This week we’ve got tiny houses, and birdhouses, and treehouses.

Plus, it is time to start enjoying the warm weather from the balcony, so there’s a bit on that note as well.

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This treehouse from Studio North that can house both humans and birds

studio north treehouse cabin studio north treehouse cabin studio north treehouse cabin

While some houses inadvertently end up hosting birds as well, this cabin is different. It has full intentions of accomodating not only humans but feathery residents, too.

Designed by Studio North, this A-frame treehouse sits 9 feet off the ground with its total height reaching 20 feet. It provides humans with 100 square feet of living space, enough for 2 people. But it also has built-in birdhouses that can give 12 species of birds a place to settle down.

And its elevated position among the trees of picturesque Canada makes it prime real estate for the avian population.

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This folding pet yard you can set up in any room and adjust in size

folding doggy pet yard

If your dog sometimes gets too destructive for you to handle, check out this folding pet yard.

It is made of strong and durable material with a closing doggy door. The pet yard can encompass over 34 square feet of space but can be made smaller – just remove 2 panels at a time. Also, it folds down for easy storage and features a carry strap for easy portability.

Using this pet yard can give your dog an opportunity to relax, play, and take a breather.

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This stylish air purifier called Air O that doubles as a planter pot

air purifier planter pot air purifier planter pot air purifier planter pot

With city air pollution reaching ridiculous levels, the pollutants also make way into our homes. To keep safe from dust, harmful particles, and toxins an air purifier is a must in any residency.

Regular air purifiers, although useful, cannot exactly be described as pieces of decor. Unless it is this one.

Air O purifier, a concept by Sheng-Wen Wang, is here to not only do the job but also to make a statement. It is a stylish, modern air purifier that also doubles as a planter pot.

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These fun coat hangers called ‘Logs’ from TON

coat hangers logs coat hangers logs coat hangers logs

How about these minimalist coat hangers?

Designed to be stacked on top of each other, like wood in a campfire, these pieces are called ‘Logs’. Created for a Czech-based company TON, these coat hangers are made of beech and oak cutoffs making them sustainable and eco-friendly.

Plus, you can mount them in groups to create an intricate accent wall piece that is not only decorative but functional as well.

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This beautiful 260-square-foot house in Hawaii from Paradise Tiny Homes

tiny hawaii house tiny hawaii house tiny hawaii house

Living in Hawaii in this teal-colored tiny charmer is as close as you can get to paradise.

‘Oasis’ is the creation of the Paradise Tiny Homes company. It’s a 260-square-foot tiny house with high A-frame and curved ceilings. This, in combination with large windows, creates an airy and spacious atmosphere.

The house features a lost-style bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom, living area, and a small dining nook overlooking the scenery outside.

There’s also an outdoor deck with a bar area for those who prefer eating (and drinking) outside.

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And now let’s look at some fun product finds from this week

This doormat for every fan of ‘Tiger King’

cats and kittens doormat

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This delicate vanity that’s perfect for a small space


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These door-mounted hooks for creating more storage space

door-mounted hooks

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This balcony set of a coffee table and 2 chairs with extendable footrests

balcony table chair set

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This coffee table/stool with a hollow center for storage

void stool table

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