This week we have portable air conditioners, accent walls, more home gym ideas, home office gadgets, and more.

Hard to believe this is already the 20th BOTW. There have been ups and downs this year but nothing can stop us.

So let’s put on our glasses and have a nice scroll through the best finds of this week.


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This window-mounted U-shaped AC from Midea that still allows you to open/close the window

midea u-shaped air conditioner midea u-shaped air conditioner midea u-shaped air conditioner midea u-shaped air conditioner

This portable air conditioner is a perfect solution for apartments.

It requires no drilling and can be mounted on a window frame. Midea came up with this U-shaped model to offer you even more flexibility when it comes to cooling your space. Its unique design allows for closing and opening the window even while the unit is installed.

It takes only 3 steps to set this AC up – place a special bracket on the window, place the AC on it, secure the side arms, and that’s it. You can also add these window locks to ensure your safety.

Find out more here

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These mini kitchens from Mobilespazio that are perfect for small-space living and tiny homes

mobilespasio mini kitchens mobilespasio mini kitchensmobilespasio mini kitchens mobilespasio mini kitchens

These mini-kitchens are a staple of an Italian-based manufacturer Mobilspazio.

These compact units are created for hotels, small spaces, and tiny houses. The units are customizable, versatile, and can be suited to your needs. The rolling shutters and cabinets are one of the most creative aspects of the mini-kitchens. When fully closed, the kitchen looks like an ordinary yet stylish closet or cupboard.

This mini-kitchen can feature a sink, a fridge, a stove, and plenty of storage space.

Buy it here


This 3D honeycomb mosaic from Andrey Sokruta that creates a stunning accent wall

honeycomb accent wall honeycomb accent wall honeycomb accent wall

Ukraine-based designer Andrey Sokruta is the mastermind behind this stunning bedroom accent wall.

The wall is comprised of wooden honeycomb-shaped tiles that together add texture and depth to the room.

The bedroom that houses this accent wall was designed for a couple in their 50s who wanted something modern. And it is refreshing to see the end result that is not only that but also warm, unique, and welcoming.

The honeycomb pattern is now manufactured and available for purchase.

Find out more here

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This furniture from Geoffrey Pascal that uses NASA research to keep you from working at a desk

modular nasa furniture modular nasa furniture modular nasa furniture

This collection from Geoffrey Pascal is named ‘Grafeoiphobia’ which can be interpreted as a ‘fear of desks’.

It features a set of modular pieces of furniture that allow people to work somewhere else than at a desk. In order to do that in a healthy way, the furniture design was based on NASA research. Each piece supports the body in NASA’s Neutral Body Position that keeps astronauts in top shape in zero-gravity conditions.

So if you need a physical and emotional break from desk work, this is the way to go. Hopefully, we’ll see even more furniture directed at tearing us away from desks in the future.

Find out more here

And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

These stylish velvet knot stools

knot stools

Buy them here


This exercise bike that can be wheeled away after the workout

exercise bike on wheels exercise bike on wheels

Buy it here

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This felt mat for keeping your desk clean and organized

desk mat organizer

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These magnetic shelves that you can attach to a fridge or washing machine

magnetic shelves
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This sink caddy for keeping the sponges organized

sink sponge caddy
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