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Everybody wants to get more storage space.

Without organized storage, your house utensils and clutter will start appearing here and there in a messy way. That is not a pleasant thing for any homeowner. So you need to think about something innovative. If you have a small space, still there is a chance to get a huge storage space.

The traditional wooden or steel shelves are not going to solve your problem. You need to think about some customized options. Yes, custom glass shelves are the ultimate solution. These are elegant and attractive and bring several additional functionalities to the table. So, you can both follow the modern decor trends and enlarge your storage space as per your desire.

Ideal Glass Type Used For Custom Glass Shelves

glass shelves

For this purpose, check out tempered glass, one of the most durable options for you.

The manufacturing process of tempered glass involves extreme heating and then subsequent cooling. This creates the robust durability of the glass. On the other hand, the chemical process makes this type of glass safe for use.

Tempered glass will provide your custom shelves with a classy look that will enhance the beauty of your space. This glass type is available in different sizes, styles, and designs.

There is also another type of glass that can be used for shelving — acrylic sheets.

Acrylic glass sheets are manufactured from a synthetic polymer. The most impressive characteristic of these sheets is lightweight and shatter-resistance. You can get these in several colors. For their wide availability, durability, and looks, these shelves are now a popular choice as well.

Tips For Designing Custom Glass Shelves To Get Maximum Storage Space

If you decorate your space wisely, it is possible to get a maximum storage space to utilize. If you decide to have glass shelves, you’ve got tons of options. Here are some ideas for custom glass shelves that are perfect for small spaces.

Top-hanging shelves as a coffee table alternative

hanging glass shelves

You can install glass shelves hanging from the topside. If you have a small room and not enough space to keep a coffee table, it can be the perfect idea for you. You can keep magazines, books, makeup, and stationery items there.

Fixed bracket shelves for corner storage

glass bathroom shelves

You may know this type of shelving by another name of suspension shelving.

For this, you can use individual brackets to make the shelves free-standing. You can install these in corners or on side-walls where you need some storage space. These shelves will not take up any room on the floor but will give you more breathing space when it comes to storing necessities.

Floating shelves for bathroom & kitchen storage

hanging bathroom shelves

You can have floating shelves in several places. For example, they will look well lining the bathroom basin or a kitchen sink. This is a great idea to extend the storage space not occupying the ground space.

Hanging shelves as extra pieces of décor on the wall

floating glass shelves

You can fit these shelves with wall hooks. These are perfect as extra small space decor pieces and bring a more elegant look to the room.

Free-standing glass shelves that can be moved anywhere

glass shelf stand

From the name alone, the purpose of the shelf is clear. You can fill it with collectibles, glassware, or decor items and move it wherever you need it. Also, you can get it in any size or shape you like. As it is moveable, you can put it in any suitable place.

Large Glass Shelves vs. Small Decorative Shelves: Which Ones to Use?

This may be a big question plaguing your mind.

If you have enough space, you can go for large shelves. Managing your storage in a large space is always easier. But there is an issue with large shelves. If the glass-made shelves are large enough there is a high chance of an accident occurring.

On the other hand, if space is limited then you may have to small shelves. Even if you have a large space to accommodate big shelves, small decorative shelves may still be a better option. Some advantages of sticking to small shelves:

Classy Interior

floating glass shelving

If you are a luxury seeker a glass decorative self should be your choice. These are classy enough to create a stunning look at your place.

Easy Maintenance

Small shelves are easy to clean. It is also so easy to maintain a small one. You can keep things organized with a little effort.

Durable compared to other materials

thick glass shelves

As mentioned earlier, small shelves are more durable than large ones. Because of their size restrictions, you can’t overload the shelves and almost no accidents occur due to being overloaded.

Versatile in design and styles

It is the most important point. You can get a small shelf in any shape, design, or format. The installation process is easier too as these are small enough to fit any place.

More leftover space

bathroom interior with glass shelves

The small decorative shelves still leave tons of space available for you to use for other purposes.

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