With small spaces, you always need to be on the lookout for smart solutions. This also includes considering Christmas tree alternatives first thing you hear Mariah’s short Christmas wishlist.

A Christmas tree is the centerpiece of every holiday decorating. But in practice, a Christmas tree is a huge chunk of green needles you can never find the space for. And it’s something your cat or dog can’t wait to topple and ambitiously try to eat.

So, if your space is small and the pet is overeager what do we do? We go vertical. And in this case, we turn to blank walls and Christmas tree alternatives.

Try out these alternative Christmas tree ideas for your walls. It’s a perfect solution for tiny rooms. Saving you space during the holidays and saving you storage space in the offseason.


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Hang this alternative to a traditional Christmas tree on your wall

Made of natural birch branches, this hanging alternative Christmas tree is a breath of fresh air.

Rustic and chic, it more than enough compensates for the lack of a traditional Christmas tree. Also, it comes in a large and small versions, so you can match it to the size of your Christmas tree ornaments collection.

This is one of the most beautiful Christmas tree alternatives and the baubles glistening on the frosted branches of this tree will instantly fill you with holiday cheer.

Buy it here

You can also find alternative Christmas trees that are similar to this one but made in driftwood, here and here.


Cover your wall with this modern Christmas tree tapestry and pin decorations on it

Hanging a tapestry is not only an easy way to create a stunning accent wall. It’s an even easier way to have a DIY Christmas tree without wasting storage or floor space.

As far as alternative Christmas trees go this tapestry is quite realistic as it features a lush, green Christmas tree. You can decorate it by pinning light ornaments and garlands to it. Also, you can hang fairy lights behind this alternative Christmas tree, as shown here, for a more delicate and magical effect.

Buy it here

Pretty up any corner of your small space with this Christmas tree alternative


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There are plenty of Christmas tree alternatives that are constructed around a corner using a set of wooden planks. The beauty of this solution is that while you might not have a full blank wall in your apartment, you can always find a corner that is ready to assume the role of an alternative Christmas tree.

Now, if you are renting or just don’t have access to wooden planks like these, you can still bring this DIY Christmas tree to life. Just use the set of faux wood decals listed below to achieve a similar effect.

Buy it here


Give your Christmas a romantic book vibe with this beautiful DIY project

Some Christmas tree alternatives can be quite stunning. Like this Christmas DIY project that’s going to bring amazing results.

What you’ll need is a book (you can stain it for a vintage effect) and something to stick the pages to the wall (I like using this adhesive putty for similar projects).

Arrange the book pages on the wall in the form of a triangle. The outer pages should be positioned just so that their bottom right corners imitate a Christmas tree shape.

Then, it’s time to let your imagination run wild and decorate the paper Christmas tree you’ve created.


Add airiness to your room with this floating Christmas tree alternative for small spaces

You can find the tutorial for creating this mobile Christmas tree here.

This wood Christmas tree floats in the air like some sort of a mirage. Due to it being suspended from the ceiling, this is one of those Christmas tree alternatives that doesn’t take up any floor space.

It takes 100 paint stir sticks to assemble this curious wood Christmas tree but it will definitely be a Christmas DIY project to remember.


Pretty up a blank wall with this Scandinavian Christmas tree wall decal

Buy it here

If we’re talking walls, we’ve got to mention decal Christmas tree alternatives.

From minimalist to traditional ones, there are a lot of Christmas trees that take on the form of a decal out there. And it’s one of the easiest solutions for those looking for Christmas tree alternatives for the walls. You just stick it and that’s it.


Turn any wall into a chalkboard and draw a quirky Christmas tree on it


This is, probably, one of my favorite alternative Christmas tree ideas for the walls.

You will need a chalkboard wall for that and here you can find 3 ways to create a chalkboard wall in your home.

Then, you’ll just need to show off your drawing abilities. You can go for the simplest triangle tree shape or draw a more detailed Christmas tree, needles and snow included.

Either way, once decorated with lights, garlands, and ornaments it will look amazing.


Use colored washi tape to outline an alternative Christmas tree on a wall, canvas, or panel


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Just as the title says, you take washi tape and outline a Christmas tree shape on any surface.

Fortunately, washi tape comes in tons of amazing patterns, colors, and varying sizes so you can match it to your interior and ornaments. Then, you can decorate your washi tree with a garland, string lights, or baubles.

If you need pointers, follow this tutorial on how to craft alternative Christmas trees with washi tape.


Make and hang this Scandinavian-inspired Christmas tree alternative on your wall

Alternative Christmas tree ideas are always more fun when you get to make them yourself.

To create this plywood Christmas tree follow the tutorial here.


Arrange perfectly wrapped gifts on a shelf to form a Christmas tree silhouette

A shelf filled with gifts, what a beautiful sight. Both for you and your kitty who will try to climb it like a DIY cat tree.

Let’s be real, this type of wall Christmas tree requires a lot of gifts of varying sizes. And it also means that once everyone receives their gifts, the Christmas tree will be gone, unlike regular Christmas trees that tend to stay put at least through New Year’s Eve.

So if you want the Christmas cheer to last a bit longer, you can gift wrap any boxes you’ve got lying around the apartment. For the bigger ones, you can gift wrap a stack of books. For the smaller ones, wrap up some boxed food, makeup boxes, organizers, etc.

Also, to make your time creating this Christmas tree a lot easier here’s an awesome tutorial on how to efficiently gift wrap presents.


Spruce up a blank wall with this romantic swirly Christmas tree decal

As I said before if you want a wide selection of Christmas tree alternatives, decals are your best friends.

But what this particular one shows, is that you can find decals of Christmas trees in a smaller size. Just stick to the wall above a shelf or a table to make it look like it’s sitting on that surface. You can then pile up the gifts under it and create a beautiful Christmas display.

Buy it here


Form a triangle out of ornaments of similar length as a minimalist Christmas tree alternative


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I’ve tried this idea myself and it looked wonderful. This DIY Christmas tree is great for those who don’t have many crafts materials on hand but still want to explore Christmas tree alternatives.

Just make sure that your baubles hang on longer strings (like in the picture). Mine were shorter which made the ‘tree’ look less like a triangle and more like several lines in a row. So yeah, get a festive spool of decorative string for your ornaments 😉


Paint a contrasting minimalist Christmas tree on your wall and decorate it with ornaments

It’s a more permanent solution, but some people don’t put away their Christmas tree for months so…

In all seriousness, Christmas tree alternatives such as this fit in beautifully with a Scandinavian aesthetic. And you can decorate it every season – for fall it will be pumpkins and spider webs, for spring – flowers and faux birds. As for Christmas, well, your imagination is the limit.


DIY a charming alternative Christmas tree from spot #1 using branches, strings, and snow spray


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If you’re in a bit of a DIY mood, then why not make your own Christmas tree made of shapely branches?

Nothing puts you in a Christmas spirit like making the decorations yourself.


Arrange fairy lights on a blank wall to form a festive Christmas tree silhouette

Although this DIY Christmas tree is made only with one item, it makes a hell of a statement.

Look how festive it looks with all the presents lined up under it!

All you need is string lights and, my guess would be, push pins and or/scotch tape.


Use a simple Christmas tree print as a backdrop for light paper garlands and ornaments

Christmas tree alternatives can be as simple as a poster. But a simple poster can do so much.

The fun thing is that you can decorate a Christmas tree poster in so many ways. You can create paper garlands, cut out snowflakes and ornaments. Hang Christmas stockings around it and finish off the look with string lights or live greenery.

You can even go for a shabby chic look like in the picture above. The visible scotch tape and DIY garlands really drive the vintage feel home.

There are a lot of Christmas tree posters out there in a variety of styles so you can really match it to your holiday aesthetic.

Browse here


Make a modern Christmas tree mosaic using a photo printer and a photo of a pine tree


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Some people make Christmas ornaments out of photos. And some people make full alternative Christmas trees out of photos.

You can split a high-quality image of a Christmas tree in an editing program and then print it out – using a traditional printer or an Instax printer.

Then it’s just a matter of putting the images on the wall (like puzzle pieces) and decorating it with string lights.

What are your favorite Christmas tree alternatives? Let me know in the comments below

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