This week we’ve got plenty of small space inspiration to gawk at. Beautiful shabby chic interiors, unique staircases, hanging table, and even something for our furry companions.

And, a personal favorite, a cozy knitted bean bag chair for lounging during the dark fall evenings.

Let’s get to scrolling!


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The Chippy White Table rental that is full of incredible decor ideas

chippy white table decor chippy white table decor chippy white table decor

If you’re looking for a perfect blend of shabby chic inspiration, look no further than Chippy White Table.

It is an aesthetically stunning venue used for small weddings, photoshoots, parties, and family events. Chippy White Table was founded by Julie Piazza and Stella Novack, a mother-and-daughter team.

The venues available for rent are stunning, with their avant-garde furniture and accessories, airy color schemes, and vintage accents. You can browse their selection of rooms, furniture, and decor to gather inspiration for your next big event.

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This modular cat tree that gives your cat everything in the smallest amount of space

catrub cat tree catrub cat tree

Giving your pet everything it needs means giving up a lot of free space in the apartment.

However, cat owners will rejoice at the sight of this modular scratching post for cats. Catrub ONE is an all-in-one home for felines with a comfy bed, scratching pads, brushes, and toys. Best of all, its stacked design allows cat owners to save tons of space to fill with even more cat toys.

You can configure the Catrub to suit your cat’s preferences. And once the cardboard or sisal scratching pads wear off, you can easily replace them with new ones.

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This transforming chair that allows you to sit in 10+ comfortable ways

beyou transforming chair

If you can never manage to sit in one position while working, here’s a chair that will suit you like no other.

The ‘BeYou’ chair does exactly what it says – it allows you to express yourself through countless sitting positions. The back support and side wings can be adjusted to suit your sitting style, from cross-legged to laying on your belly.

By experimenting with the chair you can assume over 10 different sitting positions and experience less pain at the end of the day.

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This elegant hanging shelf/nightstand that saves tons of floor space

toupy hanging shelf

Floor space is a valuable resource in a small apartment. Designers also recognize this fact, which is why products like ‘Toupy’ pop up more and more every day.

It is hard to discern whether these are shelves or coffee tables. But the most important thing is that ‘Toupy’ provides valuable surface space without touching the ground. You can mount them on a ceiling, almost like a chandelier, and use them as a substitute for nightstands or as accent pieces in the living room.

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This staircase that blends into steel and wood workstation

staircase workstation

Unique staircases are a wonder to behold. Designers always come up with incredibly creative ways to incorporate staircases into households, and this one is no exception.

Designed by Bates Masi Architects, this staircase seamlessly blends into a workstation fit for those working from home. The workstation is built out of the same materials as the staircase – wood and steel. This helps the whole structure to look more cohesive and stand as an inseparable part of the household.

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But wait! There’s more fun stuff from this week

This tiny appliance that makes incredible custom breakfast sandwiches

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This folding exercise bike that tells you everything about your workout

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This adult knitted bean bag chair that’s just so cozy

adult knitted bean bag chair

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This petite jewelry organizer that looks like a mountain

mountain jewelry organizer

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This push pins set that looks like a delicious piece of sushi

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