Plants, privacy, and space.

This week has been filled with creative designs, solutions, and small space ideas.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!


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This Ecological Living Module with a ‘micro-farming wall’

ecological living module ecological living module

If you want a tiny home and a little farming space to boot, this house is just for you.

Meet Ecological Living Module, or ELM, from  Gray Organschi Architecture and Yale’s Center for Ecosystems in Architecture. It’s a 230-square-feet house fully adjusted for living off the grid. It has everything to house a 4-person family, including a composting toilet and showering system. The house is also equipped for on-site water and energy production.

And, of course, it has a micro-farming wall on the side that uses greywater to irrigate the plants.

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This newest beautiful collection from Le Creuset dubbed ‘Shell Pink’

le creuset shell pink le creuset shell pink

Le Creuset are masters at coming up with cooking sets that make you scream ‘WANT!’.

And they have delivered once again with the Shell Pink collection.

This 15-piece stoneware set features mugs, bowls, egg cups, casserole dishes and more. The set features delicate gradients and flowery shapes to get you excited for the upcoming spring.

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These colorful extension cables from Diego Faivre that need to become a standard

extension cablesextension cables

Have you ever thought about how boring and lifeless extension cords look?

Well, Diego Faivre has. When needing an extension cord for his art degree show, no less. His solution included coating extension cords in colorful air-drying clay and creating intricate patterns on top of them.

This way, the most unliked object in the household gains tons of personality and becomes an accent piece instead of a nuisance.

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This bed and desk combo concealed by a privacy curtain in K5 hotel in Tokyo

privacy curtain privacy curtain

This is the interior of a 1920s bank that was transformed into a stylish hotel by Swedish firm Claesson Koivisto Rune. It is now known as the K5 Hotel situated in Tokyo.

Although the rooms of the hotel are grand and spacious, one piece of the interior can serve as inspiration for small-space dwellers. It is a unique combination of a bed, bookshelf, and a desk. The ceiling-high bookshelf, in this case, doubles as a headboard for the bed as well as a separator for the sleeping area.

Additionally, this space-saving trio is surrounded by a beautiful circular privacy curtain. You can create a similar separated area using some of these ingenious privacy ideas.

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These out-of-this-world planetary homes for cats from Jay Lee & JOOM Studio

space planet cat beds space planet cat beds space planet cat beds

Remember these spacecraft cat beds from Myzoo? Well, the ‘cats in space’ theme is not over yet when it comes to furniture design for Earth-bound felines.

These funky planet-shaped cat beds were designed by Jay Lee & JOOM Studio. This ‘colony’ includes 2 ‘planets’: COX – 01010R and COX – 02020R.

The first one is a floor bed with plenty of peepholes to satisfy your cat’s curiosity. The second one is a wall-mounted model designed for cats who crave to explore higher places.

And, hey, check out the link below for a small comic strip that inspired the design of these planet-beds. It’s got a cat shooting lasers 😁

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And now let’s look at some interesting product finds of the week

This hot pot trivet shaped like a grizzly bear

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This bathroom organizer that attaches directly to the showerhead

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This compact pet food storage container on wheels

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This memory foam topper that will make your old mattress super comfy

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This set of hanging planters inside a wooden frame

hanging planters

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