This week it’s all about clever, space-saving, and mind-boggling furniture.

And a few smart home gym solutions have snuck in.

I regret nothing.

Enjoy and keep your spirits up!


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This ‘KUR!O’ wall shelving system that allows you to create your own shelves

kurio wall shelving system kurio wall shelving system kurio wall shelving system kurio wall shelving system

First rule of small space living is ‘go vertical’. And with KUR!O you can do so on your own terms with creativity and style in tow.

This shelving consists of a no-drill grid system that you mount on the wall. Next, you can position shelves and coat hangers on the grid according to your storage needs.

KUR!O comes in a variety of fun colors and allows for countless configurations. Make it a collector’s display, spices display, bookshelf, part of a spa corner, or an entryway accent piece.

Find out more here


This charming 330-square-foot house from Minimaliste

minimaliste charme tiny house minimaliste charme tiny house minimaliste charme tiny house

Although tiny, ‘Charme’ home by Minimaliste can comfortably house a small family.

Measuring 330 square feet, this house feels surprisingly spacious and the interior design is to die for. It has a fully equipped kitchen, numerous storage solutions, a living space area, bathroom, and 3 bedrooms.

Also, ‘Charme’ was originally designed for a young family in Ontario. So rest assured that it can withstand harsh winters.

Find out more here


This desk that transforms into a double bed from Kerstin Pfleger

work desk bed work desk bed

There have been some combinations of beds and work desks but none have approached the topic as head-on as this one.

This design by Kerstin Pfleger manages to uphold a work/sleep balance with minimum waste of space in a small apartment. So by day, it’s a regular, moss green desk. But when the night comes, you can open the side cabinet to take out a tri-axial bed frame. The top compartment of the desk also conceals a mattress for the bed.

In just 2-3 minutes, a desk becomes a bed and it’s time to rest.

Find out more here

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This sliding storage solution that can be hidden in a wall from Protek+

protek wall storage system protek wall storage system protek wall storage system

Did you know that your walls are a goldmine of storage space that can even house a small home gym? If you have the sliding storage shelf from Protek+.

This is an array of sliding shelves that can hide in walls or door frames. You can use Protek+ shelves for storing shoes, books, clothes, even an ironing board.

You can also use this sliding storage solution to build a pantry or a home gym that disappears into a wall.

Find out more here

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This desk-mounted bin called ‘Clamp Basket’ to keep your workspace clean

desk mounted bin desk mounted bin

There’s a creative mess and then there’s a plain old mess. The ‘Clamp Basket’ will take care of the latter and keep your desk neat as a pin.

You can mount this bin on the side of your desk and use the included (and integrated into the top of the basket) brush to slide, say, eraser shavings into it. The bin is also outfitted with a pencil sharpener. And I’ve had enough pencil sharpener’s contents land on my desk to know that this feature is invaluable.

Find out more here

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And now let’s look at some fascinating product finds from this week

This space-saving bunk bed for two dogs in a household

Buy it here

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This under-cabinet shelf for storing chopping boards and towels

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This stacked cutlery organizer that saves a ton of space in the drawer

Buy it here

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This space-saving home gym that substitutes lots of heavy equipment

bodyboss space-saving home gym

Buy it here

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These interlocking tiles you can use to line the balcony floor

interlocking balcony floor tiles

Buy them here

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