Fast food scented candles, mid-century homes, elegant mosquito swatters, and cat cabinets.

Honestly, it’s been the longest year and it’s just February. So let’s take a breath and look at some fun interior decor ideas and designs.




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First, let’s look at some interesting product finds of the week

This hanging jewelry organizer that also gives you shelf space

hanging jewelry organizer shelf

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These nesting ottomans that look like ancient chests

nesting ottomans

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This kitchen helper stool that converts into a desk for toddlers

convertible kitchen helper stool desk for toddlers

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This odorless compost bin for food waste that fits on your counter

counter compost bin for food waste

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This cherry-shaped set of measuring spoons and a yolk separator

cherry measuring spoon set

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This mid-century 17-square-meters house from The Tiny House Company

mid-century tiny house mid-century tiny house

Well, here’s an interesting blend for mid-century enthusiasts who are on the lookout for a tiny house of their dreams.

The Tiny House Company offers this ‘Swallowtail’ model. It’s a 17-square-meter (194-square-foot) trailer with a butterfly room and lots of customization options. ‘Swallowtail’ is a flexible space that can be adapted to your needs in terms of storage, shelving, planters, and even a deck.

This tiny house also includes a loft that can be accessed using a drop-down ladder. But during the day it can be hidden to maximize the open space feel.

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This elegant hideaway desk from Bastien Chapelle for a minimalist office space

hideaway folding desk hideaway folding desk

A hideaway desk is one of the best and least intrusive solutions for a home office in a small space. And when a desk looks like the ‘Elmer Desk’, it’s a real treat for the eyes, too.

Bastien Chapelle created ‘Elmer’ for iRESISTUB, and it’s a looker. It’s sleek, minimalist, and takes up little to no space. When folded, it looks like a small storage cabinet. But inside it has enough space and shelving for your work essentials, stationery, notebooks, and anything else for your creative process.

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This McDonald’s candle set that’ll have your home smell like quarter-pounder for 25 hours

mcdonalds scented candle set

McDonald’s is set to release a scented candle pack.

If you’re tired of lavender and vanilla scents, this set that includes bun, ketchup, onions, beef, pickles, and cheese-scented candles will be right up your alley. It is advised to burn all the candles at once to have the quarter-pounder delicious smell fill your home, your soul, and awaken your taste buds.

Although, it’s hard not to be curious about how some of these will do on their own. I need those pickles!

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This beautiful flower-shaped electric mosquito swatter

electric mosquito zapper electric mosquito zapper

Designer Sheng-WenWang gives a classic mosquito swatter an upgrade. Both in looks and functionality.

Let’s be honest, a mosquito swatter is a necessity for some of us. And it’s also an eyesore that is impossible to find when you most need it.

This design, however, turns the whole concept around. Elegant and flower-shaped, the ‘Home Swatter Vase’  zapper from Sheng-WenWang can be held on display in an accompanying vase.

It being a fancy piece of decor also makes it easy to find in a time of crisis. Like when you’re being swarmed by bloodthirsty mosquitoes.

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This storage cabinet from 24Storage that doubles as an entertainment complex for your cats

cat wooden cabinet cat wooden cabinet


Meet the Cat Flat created for 24Storage by designer Eleonor Moschevitz.

What looks like an ordinary storage cabinet, hides everything your cat might need to be happy. And it’s not just a guess. The Cat Flat was built in collaboration with a cat psychologist, Hellman Holmström, who has outlined 10 necessities for cats’ happiness and included those into the design.

The cabinet is filled with scratchers, vertical and horizontal space for playing, peepholes, and swings. Plus, it being a cabinet, allows you to quickly create a hideaway place for your cat.

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This book nook from Miniature Decor Design that creates a tiny world on your bookshelf

book nook bookend

Book nooks are becoming more and more of a trend.

Book nook is basically an insert for your bookshelf that has a miniature world built inside. It’s like a diorama that is hidden between your favorite books.

Some people make their own (you can see a lot of interesting creations on this subreddit), some are crowdfunded (like this Wizard Alley book nook from Techlarge), and some you can buy online.

Like this one here. A charming diorama of a peaceful Italian street.

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