Today we’re going to look at dorm room ideas for guys that will help you decorate your new living space.

The way your room is decorated can change everything, from your mood to your productivity, to the first impression people have of you. We’re not going to be focusing on specific interior design trends because that is a matter of taste and no one really has the time to decorate a full-on mid-century modern dorm room.

dorm room ideas for guys

Instead, we’ll focus on what really makes a dorm room look good. All appealing college dorm rooms for guys have several things in common. These dorm room ideas include:

  • interesting lighting, from light strips to neon lamps;
  • cozy textures, comforters, throw pillows that form a cohesive color palette;
  • extra storage and organizers that keep the dorm room looking neat;
  • wall decor, from prints and posters to tapestries that hide bare walls.

If you stick to these guidelines while combining them with a bit of inspiration from this post, you’ll wind up with a fun, nice guys dorm room decor on your hands.
So let’s take a look at some dorm room ideas for guys that will save you both time and space.


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Decorating the walls is a great idea that’ll add some style to a dorm room

Mandalorian art print for a guys dorm

mandalorian art for guys dorm

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Barren walls and lack of any kind of decor are what usually dooms a dorm room.

Pictures, painting, and posters can brighten up a guys’ dorm room as well as help mask an unfortunate wall color (I still have nightmares about my “there’s never enough beige” college dorm).

NASA Space Capsule Art Print

masa space capsule art for boys dorm room

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There are two approaches to making all of these dorm room ideas for guys work. Either stick to one color palette, aka choose a few colors you like and match everything, including wall decor to it. Or choose a few things that you truly love, a poster for example, and then match the color of inconsequential things, such as bedding, to it.

Generation 1 Pokemon Art Print For Gamer Dorm Room

gen 1 pokemon print for dorm room

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If you couldn’t care less about artsy posters, I’d still recommend getting at least a few abstract pictures. They really help tie the room together and crank up the guys dorm room decor to new heights.

Gold Foil City Map Abstract Art

city map print decor

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Now, there’s a question of how to hang any kind of art or poster without damaging the walls of a guys’ dorm room or breaking the regulations. There are a few ways to do it and if your dorm allows the use of thumbtacks, it’s even easier to do.

Here’s how you can decorate dorm room walls without damaging them:

  • command hooks
  • thumbtacks
  • washi tape
  • tape 4 paper clips to the wall where the corners of your poster will be and then attach the poster to them using magnets


Bulletin and activity boards ideas are a great way to decorate a guys dorm room

Dual Fabric & Dry Erase Magnetic Bulletin Board

dual dorm room bulletin board

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Again, if your dorm allows it, you can mount some pretty cool stuff on the walls.

First, a bulletin board is always great for not only tracking your busy schedule but also for adding some dimension to a guy’s dorm room. And it’s one of the decor dorm room ideas for guys that not only looks good but is also functional and handy.

[hygge_anchor id=”basketball”]
Dorm Room Basketball Hoop

basketball hoop board

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And if a bulletin board is not your cup of tea why not go for something more fun? Like this awesome basketball hoop wall decor. Not only it will look cool in a dorm room it will also help you relax, take a breather, and bond with your roommate.


Even out the look of your dorm room with a matching set of bedding sheets & pillowcases

LuxClub 6-piece Bedding Set For A Guys’ Dorm Room

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The bed is the centerpiece of all guys’ dorm rooms and it can also be its undoing. A messy bed, with mismatched pillowcases and sheets, won’t do much for the dorm room decor. But with a matching bedding set, even an unmade bed can look good.

Dreamcare 4-piece Bedding Set With Pockets

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These bedding sets come at a quite good price with infinite gains. They look great, are extremely comfortable, can help you fall asleep faster, and will make wonder for a guy’s dorm room.


Bed quilts & decorative pillows can do a lot to decorate a college room

T-Shirt Handmade Quilt

t-shirt quilt

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Quilts often pop up in a lot of inspiration/guides on dorm room ideas for guys. This company turns old t-shirts into comfy quilts and it is a great way to recycle your clothes as well as take a piece of home with you to college.

You can use one to cover your bed or hang it on the wall to proudly display your collection.

Plus, it is a great dorm room idea if you want to add a slight nostalgic touch to your place.


Miulee 2-pack of Decorative Pillow Covers

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And since we’re on the subject of college dorm room bed decor, let’s look at throw pillows. I know, throw pillows can seem annoying and unnecessary but they really can tie the dorm room together.

Anickal Blue Decorative Pillows For Guys

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Say you have an item that looks really out of place, some knick-knack, or a picture that you love but it doesn’t quite fit. To make it fit, get a throw pillow in the same or complementary color or pattern.

Plus a throw pillow can be a lifesaver when you can’t get into the right sleeping position and need a bit of support.


Use a nice bed comforter as a base for decorating a guys dorm room

Moss Green Cotton Duvet Set

moss green cotton duvet set
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I know that with these dorm room ideas for guys we’re focusing a lot on the bed but in small dorm rooms, the bed’s look carries a lot of weight.

Bedsure Reversible Comforter Set

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So to create a cozy feel in your room and add more soft texture to it, get a comforter. It will also help you avoid making your bed super precisely when running late for class.


One of the best dorm room ideas for guys – bed risers

23.5″ Carbo Steel Dorm Bed Risers

carbon steel dorm bed risers

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 What can really make a dorm room unappealing is the amount of stuff and clutter lying around. But that is a symptom of the underlying issue – lack of storage space in college dorm rooms.

3”-8” Adjustable Bed Risers

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So let’s start with the treasure trove of storage space – your bed. This dorm room idea will help you fit in even more boxes and containers underneath. All you need to do is raise the bed up with these bed risers. Next, organize your belongings and keep them under there.

You can check out tons of useful storage containers fit for exactly that here.


Use the extra space under the bed to keep clutter in a guys dorm room to a minimum

Under-the-bed Shelving Unit For Guys

under the bed storage unit for guys

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Since clutter has the ability to kill the look of a guy’s dorm room, no matter how cool it’s decorated, let’s look at bed storage ideas.

Let’s say each post of the bed is resting on bed raisers and you have all this free space to fill. Apart from boxes and containers, you can add the shelf organizer above to your bed storage to keep clothes, clutter, and linens.

Bedshelfie Bedside Nightstand For Dorm Bunk Beds

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Plus, this dorm room idea above can help you compensate for the lack of a nightstand. It is called Bedshelfie and it’s a compact nightstand alternative that can hold your dorm room essentials without taking up any floor space.

Over-the-bed Shelving Unit For Dorm Rooms

over the bed dorm room shelf for guys

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If you’re not the biggest fan of bed risers or how they would look in your dorm room space, here’s an alternative. This over-the-bed shelving unit gives you tons of space as well as gives you more room for decorating. Its style is pretty universal and will fit with any design direction you’ve thought up for the room.

Under-the-bed LED Lights Decor For Guys

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Also, adding lights underneath the bed is one of the coolest dorm room decorating ideas for guys. You can achieve this effect with these LED light strips above.

mDesign TV Stand Dorm Organizer Unit

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Last but not least, here’s another practical solution for dorms. If you’ve got a TV and a console that you want to play games on with your friends, get this TV stand unit. Not only it’s one of the dorm room essentials for gamer guys, but it also has two storage boxes that you can take advantage of to hide clutter.

You can never have enough drawers in a small dorm room space.


Add extra desk space to your college dorm room and decorate at the same time

Adjustable Dorm Desk Bookshelf

adjustable dorm desk bookshelf for guys

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Let’s move on to dorm room ideas for guys that add even more storage options to your space. Every dorm room has a desk and little to no storage options for everything you need to keep on the desk.

Fortunately, these over-the-desk organizers have tons of shelves for textbooks, notebooks, stationery, knick-knacks, and so on.

Small dorm desk organizer

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Here you can see several options for dorm rooms, from a simple desk organizer with a few small shelves to full-on desk bookshelves that include storage boxes.

Over-the-desk Locking Safe Bookshelf

over the desk locking safe bookshelf

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Apart from storing items that you’ve brought to college, you can use the extra shelves for decorating. Place pictures on them to avoid damaging the walls as well as the neon lamps that we’ll look at next.


Up your dorm room’s style with these awesome neon lights ideas

Japanese Ramen Shop Neon Sign

ramen sign for a guys dorm room

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Neon lights make everything look cooler. It’s just an unspoken rule of dorm room decorating.

Freestanding Decor Neon Signs

neon lights dorm room decor ideas for guys

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These lights bring tons of decor ideas for guys to the table. From simple free-standing lights to more advanced designs like a city skyline or a ramen shop sign.

Dorm Room Skyline Neon Sign

skylight dorm room neon sign

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Even after you’re done with college, you can bring these to your first apartment and display them in your home office or living room.


Take care of the nasty flooring in a guys dorm room with a simple rug

Machine Washable Dorm Rug

machine washable dorm rug

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Another problem you might encounter in a dorm room is the floor. Sometimes it is completely fine and sometimes it has seen better days and does absolutely nothing for the decor. In fact, it can be a giant stain that ruins the whole look of the dorm room.

Bedsure Shaggy Area Rug

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So to instantly improve your dorm room decor get a rug. These are pretty affordable rugs that can not only hide the floor but also keep your dorm room looking cleaner and more put together.

Try matching the rug to the rest of the items in your room. Matching or complementary colors are your best bet.


Decorate the walls in your dorm room with these subtle tapestries

Black and White World Map Wall Tapestry

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In a dorm room, the heart of the matter is that the color of the walls can make or break its whole decor. And the main problem is that you can’t repaint the walls or put up wallpaper (maybe you can make do with removable wallpaper).

So what do you do? Hang a tapestry on the wall to not only cover the walls but also to add more texture to the room.

Abstract Gouache Wall Tapestry

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If you have trouble with picking colors that look good together, here’s a trick. Get a tapestry that you like and then match the rest of the items in your guys’ dorm to the colors featured in the tapestry.

Blue Gray Forest Dorm Room Tapestry

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For example, if you get this forest tapestry, the rest of your items should stick to dark blue, gray, black, and teal colors. You’ll have a cohesive dorm room decor in no time.


Even a fridge can be used for decorating a guys dorm room

Curtis Dr. Pepper Red Mini Fridge

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A mini-fridge is almost a must in a dorm room. From soda and energy drinks to medicine and snacks, it is always great to have these nearby.

1.6 Cubic Feet Reversible Fridge

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Fortunately, there are pretty stylish mini-fridges out there. And they range from really small ones that take up little space to more substantial ones that can become proper snack stations.

3.1 Cubic Feet Mini Fridge For A Guys Dorm Room

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But don’t worry about storage limitations that come with getting a fridge, we’ve got you covered in the next section.


Fridge accessories are a great way to enhance a guys’ dorm

Dorm Room Mini Fridge Stand

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Now that you’ve got yourself a fridge, it’s time to up its storage capacity.

Fabric Fridge Silverware Organizer

dorm room fridge organizer

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You can put it on a stand that can hold additional snacks, plates, glasses, and whatnot. Or you can at least drape this organizer over it to store a few extra bottles, silverware, and kitchen items.


Add functionality and create more seating options

Dorm Room Chair Pouch

dorm room chair pouch for guys

Buy it here

Guys, with the right approach, your desk chair can not only save space but also help you store some school essentials. This pouch gives you an extra pocket that is large enough to fit textbooks and other dorm-related items that you’d like to keep hidden away from prying eyes.

Extra Tall Folding Dorm Room Chair

folding dorm chair

Buy it here

Here is also a few extra seating ideas for guys. This cozy chair is perfect for dorm rooms as it is easy to fold and transport. So when you need to seat a few extra people in your college dorm room, you can whip it out with no problem.

14-position Memory Foam Chair

Buy it here

This memory foam chair is one of the greatest dorm room ideas for guys who want to keep their seating options open. It is foldable and can assume up to 14 positions. This includes acting as a sort of extra mattress. Something that might come in handy in a college dorm room.


Get one of the most multipurpose pieces for a guys’ dorm room – a trunk

Navy Texture Brand Trunk

trubk used as a coffee table in a guys dorm room

Buy it here

Getting a trunk is one of the best dorm room ideas for guys. It looks cool in a guys’ dorm and it can double as other pieces of furniture.

Steel Plated Dorm Room Trunk

steel-plated trunk

Buy it here

It provides additional surface space for the dorm room and acts as a coffee table or a nightstand. And it can save you guys space by being able to store quite a lot of stuff. Clothes, valuables, textbooks, bedding, whatever you need, it can fit it.


Use a folding tray table to bring more surface space to your dorm room

Folding Dorm Room Tray Table

Buy it here

If you guys still need more surface space in the dorm room, we’ve got a few ideas.

The folding tray table is easy to store and can give you a more comfortable place to eat or do homework. However, you can also use it to add more style to your room and decorate.

You can prop some artwork on it if you place it against the wall. Keep a lamp or a night light on it or use it to display your music collection.

Hopefully, you’ve found something here to help you transform your dorm room into a living space that you love to spend time in.

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