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Today we’re looking at smart and novelty shelves, apartment farms, working from home, sausages, and cheese.

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These no-drill rubber storage panels that can hold anything on display

geco hub shelves geco hub shelves geco hub shelves

The Geco Hub is a wall-mounted panel that will redefine how you perceive shelves. Or storage as a whole.

Shelves are great but smaller items can get lost in the back and are hard to reach. But in the case of Geco Hub, you can stick your items in between the rubber matrix it is made of. From phones and wallets to razors and toothbrushes, it can keep everything right in your reach.

The panels come in a variety of colors and require no drilling for installation. And you can build whole accent walls when you line several Geco Hubs together.

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The self-watering ‘Farmstand’ that fits a 40-square-foot farm into a 4-square-foot tower

farmstand plant tower farmstand plant tower farmstand plant tower

As soon as it gets warmer, a small gardener awakes in all of us.

You’d think that living in a city or having no garden can stop you from growing your own produce. But that’s not true at all. The Farmstand fits 40 square feet worth of planter bed into just 4 square feet. The tower comes in a variety of sizes and you can grow from 12 to 36 plants depending on the size.

You get to choose the veggies, fruits, and herbs you’d like to grow from a 200+ catalog of plants.

The tower is self-watering and, if you choose to get the pre-sprouted seedling, you’ll have something to harvest in 2-3 weeks.

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This 3-in-1 indoor family grill that can cook up to 14 slim links at once

family 3-in-1 grill style=

2020 is making some of us miss out on the grilling season. So it’s time to take the party indoors with this 3-in-1 family grill.

The Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Grill comes in two versions. The ‘Plus’ version can cook up to 14 slim links in just 10-15 minutes. It has interchangeable plates for other kinds of meat, too. So you can also enjoy sausages, bratwurst, and patties. All of this meaty goodness is indoors and ready in minutes.

Plus, with this electric grill, you don’t have to concern yourself with smoke or greasy stains all over the kitchen.

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This desk that transforms into a lounge chair called ‘Chaise Renversée’

chaise renversee desk lounge chaise renversee desk lounge chaise renversee desk lounge

This is another piece of furniture that combines both work and leisure.

‘Chaise Renversée’ France-based architect Pierre-Louis Gerlier. It’s a desk that you can use in your home office to work for hours. But once the back pain or fatigue kicks in, the dual purpose of Chaise comes into play.

Flip the desk on its side and you’ll get a comfy lounge chair. Lay down, relax, let your stiff muscles catch a break for a second. And then, it’s time to flip the desk back and get to work.

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This portable wardrobe ‘Pura Case’ that uses ozone to sanitize clothes

pura case portable wardrobe pura case portable wardrobe

Pura Case is a portable wardrobe that is about to launch a Kickstarter campaign.

Apart from being portable, Pura Case has another interesting feature. It uses ozone to purify the clothes inside it. This technology is said to eliminate 98% of micro-organisms, bacteria, and viruses.

The wardrobe itself is made of sustainable fabrics to keep the ozone inside. It also features an LED panel on top that you can use to start the purification process.

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And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

This folding exercise bike that also has a built-in desk

folding exercise bike desk

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This transforming steam mop that sanitizes the floors without harsh chemicals

transforming steam mop

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This swiveling cheese board for a fancy evening

swivel cheese board

swivel cheese board

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This fun corner shelf that is shaped like stairs

staircase corner shelf

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This wall-mounted folding bar that takes up little to no space

hanging folding cocktail bar

hanging folding cocktail bar

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