Some people might find this topic irrelevant since they consider a bathroom an insignificant room in the house.

But don’t just get settled for an 80’s style bathroom with a dingy shower curtain or a completely bare shower space. A bathroom can add tons of value to the aesthetics of your home if you remodel it while following these simple hacks. A little spoiler, one of the main tips is to add a full-body mirror to your bathroom to create a sophisticated pro look.

In order to increase your home’s sale value, you have to pay attention to every inch of the house. So how can we overlook the bathroom? If you have an old, small, or dull bathroom but want to transform it into a luxury one, go on and follow these tips.

6 budget-friendly and chic remodeling hacks

step-by step bathroom remodeling hacks

From cheap quick yet brilliant home renewing ideas to beautiful modern looks, we’ve got you covered. Now, you can achieve your goal of remodeling small and old bathrooms and breathe new life into them.

Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

DIY your projects and go online

DIY bathroom remodeling

For a budget-friendly bathroom remodel, the foremost tip is to consider DIY-ing this project and purchasing the necessary goods at online marketplaces.

Let us explain the reason. Do you like DIYing your projects? It’s far more satisfactory than involving a professional team in your project since you get to build something with your own two hands. A DIY route may take a little longer but it’s a fun and cheap way to get any project done.

And although DIY projects can be quite messy, a little elbow grease can go a long way to create a beautiful bathroom renovation. For example, you can DIY frame a bathroom mirror to give it a completely new and unique look.

Consider buying stuff online, but first, research the best online marketplaces. And, in the completion of your projects, YouTube will help a lot. Before hiring a professional and spending a fortune, watch some tutorials and at least give it a try!


Change the paint

paint color in bathroom remodeling

Paint color can affect a lot.

Even in a bathroom, you have to be quite picky when it comes to choosing paint colors. Some colors just don’t work with small spaces or need to be carefully handled by a professional interior designer.

So, try to choose a neutral color for your modern bathroom, to complement the beauty of your bathroom décor without overpowering it. A light neutral color will also brighten up the place and create an illusion of doubling the space.

You can bring about a lot of change with just a simple paint color. Isn’t it budget-friendly?


Add mirrors

mirrors in bathroom renovation

Don’t you think mirrors are just classic? Well, if you have a vanity mirror installed in your home you must know the benefits of possessing one. Still, let’s break down the benefits of carefully choosing a proper mirror for your budget-friendly bathroom renovation.

First, mirrors can enhance the brightness of any space by reflecting light, either natural or artificial. They can also visually double up the space, tricking your guests into thinking that you have a bigger space. Third and most important, custom mirrors can increase the value of any space by giving it a luxurious feel.

You have a bunch of options when it comes to the shape and style of mirrors. Just decide what shape and style would suit your bathroom well, and order it. You can customize your mirror’s look depending on what interior decorating style would suit your bathroom best.

Another sort of mirror to consider is a full-body bathroom mirror. This type of mirror allows you to see yourself from head to toe and beyond. It also does wonders for making the room feel more spacious and open.

It is best to place full-body mirrors in the bedroom or a bathroom, where you usually get ready for going out.


Affordable flooring

floor tiles in bathroom

Don’t want to exceed your budget but still be able to change the floor of the bathroom?

There is a way to do this big change by sticking to your fixed budget. How? You can opt for cheap and affordable flooring options or simply DIY upgrade your already existing floor. Also, you can try to cover it up with a bathroom-friendly rig or fill in the grout to make the floor more presentable (we’ve touched upon this method here).

Look for some good quality cheap flooring options and choose one from it. Otherwise, don’t install new tiles, just DIY paint them to create a completely new look.


De-clutter the space

organized bathroom tray

This can be a new remodeling idea as well as a budget-friendly trick to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Most people do not organize the stuff in their bathroom which can significantly harm the overall look of the room. Just like your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen, your bathroom could use some organization.

So, declutter your mess and see the difference. For more pointers on how to do that, check out this post. De-cluttered space is always way more appealing and lets you feel as if you are entering a luxury space.

Plus, it makes the room look cleaner and that’s always a plus.


Go Green

greenery plants in a bathroom decor

Add more greenery to your bathroom.

No matter if you have a small or a spacious bathroom, plants always add that special something to the décor. They are also affordable and can enrich your life as a new hobby. For some indoor bathroom garden ideas check out this post.

Plants will add a fresh look to your bathroom and bring its aesthetics to new heights.

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be costly if you stick to your fixed budget and apply these tips to your renovation process.

Following DIY tutorials can save you a lot of money and be a fun activity to explore your capabilities. Choosing the right paint can instantly transform your bathroom for the better. By adding more mirrors to the bathroom, you can enhance the overall look without spending much. There are a lot of ways to deal with old flooring, be it by covering it up, painting it, or installing new but affordable tiles.

Lastly, don’t forget the value of decluttering and organizing. All of this, in addition to sprinkling more greenery around the place, can result in a hassle-free low-budget bathroom renovation.

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