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Today we’re looking at space-saving tables, unique yoga mats, pies, cats, and privacy.

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This expanding coffee table from Studio Lorier that adjusts to your needs

expanding slider table expanding slider table expanding slider table

Space-saving furniture is always a welcome sight in a small apartment. Especially when that furniture looks as charming as this ‘Slide’ table from Studio Lorier.

The table consists of three round surfaces that are nested together. Thanks to this unique design you can expand and constrict the table. This way, it adjusts to your needs and saves space at the same time.

Having a party? Expand the ‘Slide’ to fit in drinks and snacks. Having a quiet evening? Keep the table pushed together to hold your book, phone, and a cup of tea.

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This ‘Levigato’ exercise mat that turns into a multipurpose block once folded

levigato folding yoga exercise mat levigato folding yoga exercise mat levigato folding yoga exercise mat


There are tons of cool pieces of exercise equipment designed with small spaces in mind. Just look at these folding and compact exercise bikes. And now it’s the yoga mats’ turn.

With a regular yoga mat, once it is rolled up there’s no use for it. But the scene looks a lot different if it’s the ‘Levigato’ exercise mat.

This dual-sided exercise mat folds and unfolds like an accordion. Once folded it forms a multipurpose block that you can use in a variety of ways. You can use it for push-ups, support during yoga, headstands, or even for propping up your laptop to see the exercise video better.

The mat is also outfitted with magnets so it snaps together and stays that way. It is a welcome change from regular yoga mats that get unruly once rolled up and hard to store.

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This Baseus Personal Refridgerator concept by Jiujiu Hu that looks like a retro TV

personal fridge personal fridge

The summer season is upon us. And that means seeking ways to stay cool and comfortable every step of the way.

Enter this personal refrigerator. It’s a concept designed by Jiujiu Hu that makes staying refreshed look cool. It’s a complete opposite of bulky, plastic, tacky coolers. This personal fridge effortlessly merges modern and retro aesthetics. It looks like a retro TV that has been professionally repackaged for the XXI century.

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These subscription boxes from ‘Cat Person’ that turn into an entertainment center for cats

cat person boxe cat person boxe cat person boxe

We all know that cats adore cardboard boxes. So does the ‘Cat Person’ brand, a cat meal plan subscription service. They’ve come up with an incredible way to keep cardboard boxes exciting for your cat and pleasing to the eye of their owners.

The boxes subscription boxes that you receive not only work well as a transportation method for pet products. They can also transform into cat condos, puzzles, and even a simple but sophisticated house. All for your feline to enjoy alongside their cat tree.

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And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

This mini pie maker for a perfect dinner for one

mini pie maker

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This bed tent designed to block out sound and light

privacy bed tent
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This exercise equipment that uses doorways for pull-ups, sit-ups and more

doorway exercise equipment
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This kit that allows you to grow shiitake mushrooms in the comfort of your home

mushroom growing log kit

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This slotted spoon that looks like a tropical leaf

slotted leaf spoon
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