Come on in, come on in. We’ve got pizza tables, real tree cat trees, workout bows and more.

Listen, these are tough times. So let’s give our brains a second of rest and look at something fun and creative from the web.

Here goes.


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This scaled-up model of that little table they put into pizza boxes from IKEA

ikea pizza table ikea pizza table

We’ve all seen, questioned and played around with that tiny table that comes inside pizza boxes. It is used for keeping the pizza box and its contents intact during transport.

But IKEA had another idea.

They’ve scaled up the infamous accessory to the actual table size. What got the creative juices flowing is the IKEA and Pizza Hut collaboration. And you can apparently buy this creation in IKEA’s HK outpost.

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These shelves also double as planters and are dubbed the ‘Plantashelf’

planter shelves planter shelves

Create your own vertical gardens with Plantashelf.

Installed as easily as regular bookshelves, Pantashelf allows you to put your favorite plants on display. You can use this shelf as part of an accent wall. Alternatively, you can free up some space on the counter by transferring all your herbs into these hanging planters.

The planters are seamlessly integrated into the shelves. This gives the construction a smooth and linear look making it a perfect match for any interior design.

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This portable armrest called ‘Mouzen’ that allows you to work in comfort

portable armrest portable armrest

Neck pain is the constant companion of any office worker. And if it’s not true in your case, I’d like to know your secret.

This ergonomic armrest aims to chip away from this problem. You can attach it to your desk and have a place to rest your elbow during work. This way, it can take away the strain from your neck and shoulder.

The armrest features a rotating pad for your forearm. Thanks to that, you can perform your daily tasks on the laptop in total comfort.

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These cat trees made of real trees and silk leaves giving your kitty an outdoor experience

real tree cat tree real tree cat tree

Cat trees are not actually trees, right? Not in this case.

These unique cat trees are made of real trees and branches. The leaves that give these cat trees their finishing look are made of silk. This combination gives your apartment-dwelling kitty an outdoor experience. And it adds a splash of greenery to your place without wasting space.

These cat trees come in a variety of sizes and versions that will even suit a multiple-cat household.

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And now let’s look at some interesting product finds of the week

This no assembly desk that folds down flat

no assembly folding desk
Buy it here


This bow that uses resistance bands to give you a full-body workout

resistance band bow training
Buy it here


This self-adhesive bedside shelf for all your essentials

self-adhesive bedside shelf
Buy it here


This classy ottoman that doubles as a shoe organizer

ottoman shoe organizer
Buy it here

This rhino knife sharpener from OTOTO

rhino knife sharpener
Buy it here

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