The need for storage is a never-ending struggle for apartment dwellers. The good news is that, when it comes to bicycles, you can make your life easier with this elevated bike storage rack. The WEDGE is here to put this problem on a beautiful shelf.


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“A bicycle has been stolen…”

“Please, don’t store bicycles at the-only-place-where-you-can-actually-store-bicycles-outside…”

“A formal complaint has been issued from Neighbor A to Neighbor B concerning inappropriate bike storage…”

Sounds all too familiar?

Storing your bicycle inside the apartment is a clear winner against all these alternatives. Even more so, if you live in a small apartment with no access to a storage unit or a garage.

This bike rack shelf is a perfect solution for anyone who has even a little bit of empty space and common sense.

Hiding a bike behind a couch or inside a closet raises a few concerns. Mainly, you will, without a doubt, leave skid marks, sand, and dirt everywhere while wheeling it in. And who wants to deal with a mess like that every day?

The WEDGE bike rack is like a coat hanger. You install it in the entryway or somewhere close to it. After a day of satisfying riding, all you need to do is walk inside, hang the bicycle on the rack and that’s it. End of story.

Details & measurements

You can get this bike storage rack in 2 interesting designs. One is a singular shelf which only as a place to hang your bicycle. It measures W 29cm x H 12,5cm x D 32cm (11.4” x 4.9” x 12.6”) so it takes up little to no space. Despite that, it can comfortably hold up to 14kg (30 lbs). You can easily install it like a bookshelf or (surprise) a coat rack – just follow the mounting instructions.

The second one, however, is a bit different. With an additional top surface, it can double as a small shelf. Apart from your bike, you can keep your keys, sunglasses, and correspondence on it. It measures W 36cm x H 13,8cm x D 34cm (W 14.2”x H 5.4” x D 13.4”).

Both WEDGE designs are perfect for bikes with handlebars measuring 56cm (22”) in total. The thick foam rubber strip on the rack protects your bike from damage and allows it to sit tightly in place.

The best part is, this bike-shelf comes in some interesting colors and finishes. Mahogany, walnut, birch, and other veneer finishes can be matched to fit your room or to contrast your bicycle.

Bicycle accent

Some might say that keeping a bicycle on a wall like a prized piece of art must look stupid. No. Every room needs an accent, be it an accent wall or a bright piece of furniture. Something that adds character to the whole space and says something about the person who lives there. That’s exactly what this bike rack will do, too.

Still don’t believe me? Look no further than this coffee shop that has incorporated a bicycle into their industrial interior.

coffee shop bicycle accent

Or this entryway with a repurposed bike that serves as a coffee table.

bicycle coffee table entryway

The point is, bicycles have been an integral part of exciting interiors for some time now. And this minimalist bike storage solution is right there in the mix.

Your bike is safe from the elements and theft. Floors are sand-free. The room looks unique and personal. Not bad for a small storage rack.

You can look through the whole selection of these bike racks in the World Of Our Cubes shop here. But if you want the one you see on the images above just click on the link in the caption to be taken to the listing page.

What is your approach to bike storage? Got any hacks or tips for fellow enthusiasts/small space dwellers? Let us know in the comments below!