This week we’ve got some sea creatures from the depths of the ocean, cubicles, and fitted sheets.

Each one of them is a perfect addition to a small space. Yes, even the sea creature.

Okay, let’s start scrolling.


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These fitted bedsheets with handy pockets for essentials and snacks

bedsheets with pockets
bedsheets with pockets

Every time we think we’ve seen every space-saving solution on the planet, something new comes along. For example, these fitted sheets with pockets. Designed by Byourbed, these sheets allow you to keep your essentials as close as possible. The sheets have two pockets on each side for both bed inhabitants.

The pockets can hold small items such as glasses or a smartphone and not-so-small items such as a book or a tablet.

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This wrap-around refrigerator pantry  that is a storage paradise

wrap-around fridge kitchen pantry wrap-around fridge kitchen pantry wrap-around fridge kitchen pantry

A fridge has tons of potential to become the centerpiece of extra kitchen storage. You can outfit it with magnetic shelves, or use it as a base for your indoor garden, or… You can wrap it in this Grand Larder Unit from Neptune. It is a modular set of cabinets, drawers, and racks that form a state-of-the-art pantry around your fridge.

This wrap-around unit can hold fresh produce, dry goods, bread, condiments, sices, and additional dishes. It is a unique alternative to wall-mounted cabinets that is easy to put together even by yourself.

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This Panasonic cubicle that gives you home office in just 15 minutes

komoru home office cubicle komoru home office cubicle komoru home office cubicle

Working from home is fine when you live alone. But if you add parents, kids, siblings, or roommates to the mix, it becomes a trial of patience and mental fortitude.

To be productive when surrounded by people you need a private nook to call your home office. Panasonic has created Komoru cubicle just for this task. It is a desk and partition combo that can be assembled in just 15 minutes. The 4-feet-tall cubicle allows you to focus on your work while still being aware of your surroundings, including your housemates.

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This coffee table has a fan hidden inside it that cools down your place

fan coffee table brise fan coffee table brise fan coffee table brise

Summers are great if you have the means to cool down your room. Fortunately, there are tons of air conditioners out there for small space dwellers.

And for the design-conscious, there is Brise – a coffee table that doubles as a fan. Designed by Wonho Lee, this table safely conceals a fan inside its body and ensures an optimal airflow in the room. The table also solves an age-long problem of storing a bulky, dusty fan outside the summer season. It is a multifunctional piece of furniture that will stay relevant throughout the year.

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These stackable planters with ‘teeth’ allow you to create a vertical jungle

stackable planters stackable planters stackable planters

Plant towers are not exactly a new concept. But these Elevated Planters put an interesting twist on the idea of stackable gardens.

These planters from Chris Ference have toothed bases. This allows you to stack the planters on top of each other by slotting the ‘teeth’ onto the smooth rim of a planter underneath. The metal planters come in a variety of sizes so smaller pots can go on top in order to let the plants underneath get some sunlight. Now you can add a stunning vertical jungle to your indoor garden that you can build upon.

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And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

This bat-shaped corkscrew to put a spooky twist on your wine

halloween bat corkscrew

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This modular pegboard for every room in the house

pegboard shelf wall organizer


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This core trainer that gives you a full-body workout while playing games

interactive core trainer
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This octopus key holder to spruce up your entryway

octopus key holder

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