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19 Pieces of Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

19 Pieces of Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

Finding the best exercise equipment for small spaces is, ironically, no small feat. Ba-dum-tsss.

It needs to be space-saving, preferably multi-functional, not completely ruin the aesthetics of your apartment…And it would be nice if your quest for a better body and health didn’t completely mutilate your bank account. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a simple exercise machine or accessory.

So to make your life easier, which happens so rarely, comes this list. You can see most of the exercise equipment in action, glance at some of the reviews, and find additional info on the workout routines associated with these babies.

Sit back, relax, and take the first step towards building your small home gym.

Here’s a quick rundown of the exercise equipment for small spaces you’ll find here:


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Get your cardio workout in a small space with this under-desk elliptical

cubii under desk elliptical for small spaces

Run together with your video game character using this under-desk elliptical.

Cubii Go allows you to work out under your desk without bumped knees. Its ergonomic low-impact design allows you to burn 150 calories per hour. Plus, this is a great way to make your desk job or gaming tendencies a bit healthier.

You can intensify your work out using 8 resistance levels and quietly burn calories while jamming on that keyboard. And you won’t even notice that you’re working out.

The best workout equipment for small spaces is the one you can easily store. Needless to say, Cubii Jr is just that – it stays hidden under the desk.

Buy it here

There’s also an advanced version of Cubii outfitted with app-connectivity and Bluetooth.


Make smart use of your small space by getting this yoga ball chair set

Getting an exercise ball can take your fitness routine up a notch from repetitive sit-ups and squats. Incredibly versatile, it can be used in a variety of stretching and core strengthening exercises. Plus, it bounces. It bounces good.

Being able to turn it into an office chair is why it is one of the best pieces of exercise equipment for tiny apartments.

As a chair, it doesn’t take up valuable space, helps you save money, and supports your back.

And bouncing on a chair can make even the most boring desk work more fun.

Buy it here

Tone your arm, leg, chest and core muscles with this space-saving bow

resistance bow training

gorilla bow for weightlifting in a small space

Resistance bow training is a great way to save space and get a high-intensity strength workout.

You get an aircraft-grade aluminum bow with multiple resistance bands that give you up to 110 lbs of tension. This way, your body gets the same value of exercises it’d normally get out of bulky weights that take up tons of space.

You can train every group of muscles with the Gorilla Bow by following the instructions in their vast library of exercises and workouts located here.

Buy it here

Engage in interactive cardio training with Nintendo Switch

Buy it here

Yes, I know we are here to talk about getting in shape and not gaming but hear me out.

Nintendo Switch features several fitness games that, combined with Joy-Con controllers, track your movement and keep you engaged throughout the whole workout. So if you are a person who loses interest in the workout 5 minutes in, this is a solid option for you.

Buy it here

First, let’s look at Fitness Boxing 2. In this rhythmic game, you box with 2 Joy-Cons that track how well you land your jabs, straights, uppercuts, and hooks.

It also gives a solid workout to your abs and glutes through a series of dodges and ducks integrated into the routine. The game tracks how many calories you’ve burned, allows you to customize the duration and intensity of the routine, and keeps you motivated via rewards and encouragement from your trainer.

Fitness Boxing 2 gives you a full-body cardio workout with a specific focus on your arms and back. And why do I know so much about it? Because it is the only fitness “equipment” that has managed to keep my interest and motivate me to exercise indoors for over a year.

Buy it here

Now, let’s talk about Ring Fit Adventure. With this set, you can go on a fitness adventure that requires you to work out to battle monsters. The Ring-Con and Leg Strap respond to your real-life movements. So you have to run in real life to run in the game. Fight enemies by performing complex exercises that target specific muscle groups.

I’ve played this one as well, and let me tell you, this game makes you properly sweat and lose weight. And, once again, it keeps you engaged and focused, wanting to do more instead of counting down minutes till the end of the workout.


Climb to new heights of a full-body workout in your small space with this vertical climber

folding vertical climber climbing machine cardio workout

The first rule of decorating a small space is going vertical. No, this is not a creative take on the famous “Fight Club” quote. It’s just a fact. This is why this piece of exercise equipment is perfect for small spaces. It allows you to go vertical in both storage and exercises.

Training on this climber will tone your legs, abs, and arms through low-impact 10-minute sessions. It also comes with a companion phone app. Plus, it comes 90% assembled so you’ll be able to start exercising right away.

Its folding design also allows you to easily lean against the wall for storage. You can also hide it behind privacy blinders until your next home workout.

Buy it here

Use your doorway with an exercise bar for enhanced arms & abs workout

doorway small exercise equipment

With this handy piece, you can target your arms, core, back, and chest muscles. All you need is a doorway.

This padded multi-gym allows you to turn your door into a pullup bar. It has a 300 lbs capacity so you can do pull-ups even with a weight vest on.

But that’s not all. You can also use it for a variety of other exercises. This includes pushups, situps, and dips. The bar also has 3 grip positions so you can choose which muscle group you’re targetting.

And of course, it is an incredibly compact piece of exercise equipment that will not clutter a small space.

Buy it here


Get a few miles under your belt with this folding exercise bike

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you ride a bike indoors and tone your muscles at the same time.

This compact exercise bike has a folding design that allows you to easily store it in a small space. Made of high-quality steel it has a 300 lbs load capacity. It is also equipped with an LCD display that can help you keep track of calories burned, time, distance, speed, and heart rate.

Finally, this workout machine features an ergonomically designed seat with a high-density sponge seat.

Gotta give those calories a run (or ride) for their money.

Buy it here

Burn calories with an intense cardio workout on this compact elliptical

body rider compact elliptical

According to Harvard Medical School, working out on an elliptical for 30 minutes will help you burn around 2.16 calories for every pound of your body weight. To put it simply, if you weigh, say, 160 lbs you’ll burn around 345 calories in just 30 minutes on an elliptical.

These are insane numbers! And you can do that even in a small space with this compact elliptical from Body Rider. It is outfitted with rear wheels that allow you to roll it away into storage after the workout.

Buy it here

Multitask while walking on this under-desk treadmill and burning calories

unde-desk treadmill

A treadmill is one of the most hated but also the most effective way to get a cardio workout.

And usually, treadmills tend to be bulky and simply not an option for small spaces. Unless it is this one. This compact treadmill is only 6.5” tall and can be stored anywhere – under a desk, a couch, a bed, and so on. It even features wheels for easy transport.

If you have a standing desk, you can combine it with this treadmill to stay in shape even during office hours. The treadmill features an LED display with tons of data on your progress.

Burn calories, keep your muscles toned, and, most importantly, stay healthy.

Buy it here

Build the best small space home gym starting with this door-mounted punching bag

queit punch boxing door attachment
Quiet Punch

Boxing is your treat? You can still work on your jabs and hooks at home without putting up a bulky punching bag in your small space.

Quiet Punch is a portable punching bag that attaches to any 28″ – 36″ doorway. This temporary setup doesn’t scratch the door and allows you to work out some frustration at the end of the day.

queit punch boxing door attachment

In the bundle, you also get a phone clip. Attach it to the lower bar and follow the workout tutorials on their iPhone or Android app. On their Youtube channel, you can also find full boxing sessions, tips, and instructional videos.

Buy it here


Work out in your home office by turning a chair into a multifunctional exercise machine

office chair best compact exercise equipment for a small space

Got a mind-numbingly boring conference call that could easily be a short email? Well, it’s time to bulk up your triceps.

Turn your boring office chair into a kickass workout machine. The best thing about this small exercise equipment is that it doesn’t take up any space. It just attaches to the chair and lets others know not to mess with you.


You can attach it to virtually any office chair. You can switch between two types of included resistance bands – 5 lbs (for a light stretch) and 20 lbs (for a tough workout). These allow you to focus on your triceps, biceps, chest and back muscles. You can also find sample exercises on their Youtube channel.

Buy it here


Fit the best small home gym in your pocket with this suspension training kit

pocket monkii gym suspension training and exercise for small spaces
Pocket Monkii

What defines the best home gym for a small space? Well, for a start, it fits in your pocket. And it’s the most-backed fitness device in the history of Kickstarter.

Pocket Monkii is a complete bodyweight training system that fits in a tiny pouch. All you need to use this suspension training kit is something every single one of us has – a door.

pocket monkii gym suspension training and exercise for small spaces

With their corresponding app, you can find the workout specifically for you. And there are 300+ workouts you can choose from. Seriously, with so many choices your workout routine will never become a routine-routine.

Buy it here


Use this stationery bike and standing desk combo to boost both your health and work

Sitting is the new smoking, folks.

One way to prevent the negative consequences of sitting for extended periods of time (the list is as impressive as it is depressing) is being more active. For us, desk jockeys, being active means, at least, getting a standing desk.

To top it off a notch, this standing desk is also a stationary exercise bike. You can switch between one and another as often as you want. With 4 wheels in place, you can easily move it for storage but it looks clean and stylish enough that you don’t have to.

The second rule of decorating a small space is having one object that serves several purposes. Transforming, multi-functional, convertible, you get the gist. This standing desk and exercise bike combo ticks all the boxes.

Buy it here


Keep your small space aesthetics on point with this detachable pull-up & dip bar

pull up dip bar reversible portable exercise device
Pullup & Dip

Two things separate this pull-up bar from the rest.

First, it will not be an eyesore in your room. You see, it consists of two parts – the base and the pull-up bar itself. After the workout, you can detach the bar from the base and hide it, while the flat base can be covered by a painting or a tapestry.

Second, as the name suggests, Pullup & Dip bar is a 2-in-1 kind of exercise equipment. Which is the best kind of exercise equipment, the higher the number the better. Detach the pull-up bar from the base, flip it, and you can work on your dips.

pull up dip bar reversible portable exercise device
Pullup & Dip

The full package also gives you an outdoor adapter for the bar. You can mount it on a tree or post in your favorite location and enjoy fresh air while burning calories.

pull up dip bar reversible portable exercise device

Following instructional videos on their Youtube channel or written manual, you can get a full body workout with over 35 exercises. Also, you can customize your workout routine by adding resistance bands, ab straps, extension bars, and other fitness accessories.

pull up dip bar reversible portable exercise device

Buy it here


Step up your cardio game with one of the best pieces of home gym equipment

Pump up your daily Fitbit score with this twister stepper. You can get an intense cardio workout by simply jogging in place with this thing. What’s more, adjustable height of the steps taken and twister bands, you can work on your entire body.

No matter the weather or your plans, you can work a sweat every day. Seriously, in just 45 minutes you can burn around 300 calories.

Plus, this small cardio machine is compact enough (16 x 12 x 13 inches) to hide under a bed or in a closet.

Buy it here


Always be ready to drop and do sit-ups with this stylish foam exercise mat

rug-like stylish foam floor yoga and exercise mat

It’s a foam workout mat that looks like a stylish 6.5 ft x 4.5 ft rug. So you get to have your cake and eat it.

Do you sometimes feel like you could work out but don’t want to go through the whole preparation process? You know, rolling out the mat, changing clothes, setting up the equipment. The hassle just seems not worth it so you skip the workout altogether.

Well, with this rug-mat combo you can drop down any second and start doing sit-ups. Sorry, no excuses anymore.

Buy it here


Work toward rock-hard abs with this kinetic engine equipped ab wheel roller

ab roller with kneepads core workout equipment for small spaces

Despite its name, an ab roller works so much more than your abs. Doing roll-outs with an ab wheel you’ll engage your core, hips, arms, and back muscles. So by just using this ab roller and knee pads (or an exercise mat) you can get a full-body workout in s small space.


This particular ab roller is an ultra-wide ergonomic model. With a kinetic engine and a steel spring, it gives you just the right amount of resistance and stability for the optimal workout.

Plus, it’s portable and easy to store. It’s a definite must-have for a small space home gym.

Buy it here


Perform over 100 body-shaping exercises in a small space with this foldable machine

Weider collapsible body workout system equipment

This exercise equipment was built to give you everything. And by “everything” I mean a full body workout with over 100 exercises to choose from.

With 7 adjustable incline levels, 4 resistance bands, and a cable pulley system, this thing allows you to build the most versatile workout routine yet. Using an included workout guide, you can focus on shaping everything from your arms and shoulders through abs and right to your thighs and calves.

As for its storage and portability, it features a slide-away technology which makes it easy to relocate whenever you need it out of the way.

Buy it here


Engage your whole body with this foldable rowing machine for small spaces

folding air rowing machineThis air rowing machine adjusts to your pace and strength for a comfortable, low-impact yet sweat-inducing workout. Rowing machines actually engage 84% of your total body muscles and help you burn around 400-800 calories an hour. “Sweat-inducing” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

In this particular model, you don’t need to fiddle with resistance levels or even think about them. Just pull harder for a more intense workout or ease out a bit when you need a break.


As for working out in small spaces, this machine is foldable. More so, it sports built-in wheels that allow you to quickly relocate it after the workout. You can leave in a remote corner, closet, or just hide it behind privacy blinders in your small apartment.

Buy it here


Nurture your sore muscles anywhere with world’s most compact collapsible foam roller

Neofit Collapsible Portable Foam Roller

Without getting too anatomical, using a foam roller long-term can help you ease the soreness and knots in your muscles. And we all know that not being able to move the next day after the workout can be pretty discouraging.

There’s a steep learning curve as to how and where you should use the foam roller. You can learn a bit more about the experience in this INSIDER article. And while the variety of foam rollers out there is so huge that it’d send Chidi into a stunned stupor (shout out to “The Good Place” fans), you need to start somewhere.

Neofit Collapsible Portable Foam Roller
Neofit on Indiegogo

The problem is that foam rollers can get quite bulky. But this one does the opposite. It collapses into a 4 inches (10 cm) tall fitness gadget for easy storage in small spaces. So when at home, you can keep it on a shelf or tucked away in a drawer. It will also easily fit into your gym bag or carry-on luggage.

Buy it here

Full disclosure, this collapsible foam roller has been crowd-funded and (as of writing this article) is still in the prototype development stages. So if your muscles can’t wait anymore, you can check out this foam roller instead.


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