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This ALTO camping trailer that can double as a mobile house

alto camper alto camper alto camper

If you love camping, you will also love this Alto camping trailer. If you hate camping, you will still love this ultra-comfortable and stylish camper.

It’s a win-win.

Alto series consists of environmentally-friendly campers that turn your camping into glamping. In fact, Alto can double as a mobile home since it is outfitted with everything you might need for comfortable living. It has a stove, water, and power system installed in place.

And, well, Safari Condo (the manufacturer) has made it so cozy inside that it is impossible to resist it.

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This 10-in-1 cutting board with a built-in scale and knife sanitizer

chopbox cutting board chopbox cutting boardchopbox cutting board scale

One of our favorite products from this post on kitchen counter space-savers is a cutting board with hidden storage containers.

ChopBox, however, takes the idea of a functional cutting board and amps it up to 1000%. This smart cutting board has too many features (10, in fact) to list. But it does have a built-in UV-C sanitizer you can use to disinfect knives.

Also, it has a built-in digital scale which is a saving grace for those who count calories or need to follow recipes to a T.

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This ridiculously cute OTE blender that comes in different pastel shades

ote juicer blender ote juicer blender ote juicer blender

Where typical kitchen appliances look lifeless and robotic, OTE looks charming and cute.

Ordinary blenders are usually something to be hidden away in a cabinet since they don’t mix with most interior decor styles. However, OTE juicers with their pastel hues, adorable form, and chrome details beg to be put on display.

These OTE guys are perfect for making smoothies, shakes, sauces, and cocktails. The clear top half also comes with a detachable lid with a wrist loop for drinks you’d like to enjoy on the go.

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This furniture set from Ying Chang made entirely out of paper

paper furniture

Furniture made of paper? Sure, why not?

This collection was designed by designer Ying Chang in order to give life to one of the most used and discarded materials.  So far a multitude of furniture pieces and homeware items has been created, including chairs, mirrors, shelves, and waterproof vases.

The process of bringing such a piece to live includes turning the paper into pulp and combining it with glue. The dried result comes out sturdy and ready to be decorated with more artistic pieces of paper.

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This stackable tea set that looks like a bamboo stem

bamboo-shaped tea set bamboo-shaped tea set

We have a soft spot for homeware items that masquerade as plants (as you’ll see below). So this ‘bamboo’ set making the list this week was a given.

This tea set was designed by RONG Design for a luxury hotel brand in China. It’s bamboo-like look is an homage to the district in which it is located that is known for its vast bamboo fields.

The whole bamboo-shaped set includes a teapot, a teacup, and a teaspoon stacked together. And yes, the teaspoon is shaped like a bamboo leaf that adds charm to the whole assortment.

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And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

These glasses that look like a roman column when stacked on top of each other

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This wall-mounted all-in-one bathroom organizer

all-in-one bathroom organizer

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This flexible wooden tray you can drape over the arm on the sofa

wooden sofa tray

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These bat decals that’ll create a perfect Halloween atmosphere

halloween bat decals

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