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This angular tiny house on wheels from Studio Edwards called ‘Base Cabin’

base cabin tiny house base cabin tiny house base cabin tiny house

If you have ever wanted to pack your bags and live in the middle of nowhere, you’re not alone. Tiny houses that allow you to put down roots anywhere have been growing in popularity. And ‘Base Camp’ is here to show that size doesn’t matter when it comes to creative architecture.

‘Base Camp’ is an angular tiny house from Studio Edwards. It’s an intricate mix of corners, A-frames, and modern Scandinavian design. You might think that micro-living would make you give up some luxuries, but not in this case. ‘Base Camp’ has enough space to fit in a queen-size bed, bathroom, kitchenette, and living room.

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This bed from Ford that slides you around to keep your sleeping partner from hogging the entire bed

fprd self-adjusting bed fprd self-adjusting bedford self-adjusting bed gif

Are you dealing with a bed hogger every night? Are you tired of being smothered or kicked with an elbow when you’re trying to sleep?

Well, Ford automotive company is here with the solution. In their ‘Intervention’ series, Ford used automotive technology to fix everyday problems, just like the ones described above.

This bed makes both sleepers ‘stay in their lane’ by using Ford’s Lane-Keeping Aid technology and a conveyor-like mattress. Every time someone starts hogging the bed, it shifts the mattress just so you and your partner occupy only half the bed each.

Needless to say, every bed should be able to do that. Please.

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This litter box that rotates like a cement mixer to drop cat doo-doo into a filtered compartment

We might love cats, but their poop not so much.

With this self-cleaning litter box, you can completely minimize your contact with your cat’s droppings.

Aimicat uses sensors to recognize when the deed has been done and rotates to separate clean litter from the dirty one. It then drops the soiled litter into a bag located underneath the litter bow. The best part is that the bag also sits in a smell-proof, filtered compartment. See no cat poop, smell no cat poop.

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This background screen that you can attach to a chair and then store in a handy bag

background chair screen background chair screen

If you are tired of hearing ‘what is there behind you?’ during video calls, here’s the solution.

It’s a portable background screen from Gig Gear called Cam-a-lot. It is beige on one side and green on the other, so you can play around with green-screen effects. You can slide it on any chair, be it an office chair or a dining one. Once the job is done, the background screen can be packed away in a handy bag for easy storage.

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And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

This DIY potato planter with easy access door*

diy potato planter

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*or this similar fully-built version


This hand-held espresso machine that brews a perfect cup of coffee

hand-held espresso machine

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These floor pillows that look like realistic stones

stone pillows

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This photo frame that looks like Monica’s iconic purple door from ‘Friends’

friends door photo frame friends door photo frame

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This magnetic tension stepper that you can also use as an under-desk elliptical

stepper under desk elliptical
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