The New Year has begun, so let’s start it one a good note.

Like looking at the last week’s best finds from the world of design. And pretty things.

Here are at Tiny Partments we really love pretty things.


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This bib catches all of the shaved hair, no cleanup required

beard buddy shaving bib


Shaving at home is great. Right until you get to the cleanup.

Attach this bib to the bathroom mirror and let it catch all the remains of your glorious beard. No stray hairs stuck to the toothbrush this time.

Buy it here


This convertible “nest” for humans with lights, planters, and privacy

nido human nest

Design Libero

A nest meant for humans, what a wonderful thing.

Cocoon yourself in the comfort of this convertible sofa from Design Libero. The LED lights and side planters create a perfect, relaxing atmosphere. The convertible panels can form a sofa, bed, chaise lounge, and even a privacy screen.

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These stylish orthopedic dog beds from Laylo Pets

orthopedic dog beds

Laylo Pets

There’s no denying the benefits of orthopedic furniture. But, boy, does it usually lack any style.

Fortunately, that’s no the case with these pet beds. Laylo Pets has created a line of stylish, contemporary memory foam and waterproof beds for dogs of all sizes.

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This gorgeous redesign of a small bathroom by SHED Architecture & Design

small bathroom redesign


The Seattle-based studio SHED Architecture & Design shows what kind of magic designers can do.

They took a shabby, small bathroom and turned it into a modern inviting space. It even looks bigger and more bright, which is always a welcome change in a tiny space.

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Ugao clothes rack gives wasted corner space a new purpose

Wasted space is a big “no-no” in small apartments. And one of the biggest offenders, in this case, is usually room corners.

Fortunately, the design machine never stops moving, producing creative solutions for modern apartment-dwellers. Such as this one – Ugao, a minimalist creation that can turn any corner into a functional clothes rack.

Buy it here

This small 3D-printed house designed for Mars that is also available on Earth

3D-printed house tera

AI SpaceFactory

TERA is a snall 3D-printed house that was designed by AI SpaceFactory studio for NASA. The plant-based building material is 3 times stronger than concrete, set to withstand the harshest conditions on the Red Planet.

Now, us earthlings will also be able to experience living in this futuristic pod. TERA is currently being developed in the woods of Upstate New York.

Learn more here


The Celerina dinner table that converts into a personal office desk

celerina dinner table desk

Damien Regamey

The Celerina is a perfect table for those dine and work in the comfort of their own home.

The top lid of the table opens up to reveal a sleek, minimalist desk. The desk has enough space to store a laptop, a few books, and drawing materials. Furthermore, you can use the underside of the lid for creating mood boards, mind maps, and post-it reminders.

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Let’s also look at some fun product finds:

These spoons that are shaped like octopus arms
octopus arm spoons

The Clay Cache

Buy them here


This ottoman that converts into a guest bed

convertible ottoman guest bed

Buy it here


This penguin egg holder for cooking, storing and serving

penguing egg holderBuy it here


These amazing mushroom saucer plates
mushroom saucer plates

Ceramic Tale

Buy them here

This bunny cotton ball dispenser

bunny cotton ball dispenser

Buy it here

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