This week on BOTW we’ve got the smartest coffee table you’ve ever seen, a bed of every gamer’s dream, and planters that you will want to stick in every nook of your apartment.

And a piece of exercise equipment that is a must for anyone who’d rather not got to the gym to get ripped.

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Meet the coolest coffee table with a built-in power station, fridge, lights, and storage

the coolest coffee table the coolest coffee table the coolest coffee table the coolest coffee table the coolest coffee table

In a small space, your coffee table can become the center of your home office and even your dining room. This is why ‘The Coolest Coffee’ table makes so much sense.

This baby has too many features to list because it is probably the most unique piece of furniture out there. It’s got everything from a full-blown power station with twin AC power stations and USB ports to multiple hidden storage compartments and a fridge.

Yes, it is a table with a built-in fridge. And double Bluetooth speakers. And a pop-up tabletop. And it can perform an RGB light show.

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These smart planters that allow you to grow fresh herbs on the fridge

pico smart planter pico smart planter pico smart planter

There are many benefits to having plants in your apartment, from aesthetic to growing fresh herbs to be added to your food.

You can take on the process of setting up an indoor garden by yourself or you can choose the easiest and most fun way – the Pico planters.

The best feature of these smart planters is that you don’t need a huge outdoor space to cultivate an indoor garden. You can keep these on a shelf, window sill, wall, or even mount them on the fridge.

For those who don’t sport a green thumb, Pico features a self-watering system and a series of LED grow lights.

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This resistance band trainer that tracks your progress like a personal trainer

smart resistance bands training smart resistance bands training

The best kind of exercise is the one you can get real data from, whether it is lost pounds or improved measurements.

Hyfit is a great resistance training equipment for small spaces and users who want to have real insight into their workout. The accompanying app will track your reps, calories burned, speed, force, and overall performance. It is a piece of affordable smart equipment that can give you the workout of a lifetime in the comfort of your apartment.

With resistance bands, you can target every group of muscles from biceps to abs and glutes. And the best news is that you can use them in any type of fitness routine from cardio, to muscle training, to HIIT workout.

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These DONUT lamps that can make your room ‘pop!’

donut lamp donut lamp donut lamp

Add some sweetness to your space with this DONUT lamp.

This lamp was designed by Josh Sperling in collaboration with Case Studyo. It comes in 3 colors which are orange, yellow, and pink. The lamps measure 60 cm in diameter and can add a pop of color to any space.

The Case Studyo said it best, “The light sculpture has the power to profoundly affect the atmosphere when incorporated in your personal space. Bathe in the DONUT’s immersive hue and experience the glow’s soothing effect.”

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This gaming bed is a real thing that’ll take your gaming (or working) to a new level

gaming bed gaming bed gaming bed

Yes, there are gaming chairs and desks. But a gaming bed is what truly takes gaming to the next level.

Japanese brand Bauhautte makes furniture for modern gamers which includes this gaming bed. In fact, you can turn your existing bed into a gaming paradise using a variety of accessories the brand offers.

These include a specialized desk for the foot of the bed, a gaming bed sofa, side tables, and even a small cart for snacks.

Not gonna lie, this would be a pretty sweet setup for a home office.

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But wait! There’s more…

These Zodiac glowing LED signs for your walls

zodiac led signs

Get them here

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This bath mat shaped like a running Dachshund

dachshund runner dog bath mat

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This egg poacher that floats in water like a tiny island
ototo egg poacher

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This 3-tier vegetable steamer that folds for compact storage

joydeem foldable steamer
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These hanging bats for spooking up your balcony or backyard

outdoor bats decorations

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