This week we’ve got incredible space-saving furniture, sus alarm clocks, fancy cat trees, and more.

Plus, a few gourmet pastimes you can enjoy at home, too.

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This folding desk that gives you a home office without wasting any space

folding desk folding desk

Imagine a workstation that normally doesn’t take up any space. And it takes only a few seconds to set it up.

This is the deal with the ‘MARCEL’ folding desk from France-based Christophe Gernigon Studio. It’s a work-from-home piece of furniture for those who need to make do in a small apartment.

Its unique design allows it to fold almost completely flat. So after a day of work, you can fold it and hide it behind a piece of furniture or simply lean it against the wall. It’s your own home office area that takes up no space at all.

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These minimalist cat trees for the fanciest felines on the block

minimalist cat tower

The vast majority of cat trees have the same look. It’s not a bad look (who doesn’t like plush?) but it leaves some space for improvement. Which is exactly what Zulo Mx has taken advantage of.

Zulo Mx cat trees are aesthetically stunning, minimalist cat towers for urban pet owners. Where there used to be plush, there is now wood and steel. With up to three levels and sisal rope accents, these trees will keep both cats and their design-conscious owners satisfied.

high-end dog beds

And they’re got high-end dog beds too 😉

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This ‘Among Us’ alarm clock and nightlight that’s kinda sus

among us alarm clock nightlight among us alarm clock nightlight

These past few months, a multiplayer indie game ‘Among Us’ has taken the world by storm. So is it any surprise that its influence has trickled down into the design world? Nope, not sus at all.

It is a digital clock created by Kim Min Soo. The clock is shaped like one of the crewmates of the game. Take the top half of the clock off and you get a nightlight, with a signature ‘Among Us’ femur bone protruding from the, now unfortunately dead, astronaut.

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This washer-dryer combo from LG that’s perfect for micro-apartments

LG washtower

Fitting a full-size dryer and washer into an apartment is no small feat. Unless you have the LG WashTower.

To put it simply, the WashTower takes up half the floor space the traditional washer-dryer duo does. But at the same time, it gives you the benefit of a full-size load capacity.

Unlike regular stacked washers and dryers, WashTower has another interesting quality. It is a single unit operated by a single control panel that is easy to read and use. This kind of design also allows the WashTower to be shorter than you’d expect and easier to fit small spaces.

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This ‘Tumble’ lounge chair you can convert over and over to serve your needs

folding tumble chair folding tumble chair

Space-saving and convertible furniture is one of the best solutions for small spaces. And the design geniuses keep on giving and coming up with pieces that transform how we perceive regular furniture.

Take ‘Tumble’, for example, that fluidly adjusts to your needs. It can be an armchair, a lounge chair, or even a table. The ‘Tumble’ is made of interlocked hollow blocks that you can not only rearrange but also use for storage, as well.

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But wait! There’s more…

This ‘Back To The Future’ hoverboard doormat

back to the future doormat

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This cast-iron cocotte shaped like a pumpkin

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This wine glass holder that doubles as a cheeseboard

wine glass holder cheese board

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This kit that allows you to make your own chili sauce

chili sauce kit

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This door-mounted shoe rack organizer

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