Intricate shelves that wrap around corners.

A space-saving acorn-shaped chair for both humans and pets.

The most interesting office seat for those who can’t sit straight for the life of them.

An air-purifying lamp that kills bacterias with the power of light and plants.

And a lot more. Let’s start scrolling!


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These unique shelves that go inside or around the corner

wrap around corner shelves

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There are regular shelves and then there are these around-the-corner shelves.

The name is pretty self-explanatory – these shelves go bend around the corner and keep going. Some of these unique shelves even go across several walls and wrap around multiple corners. Adding some interesting dimension to bare walls, these shelves are a valid alternative to accent walls and picture galleries.

wrap around the corner shelves

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And some go directly inside the corner.

Just remember to fill them with your favorite knick-knacks and tchotchkes!


This modern Acorn Leisure Chair that’ll keep you and your pet comfortable

acorn leisure pet chair acorn leisure pet chair

We absolutely love smart pet products and space-saving furniture. So this chair is a total slam dunk since it combines both!

Meet the Acorn Leisure Chair courtesy of Wei Jingye, Chen Yufan and Wang Ruilin. Named after its interesting form, the Acorn chair has space to keep both humans and pets comfortable. If your et chooses to play along (and with cats it’s not always the case), you will have the top seat for yourself and your furball will have the area below.

Or you can use the wrought-iron basket as a magazine rack or storage space for your book collection.

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This Soul Seat chair allows you to assume the weirdest positions while working

soul seat ergonomic chair soul seat ergonomic chair soul seat ergonomic chair soul seat ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chairs are great for those who sit like normal human beings. But for those of us who don’t (like yours truly) and sit cross-legged at the desk, they won’t do much.

Fortunately, there is a new chair on the block that caters to those who need to tie themselves in a knot to get the creative juices flowing. Soul Seat allows you to sit in front of a desk while cross-legged, with one leg tucked under the other, half-kneeling, or even squatting.

The chair allows you to stay active during work and shift between positions. And, thanks to the input from physical therapists, yoga instructors, and industrial engineers, stay comfortable and ergonomically aligned.

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This lamp uses the power of plants and UV-C lights to sterilize the air

air purifying lamp air purifying lamp

We know that plants purify the air. But what if we also add an actual air purifier and UV-C to the mix?

The OLEV ‘Pure BioAir’ Lamp is an ordinary lamp with extraordinary features. This LED lamp doubles as an air purifier that pulls the inside its frame and purifies it with UV-C light.

To top it all off, Pure BioAir also acts as an indoor garden. The top of its frame can be populated with Tilandsia plants, also known as ‘smog-eating’ plants. Those who do not possess a green thumb, don’t worry! Tilandsia doesn’t require soil and pulls the nutrients it needs from the moisture in the air which makes one of these portable ACs a perfect companion for it.

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And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

This watering can that doubles as a sprayer bottle

watering can that doubles as a sprayer bottle

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This extra comfy foldable japanese floor mattress

japanese floor mattress

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This wooden robot lamp that can hold your books

wooden robot lamp

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These wall mirrors that show the phases of the moon

moon phase mirrors

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