It’s time to take a look at creative micro-apartments, room dividers, privacy tents, and dog beds.

And there’s, of course, more.

So sit back, relax, and let’s take a look at the best finds from this week.


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This 176-square-foot apartment called ‘The Shoebox’ that efficiently uses every bit of space

the shoebox micro apartment the shoebox micro apartment the shoebox micro apartment the shoebox micro apartment

We all sometimes feel like we live in a shoebox.

But when you look at this lovely apartment from Elie Metni, living in a shoebox doesn’t seem so bad. Quite the contrary.

This 176-square-foot apartment dubbed ‘The Shoebox’ utilizes every available bit of space. There’s plenty of built-in shelves, cabinets, and compartments. Even the bed and sofa offer plenty of storage space. And let’s not forget that this micro-apartment also features a dedicated space for a home office.

The biggest achievement in this flat is how spacious and airy it looks despite its size. Yep, I would definitely not object to living in ‘The Shoebox’.

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This tent you can use to set up a private home office anywhere

workspace privacy tent workspace privacy tent workspace privacy tent workspace privacy tent

There are plenty of ideas for creating a private space in your home. But if you’d rather get straight to work, here is your answer.

Meet the Sanwa Home Privacy Tent. It’s a collapsible tent that eliminates distractions and lets you set up a home office anywhere. But don’t worry. It also has a side window and a skylight that allows for air circulation.

So if you find it hard to focus in an open space or like migrating around the apartment, this tent will be your loyal makeshift office.

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These Cheat Sheets sheet pans that make cooking in the oven incredibly versatile

cheat sheets pan sheets cheat sheets pan sheets

cheat sheets pan sheets

Hey pan-sheet-dish enthusiasts, this one is for you.

Meet Cheat Sheets, modular silicone containers that will redefine how you prepare sheet pan dinners. These allow you to divide the ingredients into separate dishes in order to properly cook them. Also, you can cook 3 different dishes at once in a single Cheat Sheet. Mix and match your dinners, cook tons of garnish and side dishes, take full advantage of your meal prepping.

Mixing and matching is the key to bringing back the excitement to the kitchen.

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This minimalist room divider for open spaces from Balaio Arquitetura studio

privacy room divider privacy room divider privacy room divider

Who doesn’t love a creative take on a room divider?

The Brazil-based studio Balaio Arquitetura came out with this room divider in their project ‘Ipojuca’. It is a set of open shelves that help define the open space apartment.

Apart from being ready to be loaded with books, knick-knacks, and accent pieces, it also discreetly hides a TV. Wires tend to ruin the aesthetic of any room. But with them hidden in this room divider, the apartment looks fresh and neat.

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This ‘Buddy Bunk’ pet bed that allows your dog to sleep right by your side

Sleep with your dog while also staying comfy.

This elevated pet bed allows your dog (or cat) to sleep right by your side without taking up space in the bed. The ‘Buddy Bunk’ features the staircase that allows the smallest furry residents to get on your level. But it can also help older dogs and cats come closer to you without straining their joints.

The pet bed can hold up to 60 lbs and also features an additional bed at the foot of the staircase.

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And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

This workstation that can turn an ordinary desk into a standing one at any time

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This stylish lamp that has built-in storage with wooden shelves

standing lamp shelf

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This entryway bench with hidden storage and a place for shoes

entryway storage bench

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These magnetic strips for cans and bottles to free up space in your fridge

magnetic strips for fridge

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This multi-hook wall shelf mirror that is a great addition to any room

multi-hook wall shelf mirror

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