Gather ’round, lovely people. This week we’ve got plants, purifiers, cats, remote offices, sundial clocks, and more.

It’s an interesting mix, one that might inspire you to turn your home into a sanctuary of plants and stars.

Okay, let’s start scrolling, shall we?


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This IKEA’s Home Of Tomorrow urban oasis filled with plants

ikea home of tomorrow plants ikea home of tomorrow plants ikea home of tomorrow plants ikea home of tomorrow plants ikea home of tomorrow plants
IKEA Home Of Tomorrow has created this beautiful green space in a 120-year-old abandoned building in Poland. The 2,700-square-foot apartment is filled with over 600 plants. It shows that even though 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050, you can still stay in touch with nature in your home.

The green space contains veggies, fruits, herbs, all ready to be grown and harvested. It also showcases a variety of ways you can grow plants in your home, including hydroponics and soil-less methods.

The space created by Polish designers Joanna Jurga, Paulina Grabowska, and Justyna Puchalska will serve as a workshop base for IKEA employees.

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These DIY ‘Sunlight Clocks’ that put a modern calming spin on an ancient sundial clock

sunlight clocksunlight sundial clocks sunlight sundial clocks sunlight sundial clocks sunlight sundial clocks
If you thought you’d never get fascinated by a clock, think again.

These modern sundial clocks were designed by Linda B to challenge how we perceive the passage of time. For some of us, glancing at the time can be straight-up anxiety-inducing. But these clocks use soft natural lighting to induce a sense of calm and relaxation. And they are supposed to be set up in a room where you do exactly that – relax, meditate, read, and rest after a long day.

The sunlight clocks come in two versions. While the first one is a pretty straight-forward wall clock, the other one takes the form of a DIY concrete block. It displays the time on flat surfaces and you can build it yourself.

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This modular cutting board called ‘TidyBoard’ with interchanging compartments

tidy cutting board with storage tidy cutting board with storage tidy cutting board with storagetidy cutting board with storage
You know that we love anything that can help with keeping the kitchen counter neater and more spacious. After all, that’s how this post on extra kitchen counter space came to life. This cutting board is definitely something worth being added to that list.

‘TidyBoard’ is a bamboo cutting board with interchanging storage containers. This allows you to sort your ingredients and waste right away without having them take up space on the counter. Additionally, the containers are collapsible and have lids that allow you to store them in the fridge. Perfect for saving space and meal-prepping.

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This remote office ‘Zen Work Pod’ that can be installed in your backyard

zen pod remote office zen pod remote office zen pod remote office zen pod remote office
If you wish you could have summoned an isolated home office just to be able to focus, meet the ‘Zen Work Pod’.

It’s a tiny home office, courtesy of Autonomous, that can be installed in your backyard. The design of the Pod is modern and minimalist. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and wooden panels, the interior is warm and inviting.

The installation of the Pod is included in the price. It also comes completely furnished with bookshelves, an ergonomic Kinn chair, and SmartDesk 2 from the same manufacturer. All you need is a 4.8 x 4.8 m area (the Pod’s foundation itself measures 2.4 x 2.4 m) on your property to be able to work in peace.

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This 2-in-1 portable air purifier called ‘Baram’ that keeps the air clean and fresh

baram air purifier fan baram air purifier fan baram air purifier fan baram air purifier fan
We’ve briefly mentioned in this post how the air we breathe at home is filled with germs, dust, and pollutants.

This is why the demand for air purifiers grows every year. This conceptual air purifier from Meenwook Jang perfectly encapsulates what consumers are looking for. Named Baram (which stands for ‘wish’ and ‘wind’ in Korean), it’s a small minimalist air purifier. It doubles down on portability with its small size and a convenient handle for ease of movement.

What’s more, it doubles as a fan. It is a welcome addition to any space, especially in hot summer months. This, combined with its portability, means that you can breathe purified air and stay cool at all times.

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And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

This divided frying pan with 3 separated sections

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These cat planters where a cactus acts as a tail

cat tail cactus planter
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This Pikler triangle climbing ladder for kids that folds away for easy storage

pikler triangle climbing ladder
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These glow-in-the-dark wall stickers that look like faraway stars

glow-in-the-dark star wall stickers
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This folding weight bench for doing your dumbbell exercises

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