Modular furniture, a cactus coat hanger, and a charming 100-square-feet tiny house.

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This 10-square-meter house dubbed ‘Galiano 100’ in Vancouver

tiny house for newlyweds tiny house for newlyweds tiny house for newlyweds

This tiny house was built by Trim Studio for a newlywed couple in Vancouver. The 100-square-foot (9.29-square-meter) build sits in picturesque scenery overlooking the city.

Despite its size, the house has everything you’d need for a comfortable life including a living room, bedroom, kitchen with a wood-burning stove, and an outdoor shower. The cherry on top is a spacious patio with an outdoor shower and a sitting area. But my personal favorite is an additional outdoor deck with a jacuzzi…Mmm, what a dream.

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This no-screws Dougong table that assembles like LEGO from Mian Wei

no screws table no screws table

A piece of furniture that requires no screws sounds like a dream (I still get flashbacks from my latest adventure with assembling IKEA chairs).

This table, designed by Mian Wei, uses a traditional Chinese Dougong method to make it possible. The table’s base is built of modular blocks and beams that require no screws, nails, glue, or anything of that kind. It can be easily disassembled for storage or moving.

Mian Wei won Silver A’Design Award for this unique grid table, too.

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This ‘Cluc’ multi-functional cat furniture from Laia Fusté Cusó

organic cat furniture organic cat furniture

This cat furniture from Laia Fusté Cusó seeks to encourage the connection between a pet and an owner.

Cluc is a collection of multi-functional items made of organic materials.

There’s a nightstand with a removable top that doubles as a cat condo. The one that looks like a clay vase is actually a cat feeder. The collection also includes a cat yarn toy. You can see more of Cluc on the designer’s Behance profile.

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This fun coat rack from Mario Tsai that’s shaped like a cactus

cactus coat rack

Here’s a fun way to spruce up your entryway.

Where most coat hangers are a bland and unnoticeable, this creation from Mario Tsai is anything but. This coat rack is shaped like a cactus and fulfills a concept of ‘soft minimalism’. You can throw a coat or a sweater over the ‘branches’, place a hat on top of them, or use them as an umbrella holder. You can also use the hooks on the ‘stem’.

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This creative shelf with lighting ropes from Studio Knob

Here’s one of the most unique light fixtures you can find. ‘Click’ is a shelf and a lamp. The lamps, in this case, are ropes intertwined with LED lights. They turn on when connected to the metal underside of the shelf that has low voltage electricity running through it.

The fun part of ‘Click’ is that you can mix and match the placement of ropes or the amount you have plugged in. And, of course, there’s a shelf which is always welcome in a small space.

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And now, it’s time for some product finds of the week

These cat paw chair socks that eliminate the noise and keep your floors scratches-free

cat paw chair socks cat paw chair socks cat paw chair socks

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This folding exercise bike that’ll let you work out even in the tiniest space

folding exercise bicycle for small spaces

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This macrame swing you can hang anywhere

macrame swing

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This shoe organizer that doubles the space in your closet

shoe storage organizer
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This frying pan splatter guard that protects you from hot oil

frying pan splatter guard

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This folding lap desk that has storage space inside

lap desk with storage space inside

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