Welcome, welcome! This week we’ve got transforming beds, storage beds that sit in the floor, and queen-size sofas.

There is definitely a theme to this week’s assortment. That may or may not be inspired by a recent lack of sleep of yours truly.

But enough of chatter, let’s get to scrolling, shall we?


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This convertible crib ‘UP!’ that can transform into a sofa, a desk, and a toddler bed

transforming crib up transforming crib up transforming crib up transforming crib up

Imagine the crib that grows with your child. Or rather, transforms to meet the needs of your growing bundle of joy.

Created by a Poland-based Husarska Design Studio, this crib is meant to finally make kid’s furniture multifunctional. Normally, cribs have a short lifespan and buying a toddler bed, a desk, and a sofa only adds up more costs. But the Bellamy ‘UP!’ crib already contains all of those pieces in one. What’s more, it has built-in storage in the form of drawers.

We’ve focused on multifunctional cribs before and it is great to see that this trend of creating multipurpose kid’s furniture is continuing strong.

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This ‘Diplomat’ sofa from Bludot that flips forward and becomes a queen-size bed

diplomat queen size sofa diplomat queen size sofa diplomat queen size sofa diplomat queen size sofa

How about a sofa and a guest bed in one neat minimalist package?

A sofa that transforms into a sleeping arrangement is nothing new. But this Diplomat convertible sofa from Bludot takes an old concept to new heights.

By day it is a comfortable 80-inch sofa lined with premium pillows and durable upholstery. By night, you can flip it forward to create a queen-size bed for your overnight guests. Or, as a small apartment dweller, have it all for yourself. A queen-size bed sofa sounds a lot better than a caving pullout couch.

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This unfolding beetle-inspired side table called ‘Elytra’

beetle inspired side table beetle inspired side table beetle inspired side table beetle inspired side table

Even if you have a fear of insects, this table will have your phobia make an exception.

The ‘Elytra’ side table features a beetle-like design. The top glass section of the table unfolds, just like the transparent wings of the critter. This creates additional surface space for you to use for storing drinks, books, plants, and knick-knacks.

It is a delicate and charming creation that will look organic in any interior, be it boho or minimalist. So if you were looking for an eye-catching accent piece to add to your living room, ‘Elytra’ beetle table is the right choice.

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This Mini washer-dryer from Daewoo that uses 80% less water than a traditional front-load

mini drum washing machine mini drum washing machine mini drum washing machine

Visualize a washing machine. What do you see? Probably a bulky, white or silver cube that takes up half of your bathroom.

Certainly not something as compact and elegant as Mini, a washer-dryer combo courtesy of Daewoo. It can be mounted on a wall, saving floor space like no other washing machine. Mini has normal cycles that last only 29 minutes and it uses up 90% less energy and 80% less water than a traditional front-load.

With this little but powerful guy, you can do your laundry on the go. Wash small amounts of clothes that you need instead of letting the laundry pile up to justify using up the power and water.  It’s a total game-changer and the best bathroom space-saver.

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These floor platforms called ‘MoreFlooor’ that conceal a double mattress, clothes, and toiletries

morefloor storage platforms morefloor storage platforms morefloor storage platforms morefloor storage platforms morefloor storage platforms

Don’t you sometimes want to tear down the walls of your cramped apartment just to make more space? Well, a  Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Juul de Bruijn had another idea.

Juul’ project MoreFloor aims to create more usable space in small apartments. MoreFloor consists of 30-centimeter-tall platforms that sit on the floor. Inside, they hide a double mattress, toiletries, and clothes.

The idea stems from the fact that during the day our beds are just a waste of space. So think of MoreFloor as a horizontal Murphy bed that strive towards the same goal of freeing up valuable floor space that could be used for work or recreation during the day. Only instead of pulling your bed out of a wall, you can simply open the MoreFloor platform and snuggle into your bed once the sun goes down.

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And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

These smart light strip lights that you control through an app

lightstrip lights plhilips

Buy them here


This resin wall art that looks like crashing waves

resin sea wave wall art

Buy it here


This chair that unfolds into library ladder (or a mini bookcase)

transforming library ladder chair

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This mini bar that looks like a fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher mini bar fire extinguisher mini bar

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These soundproofing panels that look like a honeycomb

acoustic panels honeycomb

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