This week we’re diving into unique small houses, be it shipping containers and whatnot.

And one of these things will make you want to get rid of your kitchen for good.

Intrigued? Well, let’s scroll down then, shall we?


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This tiny house in Japan that’s only 1.4-metres-wide

narrow house in tokyo japan

Meet Jewel, an L-shaped house courtesy of Apollo Architects & Associates. This black-steel clad house was squeezed into a tiny lot in Tokyo, Japan. In fact, the narrowest part of the house measures only 1.4 meters (4.6 feet). And it has a total floor area of a little bit over 80 square meters (860 sq feet). Even so, it boasts a clean minimalist interior design with black accents that echo the exterior of the house.

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This luxurious smart bed from Savoir that spins 360°

spinning 360 bed

Behold! The most expensive bed in the world that can rotate 360°. Its hefty price tag of $300,000 comes along with app-enabled rotation, reading lights, USB ports, power outlets, and premium materials.

Fun fact, the idea for the bed was born from addressing one of Savoir client’s dilemma – should a bed face a fireplace or the garden window? Well, with this custom solution, the bed can face every way possible.

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This wall-mounted microwave design from Kevin Choi

wall-mounted microwave wall-mounted microwave wall-mounted microwave

A microwave is usually one of the biggest offenders in wasting counter space. Unless you have this wall-mounted microwave from Kevin Choi.

When not in use, it collapses almost flat against the wall. Release the bottom part and place a bowl of soup on it. You can then cover it with the retractable top part and watch the plate heat up through the translucent material.

Now, this, unfortunately, is a concept design. But someone definitely needs to pick it up because this microwave can turn small-space cooking on its head.

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This beautiful shipping container house from Handcrafted Movement

shipping container house shipping container house shipping container house

Shipping container houses have been around for a while. But this design from Handcrafted Movement manages to stand out from the crowd.

The Pacific Harbor model is a looker from the get-go thanks to its unique exterior paneling. Despite its small size, the interior feels light and spacious. The doors inside echo the exterior of the house while giving privacy to certain areas of the house. The loft area can house a bedroom while downstairs you can set up a home office near the gorgeous kitchen. It’s a perfect space for two that can give traditional houses a run for their money.

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This rotating fully-equipped Circle Kitchen that saves so much space

rotating circle kitchen

Who would’ve thought that you can fit a full-fledged kitchen into a 19-square-feet cylinder?

Meet Circle Kitchen, a compact kitchen for hotels, offices, and tiny houses. Its unique rotating design gives plenty of room for necessary appliances, counter space, shelving, and even a small pantry. The built-in appliances can be customized and range from an oven, fridge, and stove to a latte machine.

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This chic coffee table that doubles as a wine holder and an ice bucket

wine holder coffee table

Multifunctional furniture is everything, whatever the size of your living space is. So here’s another unique piece of furniture for those who love ordinary things with an extra spin.

This coffee table from James Langton doubles as a wine holder. Moreover, the glass top features a built-in ice bucket to keep your current beverage cool and breezy. The base of the table can hold up to 6 bottles at a time.

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This bubblegum-pink kitchen designed by Adam Nathaniel Furman

pink kitchen pink kitchen

This colorful kitchen is bound to awaken your inspiration for cooking. Filled with bright colors and patterns, this Tokyo apartment was designed by Adam Nathaniel Furman. But the crown jewel of this 160-square-feet is definitely the pink kitchen and the herringbone backsplash.

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And now, it’s time for some product finds of the week

This clothes hook that can be folded away when not in use

folding clothes hook

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These clips that turn any cabinet door into a pantry

cabinet clip organizers

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This laundry hamper bag you can hang on a bathroom door

door-mounted laundry bag
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This rack that organizes all your bakeware & pans

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This set of wall-mounted shelves & perches for your active cat
cat perches and shelves

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