Welcome, welcome! Today we have giraffe lamps, cat drawers, dollhouse outlets, and more.

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These dollhouse doors used as electrical outlet covers add a magical touch to the decor

dollhouse door outlet cover dollhouse door outlet cover dollhouse door cover dollhouse door outlet cover dollhouse door outlet cover

Imgur user cristinaf decided to take a creative approach to hiding electrical outlets.

Instead of using boring covers, she installed dollhouse doors over them. Not just that, incredible amount of details was added to the doors as well. This includes an ornate door handle, a ‘welcome’ doormat, and a tiny key hidden underneath it.

The whole setup, combined with the room decor, looks magical and instantly brings to mind elves and fairies. Or hidden portals to other worlds. Or the charming 1997 movie ‘The Borrowers’.

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These ‘Giraffe In Love’ wall lamps from Italian designer Marcantonio

giraffe in love wall lamp giraffe in love wall lamp giraffe in love wall lamp

If you ever wanted to see the most creative lamp in existence, you can readily check it off your wishlist.

Meet ‘Giraffe In Love’ wall lamps from an Italian designer Marcantonio. His team-up with Qeeboo gave life to this imaginative series of lamps. The wall lamp version comes in black and white colors, both measuring 5.7 ft (173 cm) tall.  The giraffes hold classic Marie-Therese-style chandelier in their mouths.

The ‘Giraffe In Love’ series also includes a life-sized giraffe chandelier as well as a smaller free-standing version. So you can assemble a whole giraffe family to illuminate your quarters.

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This clutter-free ‘Shelter’ desk is a perfect companion for working minimalism-lovers

shelter minimalist desk shelter minimalist desk shelter minimalist desk

Meet the ‘Shelter’ desk designed by João Teixeira.

It is a minimalist’s dream with its sleek design and fluidity of shape. The desk has 3 front drawers that, although slim, can comfortably fit gadgets such as a tablet or a laptop. The back of the desk, however, has a compartment for hiding cords and chargers to create a truly clutter-free workspace.

You have to admit that its warm and simple design gets the productivity juices flowing.

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These vertical planter walls designed by Stem Landscape Architecture & Design to create a garden in a small courtyard

vertical garden wall vertical garden wall vertical garden wall

This lively green courtyard was designed by Stem Landscape Architecture & Design.

In order to add greenery to a modern Docklands apartment, they’ve designed this vertical garden wall. The wall features several compartments that house common indoor plants such as Monstera and Rhipsalis. The courtyard garden also houses edible herbs.

Additionally, the living accent wall features a built-in bench for enjoying this green oasis in the middle of a bustling city.

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These creative spice shakers that put ‘season’ into ‘seasoning’

season shakers

These shakers turn spices into an integral part of your decor.

The four shakers represent the seasons of the year and are meant for specific spices to complete the picture. So salt becomes snow that surrounds an evergreen Christmas tree. White pepper is now desert sand with a cactus nested in the middle of it. Chili pepper flakes look like red autumn leaves scattered around a barren tree. Last but not least, oregano becomes the green summer grass.

The shakers are also available with animal designs that follow the same principle.

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And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

These charming drawer pulls shaped like sleeping cats

cat drawer pulls cat drawer pulls cat drawer pulls

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These candles that bring a sense of nostalgia

homesick nostalgia candles homesick nostalgia candles

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This foldable LED desk light shaped like a book

Buy it hereled desk light book


These adorable mini cacti in handmade planters

mini cacti mini cacti mini cacti

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This cheeky doormat that’s just perfect

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