Let’s look at what the mighty internet has brought us today.

Vanities, dog paradise, and grilled cheese.

Not bad. Not bad at all.


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This small convertible vanity table from Tsing Hang

apricot vanity table apricot vanity table

Carving up some space in a small bedroom for a vanity may be tough but this table is totally worth it.

Designed by Tsing Hang, this table can double as a nightstand. It has a felt panel that also serves as an organizer for makeup brushes. Additionally, it seems that the panel along with the mirror can be removed.

You can even use it as a small desk if the need arises.

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This cleaning tool  called ‘Duet’ that can mop, sweep and collect dust

duet mop dust pan cleaning tool duet mop dust pan cleaning tool

duet mop dust pan cleaning tool

Things that make cleaning go faster and easier deserve everything.

And a multi-purpose cleaning tool like ‘Duet’ can be a true life and space saver for us apartment-dwellers. It’s a mop (for both wet and dry cleaning), a sweeper, a dustbin, and a water bucket. The head has a reversible microfiber design with broom bristles on the edge. And the bucket has a self-cleaning chamber that allows you to clean stubborn debris, dust bunnies, and hairballs off the mop without getting your hands dirty.

The versatile ‘Duet’ was created to eliminate the need to buy heaps of cleaning tools just get your place to look decent. And, well, mission accomplished.

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This ‘Fetch’ dog house constructed out of a 1000 tennis balls is a puppy’s dream

fetch tennis ball dog house fetch tennis ball dog house

That is one ridiculously happy dog.

And no wonder, with a house like this. Designed by CallisonRKTL, ‘Fetch House’ is a 3D-printed dog house that can hold over 1000 tennis balls. You can be going for a walk with your furry buddy and pull one out of the dog house’s skeleton. After a walk, pop the tennis ball back in.

Or release all of them at once and watch the pure joy flood your puppy’s heart.

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This 150 square feet (14sqm) house from CABN is the ultimate spot to relax

cabn tiny house cabn tiny house

Meet Jude, an off-grid tiny house built by Australian company CABN.

It’s a 150 square feet (14sqm) minimalist cabin that looks incredibly spacious thanks to clever design and tall windows. The best part is, Jude has a king-size sleeping loft where you can lounge around and enjoy the view.

The cabin is available for rent for up to 4 guests. Or you can buy ‘Jude’ and start your own tiny house adventure.

Find out more here


This convertible laptop stand from MOFT that eases neck pain and allows you to work while standing

folding laptop stand folding laptop stand

folding laptop stand

Every office dweller’s nemesis is back and neck pain.

One of the solutions for this problem is a properly positioned laptop that will eliminate the need to slouch. This convertible laptop stand from MOFT can keep your device in 3 positions – 25-degree, 45-degree and 60-degree incline. Additionally, it can lift your laptop and allow you to work while standing.

And, something every small-space dweller loves to hear, it collapses flat for easy storage.

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This shark desk for kids from Cliek

kids shark desk kids shark desk

Designed by Cliek, this is a desk for kids that is shaped like gaping jaws of a (friendly) shark.

They have a whole pirate-themed line of furniture for kids but this desk takes the cake for being the most fun. In addition to its wacky design, the shark’s teeth act as reading lights.

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And now let’s look at some interesting product finds of the week

This doormat for those who’d rather jam to the 80s hits than accept guests

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These wooden clothes hangers that put a spin on a classic shape

wooden clothes hangers

Buy them here


This cooler that turns ‘hot’ into ‘iced’ in 60 seconds without dilution

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This lift-top coffee table with 3 stools that slide right in

Buy it here


This vintage toaster for making grilled cheese

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