This week we’ve got lots of storage ideas whether it is for blankets, wine, shoes,  or books.

We’ve also got some interesting stuff for exercising at home and during work hours. Gotta keep moving even when you can’t go outside.

So sit down, get comfortable, and start scrolling.


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This portable & folding desk called Plan Station you can set up anywhere

plan station portable desk plan station portable desk plan station portable desk plan station portable desk

Create a workstation anywhere with this truly portable desk.

Plan Station is made of strong nylon fabric which makes it easy to fold away, store, or take with you. You can hang the table by 2 heavy-duty rings – just find a place with hooks or studs. Also, it features 16 or 20 pockets (depending on the size of the desk you’re going for).

You can obviously use it as a desk to quickly set up a home office or a study corner in a small space. But it can be a great helper in replanting flowers or DIY projects.

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These stairs from Murray Berrill that can store 156 bottles of wine in total

wine stairs

If I ever get to have a house or an apartment with stairs, these would be the stairs.

These stairs were designed by a construction architect Murray Berrill. One side of each stair can hold 13 bottles of wine. Which in total gives us storage space for 156 bottles of this delicious beverage. Although, for a small space, it would’ve been awesome to have half of the stairs intended for regular storage, too. Still, this is a show of amazing creative thinking and craftsmanship.

Who needs a fancy cellar if the answer for efficient wine storage was in front of us all along.

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These incredible cat trees that Rob Coutu has built for his cats

unique double cat trees unique double cat trees unique double cat trees

While some people are building miniature cities in Animal Crossing, other people are building miniature cities in real life. For their cats.

Ron Coutu has built these incredible playhouses for his 2 cats. These have plenty of space for exploring and are connected by a footbridge. So the two lucky cats can satisfy their climbing instincts and survey their territory from above.

The cat towers feature so many careful details, from tiny functional lanterns to signs and miniature pots of flowers. It’s a real treat not only for cats but for the human eye as well.

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These ‘De-Dimension’ chairs that can hang on the wall when folded flat

2D folding chair

These unique chairs fold like no other.

Unlike regular folding chairs that you’d just stuff behind a bookcase, these chairs from Jongha Choi fold completely flat in a visual representation of what they are. Thanks to strategically placed pivot points, in folded form these chairs look completely 2D. As if someone reached and pulled the right off the pages of a comic book.

Thanks to this feature, you can proudly display them on the wall as a piece of modern art.

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This wall-mounted storage rack for blankets, quilts, throws, and even towels

blanket storage rack

Here’s a fun idea for blanket storage in a small space.

Instead of stuffing them into a dark corner of a closet, you can go the opposite way.

Display the colorful patterns and textures on this wall-mounted blanket shelf. It offers a modern and elegant look to the decor with its sleek walnut form. But it is also functional since it frees up some storage space in the linen closet or even acts as one in a small apartment.

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And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

This balance ball chair for good posture and core muscles engagement

balance ball chair

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This classy storage ottoman that you can also use as a coffee table

storage ottoman storage ottoman

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This rotating storage rack that can hold 24 pairs of shoes

rotating shoe storage rack

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This corner bookcase for creating more storage space in unused nooks

corner bookcase shelf

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This smart mirror that acts as your personal trainer

smart workout mirror

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