Every college-dweller has faced the problem of coming up with worthy dorm room storage ideas.

There’s too little space and too much stuff, especially if you have roommates who have the same amount of stuff. All of this turns into clutter, people get territorial, the morale goes down and the finals are on the horizon.

Clutter also messes with your brain, literally causing your anxiety and stress levels to spike. College already can, and happily does, give you plenty of both, no need to pile on top of that.

So to be able to survive college you’ll need to know how to maximize dorm space and use these dorm room storage ideas that keep clutter at bay

This list contains insanely clever space-saving solutions as well as simple but efficient items for dorm storage. Although every dorm room is different, college students should be able to find ideas that will suit their living situation and help them save space. This also includes those who are renting a small apartment or sharing one with roommates.

Also, the problem of getting privacy often crops up while living in a dorm. So we strongly urge you to check out this post on ways to get privacy in a room that goes beyond simple room dividers.

And make sure to check out this list of storage ideas for a small bedroom, they’ll definitely come in handy and help you maximize space.

Let’s proceed.


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Double your dorm closet storage space with this extension rod

closet storage rod expander

Easily solve your clothes storage problems in a dorm room with this hanging accessory. This rod expander turns your ordinary and tiny dorm closet into a two-level one. Hang it, adjust the length, and have twice the room to store clothing.

The rod expander requires no tools to assemble. And it is easy to dismount when it’s time to move. Plus, it fits most of the wardrobe rods and allows you to mount even more hanging organizers. It hits all the spots on the closet storage space bingo card.

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Go vertical with this over the bed space saver shelf

over the bed dorm storage

Use the space over your bed with this storage shelf. This 48” L x 16” W x 69” H shelf lets you have additional space for organizing your belongings. It was also made out of metal wire and mango wood and will stay with you even post-graduation.

You can never have enough shelves in a small space, especially when we are talking dorm room storage ideas.

And if they don’t require any drilling, well, that’s just a double win for you.

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Make your mini fridge more functional with this drawer stand


Having your own mini-fridge in a dorm room is awesome. What’s even better is having on a functional stand that turns it into a mini snack station.

The steel frame can support up to 200 lbs which should be enough for a standard mini-fridge. Additionally, it has sturdy wheels that allow you to roll it away at any time. It also has two shelves you can use to store snacks, cups, cutlery, plates, and anything else you might need on snacky dorm adventures. Also, you can easily assemble it which is a definite plus in my book.

Figures that one of the most exciting dorm room storage ideas involves the word “snacks”, huh?

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Organize your belongings with this rolling IKEA tray


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IKEA’s Raskog rolling cart is the prime example of multi-purpose furniture. With great capacity and portability, it’s a must-have on any “dorm room space saving ideas” list. Organize your books, makeup, kitchen, or art supplies and have them within arm’s reach. You can fill it up with anything that doesn’t belong anywhere else.


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Available in 3 colors you can match it to your decor. And be sure that after the college’s done, it will be just as useful in your first apartment.

Buy it here

Add a bit of extra to your bed with this space saver headboard

over the bed storage shelf

Let’s be honest, beds in dorm rooms are not usually exciting in any way. But you can add some flare to yours with this headboard as well as turn it into one of the best dorm room storage solutions.

It features 5 shelves and 2 cabinets with sliding doors. That’s extra storage space for keeping your books, makeup, school supplies, phone, and decorative knick-knacks by your bedside. And you’ll have something to lean on during study sessions or Netflix marathons.

It was designed for twin-size beds and measures 44.75″W x 43″H x 11″D.

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Make a clutter-free workstation with this dorm over the desk space saver

dorm space saver desk shelf

Dorm room organization is vital to keep your head in the game. This includes preventing your notes and textbooks from falling into complete chaos.

Add this space saver shelf to your dorm desk to keep it neatly organized. You can adjust the distance between the two parts of the shelf. Plus, it weighs only 5 lbs so you’ll have no problem with it when moving.

You can use it to store anything a regular student would have on their desk – books, study essentials, makeup, jewelry, writing accessories, and so on.

The best part is, it assembles in minutes. That’s less headache for the move-in or move-out day.

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Hang all your clothes in a small dorm closet with these magic hangers

Magic Hangers Space Saving Hangers for Clothes

You’ll need the best dorm room storage hacks to be able to manage your clothes. Especially if you’re forced to share closet space with roommates.

These stainless steel Magic Hangers allow you to have 6 items of clothes in one hanger’s space. So a 12-pack of these hangers gives you 72 shirts and pants taking up little to no space. In fact, one hanger like this can hold up to 30 lbs so winter clothes and jackets are fair game.

Listen, these babies can save you more than 80% of dorm closet storage space. Need I say more?

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Take advantage of the space under your bed with this rolling underbed storage shelf

rolling underbed storage cart
Here’s one of the greatest college dorm room storage ideas. If you have a four-legged dorm bed frame, you’ve got a lot of storage space just waiting to be used. But instead of crawling under there use this rolling shelf to have easy access to your belongings.

The rolling shelf sits off the ground so no mold or dirt can touch your stuff.

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Combine a coffee table with a storage container using this modular cube system

Modular dorm storage system

Having modular and multi-purpose furniture is one of the best dorm room ideas.

For example, this modular system can be shaped into a coffee table or a bookcase. And a 4-cube storage shelf. Yes, flexibility and functionality are what make this a true dorm space saver. You can set it up however you want and take full advantage of the storage it provides.

Add foldable storage cubes to the mix in order to keep your belongings hidden away. It will come real handy when you have only a couple of panicked minutes for cleanup.

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Raise your bed’s storage potential with these clever bed risers

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One of the best ways to save space in a dorm room is to take advantage of your bed. It’s an untapped goldmine in terms of dorm room storage. And with these bed risers, you get to bring its storage capabilities to new heights (pun fully intended).

These carbon steel rods can elevate your bed enough to fit a mini-fridge under there. Or drawers, or trunks, or clothes, or anything else you feel like stashing away. As far as dorm room storage ideas go, this will give you the most hiding space for your things without disrupting the setup of the room.

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If you want something more down-to-earth, you can get the bed risers above that elevate the bed 8” in the air.

bed skirt that covers dorms storage

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You may even outfit your bed with this fun “skirt” (you can choose this option when getting the bed risers). It will both give you hidden storage space and will give the whole room a clean look. Plus, it will make last-minute cleaning a lot easier. Just make sure to measure your bed properly so it fits.

Also, you can finish this ingenious storage setup by adding a handy step stool to it. College gets pretty exhausting both physically and mentally but that shouldn’t prevent you from getting on your bed.


Stash the clothes and shoes that don’t fit in the closet in these storage bags

containers for dorm room storage ideas

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 To create the best under-bed storage for dorms you’ll need storage bags. These are vital to keep your things protected from dust and wear under the bed. The ones above were specifically designed to be durable enough to withstand college and to last way beyond that.

shoes storage organizer for dorm room storage ideas

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Also, both the clothes and the shoe storage bags come in packs of 2 and all have pull handles. So you can count on swiftly pulling them from the depths of the under-bed space without a problem. For more shoe storage ideas, check out this post here.

This is definitely not the end of dorm room storage ideas for the stuff under your bed but consider these two bundles as a starter pack.

Keep your essentials at hand and organized without wasting space

bedside storage caddy for dorms

Keep everything you need right at your fingertips. Not under a pillow or scattered around the room. This caddy has enough pockets to fit your smartphone, stationery items, books, notes, glasses, etc. Basically, this caddy does the same amount of organization as a bulky bedside table.

And don’t worry if you’ve got a lot, the caddy can hold up to 25 lbs.

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Make sense of laundry and clothes with this essential 3-pack organizer

3 piece closet organizer and laundry bag for dorm room storage

Now let’s move to the clothes organization. I have once shared a tiny closet with two other people in a dorm room and it wasn’t exactly fun. But what I’ve learned is that you need to take advantage of the smallest bit of space to keep a certain level of personal comfort.

This kit contains 3 items. Two of them will allow you to go vertical in clothes storage. The sweater/t-shirt shelves will greatly increase your closet’s capacity and compensate for the lack of some sort of dresser. The hanging shoe pockets will allow you to take advantage of another greatly underestimated dorm room storage goldmine – doors.

And last but not least, you get a durable drawstring laundry bag that you can keep both under the bed and in plain sight.

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Turn your closet into a small home office storage space with this organizer

Designed for lockers, these organizers can store a ton of stuff, from books to stationery. All you need to do is find a place to hang them on. It can be a closet rod, a shelf, or an open cubby. If you have a free place like this in your dorm room you can turn it into a great storage space.

All you need to keep the nostalgic school vibe alive is a removable chalkboard accent wall and you’ll be all set.

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Up the look of your room and its storage capacity with these gorgeous trunks

dorm room storage trunk

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The best dorm room storage pieces are the ones that can be of multipurpose use and take up minimal floor space.

These beautiful trunks will instantly make your dorm room look more refined and stylish as well as double as a nightstand alternative. Add to that the extra storage you get with these and it looks like we have the winner as the best college dorm room storage idea.

teal storage trunk chest

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What I love most about storage trunks is that they work with any interior decor, be it boho or retro. Once you move out of the dorm room, these will serve you well in your new apartment and remind you of the simpler times.

amsel storage trunk for dorm room

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Some trunks come in batches of two, while others have useful wheels on them to make transport and cleaning easier. Whichever option you land on, having storage trunks in a dorm room will be a good decision.

Free up your desk with this back chair organizer

dorm room storage ideas chair sack

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Keep your stationery close and out of the way. With 4 pockets available, this organizer goes over the back of your chair. You can store your writing supplies there without wasting valuable space on the desk.

Increase your dorm bathroom’s storage capacity with this rack

over the toilet storage rack

Every dorm is different. But if your room happens to have a private bathroom instead of a shared one, there are some ways to make it more storage-friendly. In any other room, it would be mounting some shelves. But since we’re talking about dorm rooms, the solution needs to be non-invasive.

Enter this over-the-toilet rack.

This shelving unit has a high enough base so that it can fit over a toilet or a washing machine.  It takes little to no space but still gives you two handy shelves and six towel hooks. Keep your makeup, beauty routine or cleaning products, detergents,  jewelry, or shared items in one place. A much better alternative to having this stuff pile up on the floor or carrying it around in a caddy that gets heavier by the day.

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Don’t let out-of-season clothes take up all your space with these compression bags

space saver vacuum bag

These compression bags can greatly reduce the space your clothes are taking up in your drawers.

If you don’t visit home much and live in an area where there’s a dramatic change of seasons each year, these will help you create more dorm room storage space. Put your sweaters and hoodies in these during summer to have more space to fill with t-shirts and tops.

The good thing is, they don’t require a pump or a vacuum to do the whole compressing business.

Instead, when you roll the bag the air escapes through one-way valves, turning bulky clothes flat. Plus, you’ll be able to pack more clothes into your suitcase without needing to pay for extra luggage. No doubt, this is one of the most versatile dorm room storage ideas that will help you even when you leave college. Win-win all around.

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Door organizers can give you plenty of dorm room storage ideas

mirror jewelry door storage

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For many, doors are an untapped territory when it comes to storage. But when you live in a tiny dorm room, you need to take advantage of every surface. This also includes your dorm room door and all the clever organizers you can put on them.

over the door shoe organizer

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You can store your jewelry, shoes, or even random things that you want to be close in these door organizers. Some, like the one below, are designed specifically for bathrooms – temperature- and humidity-resistant.

over the door bathroom organizer

Buy it here

You can chip in for one with your roommates or buy one completely for yourself. Even when you move out, an organizer like this will come in handy at your new place. You can never save too much space.

Even ottomans can serve as your college room space savers


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Ottomans can be great for a lot of things. Mostly for sitting, sure, but they can also store all kinds of things inside. Like the one in the image above, storage ottomans have a detachable lid with plenty of space inside.

velvet storage ottoman

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You can add an ottoman to your vanity table, use it as a multi-purpose nightstand, dining chairs, or keep a few around in case you get visitors. Also, it’s yet another kind of dorm room space saver that you’ll find a use for after college which is a definite plus.

More storage ottomans here

Keep all the bulky items on the not-so-typical mesh shelves

bin style mesh dorm room storage shelves

This shelving unit uses flexible mesh bags instead of stiff material. It’s an ideal solution for storing bulky items such as blankets, pillows, heavy clothes, or even shoes. But it also has a sturdy shelf up top where you can keep storage boxes and any other stuff.

The mesh bags can be removed and washed at any time. Its structure is sturdy but pretty minimalist so it can work with virtually any environment. My guess is, this shelving unit will also be incredibly useful for last-minute cleaning up. Just stuff everything into the mesh bag and be on your merry way.

Buy it here

Create your own DIY storage solution with simple command hooks


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Command hooks will always come in handy. Installing these is non-invasive and it doesn’t require any drilling. From drying towels to organizing jewelry, you can come up with a lot of creative ways to use command hooks in your dorm room.

Command hooks in packs here

To fulfill a more ambitious project, like shoe storage, you will need something tougher. Fortunately, there are a lot of heavy duty command hooks on the market that can hold up to several pounds of weight at a time. So you can recreate a shoe organizer with a few command shoes and a simple rod, make a similar drying rack for clothes, or use them for hanging planters.

Heavy duty command hooks