordeal. And it is a great gift for someone who has just moved into an apartment and needs a pick me up in the kitchen.

So what’s yours gonna be?


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“Eat it or starve” kitchen wall art

Sick of picky eaters?

This funny kitchen wall art will make your feelings crystal clear – either eat the food and smile politely or they can try their luck with rummaging the back of the cupboard for stale chips.

The quote is made of waterproof vinyl applied to a hand-cut slate. You can either screw it to the wall or hang it like in the picture for a more rustic look.

“Kitchen came with the house” typography art

i only have a kitchen because it came with the house funny kitchen wall art


Kitchens are kind of a must, right?

But if you’d rather use the oven for storing shoes than actual cooking, this hilarious piece of kitchen wall decor is the one for you. Let your guests know that when you invite them in for dinner, it’s take-out evening all the way.

This premium card stock typographic can also be a perfect housewarming gift for those who are not into the art of cooking.

“I knew exactly what to do” Michael Scott quote print

Prone to experimenting in the kitchen with mixed results?

This iconic quote by Michael Scott turned kitchen wall art will do the perfect job of showing off your cooking approach. And, of course, if your friends are “The Office” fans they’ll know exactly what they’ve signed up for once they see something brewing on the stove.

Funny kitchen wall art 3-piece set

If anything can put you in a cooking mood it’s the good old-fashioned puns.

This 3-piece set of kitchen wall art oozes positivity and surprising wisdom. That’s not something you’d expect from three drawings on the wall, huh?

Additionally, warm colors are one of the best trends this year has brought. So if you want to start slow with bringing your kitchen up-to-date, the yellow accents on this set are the right choice for you.

“Alexa, wash the dishes” typography kitchen art

alexa wash the dishes funny kitchen print


Show that you are a true futurist by asking the right questions.

What’s the point of AI and robots if you still need to wash the dishes by yourself? This funny kitchen wall art will keep the hope of a better future alive.

alexa do the dishes kitchen sink funny sign

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And who knows, maybe one day Alexa will oblige? It will be terrifying, sure, but kind of heart-warming, too.

2-piece “Turnip & Fork” kitchen pun art set

Puns. Puns everywhere.

Say what you want, but puns work wonders for bringing funny kitchen wall art to new heights. This particular set also looks incredibly charming with its retro vibe and hand-drawn images.

turnip the beet kitchen pun

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Whether you are the pun-fan yourself or know someone who could use a funny housewarming gift, well… What the fork are you waiting for?

“Hangry” definition kitchen wall art

Some people just don’t get what “hangry” means.

Put the writing right one the wall with this accurate “hangry” definition kitchen art. If someone sees you in a bad mood and doesn’t bring you a snack right away, the consequences are on them.

“Hungry raccoon” cute kitchen wall art

Have you ever been in a raccoon state of mind?

You know, when you’re so hungry that you could eat about anything as long as it doesn’t involve any actual cooking? So you go rummaging through the fridge and wind up with a ketchup sandwich? No? Just me? Okay.

“Every snack you make” funny kitchen wall art

every snack you make dog kitchen print


This kitchen wall art perfectly captures the eternal love story between a dog and any kind of snacks it can score in the kitchen.

Every dog owner has faced the oh-so-effective puppy dog eyes in the kitchen. Whether you were cooking, baking, or just making a sandwich for lunch, the dog was there to silently beg.

Well, might as well acknowledge your dog’s struggles with this funny and relatable kitchen wall art, right?

“Midnight Snacks” funny kitchen saying

if we're not supposed to have midnight snacks why is there a light in the fridge kitchen art


This piece of kitchen wall decor is asking the right questions.

Life is hard enough. Why not just embrace your love of midnight snacks and enjoy it to the fullest. And if you ever question your decision, this quirky industrial wall art has got your back. All jokes aside, this print is a great way to set a more positive vibe in your kitchen and to show off your philosophic side, too.

“This kitchen is for dancing” typography wall art

Cooking-shmooking. This kitchen is for dancing.

Whether you like bouncing to your favorite music while spicing up the dinner or your kitchen is actually an additional party space. This wall art will look great in every surrounding and put you in a good mood.

“Make cakes not war” kitchen art print

Embrace the spirit of baking freedom.

A punny spin on a classic 60’s slogan, this kitchen wall art is one of the best representatives of its kind. The funky neon pink writing on a dark brick wall makes this art an elegant but definitely a not boring addition to any self-proclaimed pastry chef’s abode.

“Snaccident” definition typography print

Embrace your snaccidental nature and make it a snack-omplishment.

We’ve all been there. After a long stressful day, a slice of pizza or a chocolate bar seems like the only things that can make it a bit better. This funny kitchen wall art will help you make peace with it.

So take that piece of a delicious cake, diet be damned, and feel better to try another day.

“Spaghetti yum” retro wall art

How can you not love this quirky yummy wall art?

Bringing a retro mid-century vibe to the table, it can work in practically any interior. Also, it can show off your artistic side by debating with your friends whether this piece is more representative of the Dadaism or Cubism art movement. You know, normal grown-up conversation.

“Eat your vegetables” kitchen wall art

In a world where fast-food delivery is one click away it can be hard to remember to eat your veggies.

Well, this is where this kitchen wall art comes in. It will be your guiding light whenever you debate what to get.

Plus, whenever your kids start complaining about broccoli, you can now silently point at this wall art and not waste your breath.

“My kitchen, my rules” wall art

my kitchen my rules sassy kitchen quote print


Make it clear from the very beginning.

This funny kitchen wall art sends a strong message – don’t mess with the chef. Don’t try to reorganize the drawers. Don’t try to give advice on how to slice or season the ingredients. And definitely, don’t look over the chef’s shoulder.

“Your Opinion Isn’t In The Recipe” funny kitchen print

your opinion isn't in the recipe funny kitchen printNever, absolutely never, try messing with someone’s recipe. Especially to their face.

If someone in your household needs a gentle reminder, this funny kitchen wall art belongs on your wall. If that doesn’t work, just let them know that the next reminder will not be as gentle. And will involve a precisely aimed wooden spoon.

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3-piece kitchen pun art set

Do you love puns and cooking? Then you will definitely love this pun-filled wall art set.

This sort of dad humor never fails to add a bit of warmth and positivity to the room. And speaking of dads, if yours is an avid foodie and is a dad-joke-master then this would be an awesome Father’s Day gift. Moms are also welcome to it.