We’ve got an interesting mix of finds today.

There’s an amphibious trailer, NASA-inspired technology, indoor gardens, and coffee.

So grab a cuppa, sit down, relax, and let’s get scrolling.


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This amphibious trailer that doubles as a boathouse

sealander amphibious trailer boat sealander amphibious trailer boat

If you can’t decide whether you want a trailer or a boathouse, you might as well go for both.

Either way, you’ll wind up with a charming tiny “house” such as Sealander. Sealander is a 13-square-foot, 1,100-pound amphibious trailer. But it also doubles as a boat that can travel 5 mph on water. The insides of Sealander include a bench and table that can be folded to create a sleeping area. Also, you can customize the model by adding a kitchenette, a toilet, a shower, and more.

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This indoor garden called ‘Rotofarm’ with zero-gravity NASA-inspired technology

rotofarm indoor garden rotofarm indoor garden rotofarm indoor garden

Meet a gorgeous, NASA-inspired indoor garden that will make your cooking dreams come true.

Store-bought herbs never seem to stand the test of time (or even a week). But if you want to eat healthily and enhance your cooking, give gardening a try. Rotofarm makes growing your own produce ridiculously easy – just 5 minutes of maintenance a week. It takes care of watering, lighting, and gives you reports on the state of plants via an app.

And, let’s be honest, it’s a looker.

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This creative lamp from Jong-Su Kim that doubles as a bookshelf

lamp shelf lamp shelf

We all love multipurpose furniture pieces. Especially when one looks as good as ‘Lamp Shelf’.

As the name suggests, it’s a wall lamp (or a desk lamp) combines with a small shelf underneath it. What makes this piece look so clever is the way the shelf is attached to the lamp, creating an illusion of a strong beam of light shining onto your possessions.

So even when the light is turned off, the Lamp Shelf is always pulling the focus to what you have on the shelf.

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This ‘Pill’ writing desk that combines work, storage, and art

pill writing desk pill writing desk pill writing desk

A desk that looks more like a piece of art than a desk is always a welcome sight.

‘The Pill’ writing desk is a wall-mounted beauty. The top half unfolds to reveal a desk and several shelves that can fit a laptop, files, papers, and more.

Additionally, the lower half of ‘The Pill’ contains even more shelves. You can use this piece of furniture as a desk, a dressing table, bar, or a simple dining table where you can leisurely enjoy a cup of morning coffee.

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These ‘Catssup’ shelves that allow you to turn any piece of furniture into a cat tree

catssup cat tree bookshelf catssup cat tree bookshelf

Pet owners never cease to look for ideas to make their pet’s life more comfortable.

Catssup is perfect for creating an intricate cat tree where there is no space for one. You get an array of cat shelves and scratching posts that can be attached to your existing furniture – bookcases, desk, table, and more.

This way your cat gets, what is basically, a cat tree while you get to enjoy the fact that no floor space was wasted in making your pet happy.

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And now let’s look at some interesting product finds of the week

This stylish loft bed and desk combo

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This portable washing machine

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These exercise cards that help spruce up your workout routine

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This mini coffee machine for coffee addicts with no counter space

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This electric hot pot cooker that doesn’t require a stove

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