We’ve been doing this for over a month and there’s still so much exciting and interesting stuff I’d like to show you.

This week it’s all about storage, creative spaces, plants, and a bit of wackiness.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.


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This vintage 1973 Airstream that went through a modern remodeling

Leah MacDaniel

A Virginia-based couple, Grace Kuhn and David Phinney, spent 18 months remodeling this 1973 Airstream trailer. Their hard work resulted in this beautiful and cozy living space. The combination of multi-purpose furniture, storage and comfort now allows them to take their traveling adventures to new heights.

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This bunk bed that doubles as a storage unit from Amber Lewis

Tessa Neustadt

This bunk bed by Amber Lewis creates so much storage space! Created for her latest project, this bunk bed was combined with a bookshelf and drawers. Plus, unlike typical bunk beds, this one has a small set of stairs that lead to the upper level.

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This peculiar combination of a bathroom and a home gym from Mattia Pareschi

In collaboration with Scavolini, Mattia Pareschi came up with the ‘Gym Space’ line. It’s a line of exercise equipment and furnishings meant for bathrooms. This includes an eco-leather bench, dumbells shelvings, pull-up bars and more. So if you have little to no time to exercise, you can combine it with personal grooming.

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This unique planter that keeps your plants upside down

Add more greenery and taste to your life without wasting valuable surface space. If your window sills and kitchen counters are already crammed, you can place your herbs on the ceiling. The Sky Planter was designed just for that purpose. The unique design makes it easy to pluck the herbs and impossible to take your eyes off this interesting installment.

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This relaxing apartment from be3design with an indoor hammock and a projector


For a relax of a lifetime, look no further than this apartment in Warsaw, Poland. Brilliantly designed by the be3design studio, this apartment features an indoor hammock. It’s a perfect place to chill in and admire the greenery outside. And if you get bored with the real world, you can unfold a hidden projector and dive into the world of cinematography.

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This triumphant crab spoon holder from Ototo

This red crab might not sing you any songs but it will give you a helping claw hand in the kitchen. Designed by Ototo, it’s a handy spoon holder that can sit on the side of the pot. You can rest the cooking spoon on its reliable claws between stirs and keep the countertops clean and spotless.

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And now, it’s time for some product finds of the week

This wacky waving inflatable tube guy desk toy

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This bedside pocket caddy for extra bed storage

bedside pocket caddy

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These reusable silicone bags for storage and sous vide cooking

reusable silicone bag

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This mobile & adjustable bedside bassinet

mobile bedside bassinet

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This kitchen baker’s rack that gives you so much storage space

baker's rack storage shelf

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